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Found 17 results

  1. rrhhdd

    Sofa Bed

    Hello: I am about ready to sell my jeep and get a FTC that I can use for camping. In my head I am trying to design a folding bed, but came across a site for a bench seat that folds into a bed. I do not know the exact inside width dimensions in the cargo area, but I think one would fit. Are the seat bolt locations already in the cargo area, or would they need to be added - of course it must be safe and with seat belts. Some of the widths I have seen are 48" and 52". Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. I bought a white 2019 Transit Connect XL for 24K on 5/3/19. I got the tow package, cruise control, and SYNC3. My long term goal is a modular set up that allows it to be both a camper van and a moto van without a lot of hassle. Moto Van Requirements: Able to secure my 2008 WR450F without it bouncing around on a dirt road (a second dirt bike would be nice) Able to fit riding gear Able to fit camping gear Campervan Requirements: All equipment removable for motorcycle hauling purposes Lightweight for the mpgs and modularity Pretty wood and cool design for the future lady Secure for when leaving valuables at a risky trailhead Able to sleep 2 Immediate goals: Floor mats Sun shade Equipment for securing motorcycle
  3. Real world knowledge needed.. What insulation is best for in the ribs and cavities before I foil wrap the insides..
  4. Fully converted 2015 Ford Transit Connect camper van with lots of extras. An amazing small and stealth camper van perfect for the city or the mountains. Black - XL Long Wheel Base model Rear liftgate door w/ fixed glass Trailer tow hitch Cruise Control 107,000 miles Full aftermarket sound system: Pioneer SPHDA120 Appradio Kicker 4ch speaker amp / Kicker 1ch sub amp Kicker L5 subwoofer Alpine speakers front (new 09/19) Kicker speakers rear Camper Van: Secondary battery (new 09/19) - Charges off Alternator w/battery isolator Krieger 2000w power inverter Sink with manual pump 7 gallon fresh/gray water tank Origo 1500 Alcohol cook stove Carbon Monoxide Detector / fire extinguisher Lots of interior lighting including color changing lights w/ remote control Maxxair Vent fan w/ remote control Rhino Rack roof racks w/ wind fairing and 4 pair ski rack Sentry Safe X105 safe Lots of storage under bed / next to sink Van fully insulated with Foam it Green spray foam / reflectix Entire rear floor has Mass Loaded Vinyl and Fatmatt for sound deadening Cons: Typical wear for a New England car with 100,000 miles (could use a good exterior detail) Apple USB cable / HDMI cable need to be replaced on radio Drivers side door unlock button (inside door) not working Passenger side window doesn't go down all the way One wall panel is removed because it has a stain, needs to be sanded or replaced or put back on as is Interior paneling could use some touch up paint in spots Will need new tires soon More images: 2015campervan.tumblr.com Also on Craigslist Northshore, MA. Recent Carfax report pulled on Van for buyer to see Please reach out with any questions. Asking $14,000 or best reasonable offer.
  5. Hello folks, Just joined the forum today. I started a business about a month ago building and renting TC campervans in the Seattle area. As a long time VW campervan enthusiast I have been looking for a modern vehicle that could be used to fill that void and settled on the TC. At the moment I am only doing full conversions where I take your TC and make it into a well equipped campervan for $6K and plan to offer kits at a lower price point in the next 6 months depending on interest. cascadecampers.com --zach
  6. semperkeith

    My TC RV (almost done)

    Hello everyone, After gathering a lot of ideas from other TC owners all over, I launched on doing my own RV conversion. On my website I have 48 photos with descriptions. After clicking on a thumbnail, If the descriptions don't seem to show, click the little "i" in the circle on the menu bar at the top of the screen. http://semperkeith.com/jalbums/Transit%20Connect%20RV/index.html I still have the sink unit to do and some window screens but the end is near. I am looking forward to road tripping this summer.
  7. Hello Folks, I've been building out my 2015 van into a micro camper for the past few months. I've been sharing the story on reddit, but I figured I should post here as well especially since I used resources I found on this site to influence my build. I have a ton of photos I've posted and taken. I'll start adding them here. So far, I've posted 4 different "phases of the project. So I'll make one post per phase to share what I've done so far. Phase 1: Here is the start of the conversion of our Transit Connect into a weekend getaway camper. It's a 2015 model with the long wheel base, which adds around 1 foot of extra cargo length. The boxes are built with baltic birch. Using this wood helps keep the weight down by not having to add much extra support beyond the plywood itself. I "designed" the layout in Google Sketchup (it was the first time I had ever used a 3d modeling software) and then built templates out of cardboard. After that, I started building the boxes. Link to the album. 2015 Transit Connect - Long Wheel Base Cargo Area - Roughly 7'x4' Making Sure We'll Have Enough Head Room on the "Couch" Sketch-Up Drawing of the layout The Blue Box is the Water Container and The Red is Our Stove The "Kitchen" will be a drawer that slides 36" out from the side door. Cardboard Models Starting to Build the Boxes Interior of Box 1 Box 1 in the Van - 60in Long Box 2 The open end is where the drawer will slide out from. I'm going to add more supports on that side once the drawer is installed. Boxes in the Van The bed folds across from the couch. I still need to design the rear supports Front View of the Bed Bed panel folded onto the couch.
  8. Recently picked up on a 2011 TC that already has a 1kw inverter installed. It all works, and should come in handy for short camping trips and such. Nice installation, so no changes required, other than maybe going with a two battery system and solar addon later if I get bored and/or want to go completely off the grid for any extended period of time. Question though ... what the heck is this? The AC plug is usually covered (you can see that hanging below it) but I haven't a clue if that's for an external charger, AC hookup in a campground, or just there to confuse people. Thoughts? PS ... that looks to be an isolator along side the battery, but don't quote me. Always thought those were only on two battery systems anyway? Maybe there's another battery hiding somewhere already and I just haven't found it yet? Or ... maybe that's a cutoff switch to disconnect the inverter if the battery goes under a "safe" limit for starting the TC ... that would make sense.
  9. We bought our 2016 LWB Transit Connect for the purpose of converting it into a road trip vehicle. We often drive long distances to ski (we live in Michigan and there aren't any mountains here) and ride mountain bikes. The van is intended to serve those use cases. It isn't intended to be lived out of for long periods of time, it just needs to be comfortable enough to pull off the road when we get tired and catch some good sleep. When we get to the destination, we will stay in more legitimate accommodations (VRBO, AirBnB, etc...). I'll start with the electrical system. Having slept in my various cars (Subaru WRX and Subaru Forester), I knew that we had to invest in keeping warm. If I had my say, I'd invest in better sleeping bags and be done with it. Mrs. Chong, on the other hand, was having none of that idea. It was heated blanket or bust. Luckily, I have some friends who are electrical engineers. They helped me design a power system that will power the heated blanket we bought for a full 1.5 days without recharging. The BOM for this system is as follows: 2 Optima YellowTop D31t 75Ah Deep Cycle Batteries Battery Boxes Blue Sea Systems 120A DC Add a Battery Kit Noco Genius 10AMP 1 Bank Battery Charger 3 Blue Sea Systems Fuse Block Terminals 3 125A Blue Sea Systems Terminal (slow blow) Fuses Blue Sea Systems 6 Circuit DC Fuse Block 1000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter Combination Cigarette Lighter and USB Outlets (DC) 2AWG Copper Wire And various other bits for wiring up the circuits. The first thing to do was to run the wiring from the engine compartment into the cabin. We ran this through the stock grommet in the firewall behind the glove box on the passenger side. We ran one 2AWG wire to the positive battery terminal and one 2AWG wire to the stock chassis ground next to the battery. We installed one of the Fuse Block Terminals and Slow blow fuses between the starter battery and the add a battery kit: We then got to work on wiring up the rest of the kit. Here's a shot of the panel I made for the Add a Battery Kit and the DC Fuse Panel: That panel lives in that little cubby beneath the passenger seat. Here's an in-progress shot of wiring up the batteries, charger, and inverter: You can see that every single battery has a fuse on the positive terminal. This should keep the system from drawing too much current. If something needs more than 125A, that likely wouldn't be good. It will be neat to see what that inverter does when I finally power it on with a load. Those fuses are rated to sustain 2x the current load they are rated for, for a duration of 1 second, I believe (I'm not an expert on this stuff, but I have friends that design the transformers that live on the global electrical grid, they signed off on the design). And the forum is now telling me I'm at the attachment limit for a single post. Really need BBCode so I can link these from flickr. To be continued...
  10. https://www.thesun.co.uk/travel/3866418/a-couple-who-converted-a-ford-transit-into-a-camper-van-for-under-2k-are-now-road-tripping-across-europe/
  11. My company, Glampervan, is now converting Ford Transit Connects (2010-2013) to our proprietary design. Check it out here: https://www.facebook.com/glampervanus/photos/a.938060569614378.1073741828.936097313144037/1308611705892594/?type=3&theater - Rob Novotny Chief Excursion Officer Glampervan
  12. dinocarsfast

    New owner of a 2015 LWB LT with

    Hi all, I recently bought a flooded 2015 LWB LT from an auction without knowing what it would need. It has a dual fuel Westport CNG system installed! I haven't gotten to work on it much, only on the weekends. But so far I bought a Ford wiring diagram shop manual and was able to find out why the basic OBD2 system was not communicating and now I am waiting until I get Ford Factory IDS communication tool and software so that I can initialize the keys and hopefully start the engine. Though if I am able to get the engine to start it will only run on 3 cylinders since cylinder 4 has a bent rod and I will need to replace the engine. Luckily LKQ near me happens to have at least 10 of these engines for under $600. The only problem with these junkyard engines is they wont have the hardened intake valves and seats that are needed for the CNG fuel. This might work better because I might just remove the entire CNG system and then have more space for the camper that I want to build. Or I might get a junkyard engine and replace the head with my old one, not sure yet. My plan is to make this a camper for me and my girlfriend. I hope to be able to stuff a lot of equipment into this including insulation and a webasto heater so that we can go on a ski bum ski trip in addition to other trips in the summer. I think I will be able to make a seat spinner so that I can turn the passenger seat around when we are parked and maybe the drivers seat but I'm not sure if we will need that depending on the floor plan that we eventually decide on. I also hope to fit a small stove and sink into the van. Sorry for the long post but I have big plans for this van and hopefully I will be able to keep you guys updated if people are interested. I tried to attach a few picture not sure if they worked but I will try to get them attached
  13. I'm searching for a TC to drive / add a bed platform for frequent rock climbing trips in California. Parking here is a nightmare so I'm optimizing for the shortest length that I can reasonably sleep in (5'10"). I'd prefer a wagon so that I can remove the bed & put the seats back in for group trips. Options: A.) I absolutely love the 2014/15 SWB TC's with the 1.6L turbo. The SWBs look great and the 1.6 offers slightly more power/economy. This is my top pick but the specs show the distance from the front seat @ the belt to the rear doors is only 60.9 inches (5 feet). I assume this is with the 2nd row seats removed? Do the front seats lean forward? Does anyone know of any SWB conversion posts? I can't find them... especially if the owner is 5'10" or more. B.) 2012/13. Great overall length & extra height but slightly less peppy & less efficiency. Few wagons for sale. Less frills overall and they seem to cost about the same as low-mileage 14's. Bad safety ratings. C.) 14/15 LWB. Argh, I'm just less excited about these overall. They seem too long for my needs. http://www.ford.com/trucks/transitconnect/specifications/interior/
  14. Guest

    Camper conversion

    I'm interested in any information from forum members in converting the transit connec for camping. I haven't bought my TC yet in fact just started hunting. I'm looking for one with glass probably gen one for the extra head space. But being really new at this I'm seeking any helpful information from finding the right model at a good price to tips and good ideas for the conversion. Much thanks in advance.
  15. Even though we are FWD I think it'd be pretty cool to do a overland look im wondering if anyone has seen or done things like swing out spare tire carrier, light bars, roof racks and knobby tires? I think the first gen Connects could look really good "rugged"
  16. Has anyone here lifted their TC camper or know of a lift kit to gain more clearance when going on uneven/rocky terrain?
  17. Hello all! In early 2010 I began designing, testing and building various configurations of shelves, storage and a variety of modular units in order to get the most out of my Ford Transit Connect. I soon learned that in order to maximize use of space, I would have to think out side of the box and design all of the modules to fit naturally along all the curves in the Transit Connect. This has allowed me to truly transform my Ford Transit Connect into the ultimate vehicle. I can make it into a day camper, a work van, the perfect "sports team" transportation vehicle, and even the ultimate tailgate vehicle available. After nearly two years of designing, testing, and selling my products via "word of mouth", I have began selling my products online www.DiyConversions.com Although I only have a few of my products available on the website at the moment, I will be adding new products nearly every month as I have quite a few modules already designed. Perhaps even more importantly, I have two types of products available. You can purchase the already pre-cut / ready to assemble units (free shipping in continental USA) at a fraction of the price that you would pay for similar Not-custom made shelving units. These units come with easy to follow assembly manual and can be assembled in minutes. Additionally, I also have Do-it-yourself templates that allow you to simply trace the templates onto the mood, cut the pieces utilizing a jigsaw, glue and screw! Thats it. One of the best features of the Diy Templates is the fact that there is absolutely no measuring involved. You simply trace, cut, glue and screw. For over two years now I've worked extensively in designing my products, you will be amazed! Check out the store at www.DiyConversions.com for the best Ford Transit Conversions you will find anywhere. In the coming few weeks I'll also have ready-to-install 12volts power packages to power up your entire camper. You will be bale to use fans, lights, plug in your computer, watch TV, plug in a fridge, microwave and countless other electronics/appliances. My modules will even allow you to convert your Ford Transit into an RV camper fully equipped with a private shower, and a sink to prep food with running water. Too good to be true? Thats what I'm all about. Raising the bar and setting new limits. All of this always staying true to my theme of "inexpensive, versatility, portability, and simplicity" I will also have ready -to-install "black-out" window kit units that can be installed and removed in seconds. This will provide you with the option of having 100% privacy when in camper mode or when using your Ford Transit as a work van. As always, I will have both the Diy Templates and the pre-cut units available with FREE shipping! Check it out www.DiyConversions.com Thank you and happy adventures!