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Found 13 results

  1. cosmicray

    Original tires do not fit TC ?

    As I mentioned in the TPMS thread, I need to replace two tires. I was looking at some (what I believed to be the factory originals) on eBay, and entered my vehicle's year/make/model/trim parameters, and it said "those tires are not appropriate". The tires I have been looking for are Continental ContiProContact in 205/65R15. These are for a 2013/Ford/TransitConnect/XL (cargo van). They are the same tires that it was delivered with. So then I went to the Continental TIre site, and put in my vehicle. It also says the ContiProContact were not the original tires, and they recommend VikingContact7 or VancoFourSeason. I am now very confused. I know which tires my van was delivered to me with (~10 miles on the odometer). Was there some change in the specified tires, or did the dealership do a tire swap ? I'm reasonably sure that the Continentals have been mentioned here before.
  2. Hello; I have been waiting to buy new tires. Looks like now is the time. This was on the front of my 2.5L 2015 Cargo door LWB XLT. It was also hidden under the van as a spare for a while. I would like to replace them with the alternative size 235/65 R16 in the same Continental brand. Are they considered a good tire? I use my Van in Florida, daily to work , light load. Occasional heavy load weekend runs with motorcycles and gear, highway use.
  3. Bill Jackson

    Pirelli Tires

    Read many posts regarding non OEM tires for my 2012 TC. Bought my TC with Cooper tires on back and Continentals on the front. Good tires for a truck/van right? So I thought. While shopping to replace the original mud/snows I ended up at Sam"s Club two miles from my house. The prices for most brands were within 10 dollars per tire. I spotted a set of Pirelli P4 Plus in stock. Consumer Reports rates these tires at 90,000 plus miles. I thought "well this is not a sports car so why would I buy Pirellis for a cargo/camper van?" My answer - they're the same price at this shop as all the other tire brands and they are rated well for poor weather. I bought the Pirellis......you can not even image how much the handling has improved. As for durability my experience so far is that they wear like iron and ride like silk.The van used to handle like a buck board wagon. Now, less road thump, much less noise, great traction dry, wet, or ice/snow. When I point the van in a certain direction it actually goes there, takes some getting used. Just place one hand on the steering wheel and point - awesome. Buy performance tires and get performance....image that.
  4. I'm looking for All-Terrain tires and the best option I found so far is Yokohama 205/70r15 98H they are only 4% larger compared to stock. If 15" steel wheels fit over the front brakes does anyone know what vehicle I could get these wheels from used? Or will 215/65r16 98H fit? They are 6.7% taller Or the last option because they do not have the rated weight rating 215/60r16 95H,

    All Season Tires

    Does anyone have any experience with these BF Goodrich tires? Light snow use is what I'm mainly interested in. We don't get an enormous amount of snow in VA, but some. Snow tires are generally an ugly sort with limited sizes but these are pretty good looking tires and I can get the size I want. BFGoodrich g-Force COMP-2 A/S Yeah, I know it is almost July.
  6. Guitars4cancer

    215/55 R16 - hens teeth?

    Hi, I busted a wheel on a recent road trip and needed to replace a tire. I was in a major metro area, yet nobody had a tire in 215/55R16 in stock, or could get me one in less than 3 days. Ended up switching to a set of 4 tires in 215/60R16, a size that everyone had in stock with many brands and models of tires to choose from. Anyone else run into this?
  7. Hi, as the title says - I'm an excited new owner of a 2014 Transit Connect XLT (SWB) wagon, with the 1.6L EcoBoost engine. Just wanted to say Hi. Drove it home 1400 miles across the rockies and averaged 29.4 mpg despite high speeds (80ish), high altitudes (8000'+), and low temps (7 F). Color me impressed! Busted a wheel and needed to replace a tire - wow! 215/55 r16 tires are about as hard to find as used Transit Connects with the 1.6L! Nobody could get me a tire in less than 3 days! Ended up replacing them all with 215/60r16 tires... Thanks,
  8. OneBulletDan

    225/55/17 tires; Will they fit?

    I bought a 2010 TC last year and spent the summer heavily modifying the interior into the ultimate hippie van. This spring, it's time for the outside to get it's treatment. I purchased four 17" Ford Focus rims from a seller on eBay for $300 with the TPMS still attached. Now it's time to shop for tires. I've read every article posted on here about sizes and saw one that mentioned 225/50/17 tires. It seems like 225/55/17 in the load range needed are much more plentiful. Will the slight extra size aspect cause problems? I'd hate to spend the money just to find out that they rub on something. Excellent site, by the way. Lots of great info to be had.
  9. since there is a tpms, how can you check the actual pressure readings for each tire on the dash display?
  10. We still have these factory wheels and tires and I've contacted several bloggers & UTZ potato chips in an effort to get what ever I can for these wheels. Bloggers like Tiny Van Travels and Tessa Mendez But just so happen Iw as at the store the other morning where I spotted a Ford Transit Connect UTZ delivery van.. I sent word to UTZ in an effort to see if they needed these factory wheels/tires. The UTZ rep was very helpful and sent word to their maintenance department. As of yet I've not heard back from any of these possible candidates. So here's what I'm willing to do. If you live near MD/PA/VA/DE/WV We're willing to sell these at $400.00 or if you have a blog site which document your North American travels, we'll sell them to you at a reduced price of just $275.00 just as long as you connect with on one (or more) of our travel community/pages and meet us on the road for the exchange. Our next exchange could take place as soon as this weekend, we might be looking at a short trip to North Carolina. The only other exchange would take place the 1st or 2nd week in Sept at or near the MD/PA line. To schedule an exchange, connect with one of our travel profiles and of course forward your blog site for verification.
  11. dbrana

    2013 TC

    From the album: DB-Transit

    View from the front.
  12. dbrana

    2013 TC

    From the album: DB-Transit

    Now that I know the tires will fit in front, Ill go ahead and do the rear this week..
  13. dbrana

    2013 TC

    From the album: DB-Transit

    General Grabber AT2s 205/75r15 on Alcoa aluminum rims from my FX4 Ranger. Used adapters to correct the bolt pattern. There is a bit of rubbing on the plastic fender flare, but I am not against a bit of trimming.