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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, I'm new to the forum. We're considering buying a 2014 or newer TC Wagon (LWB) for a camper conversion. Our plan is to buy it now and convert it in a couple of years to a pop top. We have two small children (ages 5 and 2) and we're wondering if we could all fit to sleep in the cargo area with the 2nd and 3rd row seats folded down while the kids are still small. Looking at the dimensions, it appears this configuration would give us about 10 feet in length and 4 feed in width. So technically, it appears we would fit just barely with the kids sleeping perpendicular and below/above us, but I'm wondering if anyone has had experience trying this. Thanks!
  2. Does anyone know of any U.S. companies that produce tents like the Reimo Trapez Cabin Tailgate Tent? I want a simple sent up I can pull into a camping site, raise the back hatch, and set up the tent so I utilize the back of the transit for sleeping, and the back tent for extra space to work out of. This is it. Thanks in advance for the feedback. Dell Moore
  3. Hi guys! I am new to the site and thought I would share our camping conversion with you. My wife and I have recently bought 2015 TC Passenger, LWB. We have also purchased a turn-key camping module from our friends in Czech Republic, which converts our TC into camping van within minutes. It has two two cookers, sink with running water, and minifridge. It also folds down into a full size bed. We are taking it on a 2-month tour around US. Below are few photos of the camping module, or you can find more info about it on the website https://nestbyegoe.cz/en You can find more photos as we travel on our instagram at https://www.instagram.com/nestour_north_america/ Feel free to send us any comments or questions about the camping module or our trip. The company that makes it is considering bringing it to US market, but they are not sure if it would be successful here, so any comments would be much appreciated. Thanks and keep enjoying your TCs! Peter and Barbora
  4. parsonroy

    Being towed

    Can a 2014 be flat towed?
  5. BassoraMo

    New Owner - Camping/Traveling Ideas

    Hello from east-central Missouri, We are now proud owners of a 2018 Transit xl LWB - cargo model. There are two of us so two-seats are perfect. No windows on the side or back which is great for security. We plan to block the passenger side sliding door for larger/longer items. Now we want to prepare for visits campgrounds. We have a nice tent for outdoor camping in good weather and an air mattress so we can sleep in the van when the weather isn't so good. A Yeti cooler awaits our first trip. Now deciding what to do next. I want to hang our fishing poles so they are out of the way, maybe along passenger side or from the ceiling. Ideas appreciated on how to secure them. We are not wiring in anything but can always use the 12 volt outlet in the console for things like a fan for this summer. Is there a relatively inexpensive fan that would be good for these trips? Other items that might be useful that can be plugged into the console? And we are taking suggestions for making the space in the LWB a home away from home. Looking forward to hearing replies as well as reading other entries in the forums. Everyone have a magnificent non-snowy day (I'm in Missouri -- we are trying to turn into the new snow capital of the contiguous 48 states). BassoraMo
  6. Recently purchased a 2011 TC with hopes of doing some overnight camping down the road. Was a time I'd have done this work myself, but too old and decrepit for that now. Found a friend of a friend who likes to do custom work (couldn't find a body shop that would touch it), tracked down the parts, and let him have at it. Short list of parts: - Fiberine full length one foot topper - Slider windows - Universal retractable side step - Aries step up bumper - MaxxAir roof fan Here's the original concept I photoshopped from stock pics off the web. Nothing to scale, but it did give a good sense of what I wanted to see when it's done. This uses an actual pic from the dealership's online ad. Vehicle already has a nice 1K inverter and dual battery system for going off grid, and is in excellent condition with 70K on it. And here we are a week later with the real deal. Stopped by today to take a peak, and lots of progress: I ordered the Fiberine topper with the extra wood reinforcement inside the glass shell. Lot stronger, and better for attaching headliners and such. I was expecting maybe some blocking here and there, but they gave it the full monty ... So far, no complaints - the guy does really nice work, especially considering that it's a first. He's mostly custom racers and resto-rods, but figured why not - always ready for something new. Asked today if he'd do one of these again, and it was ... not a chance! Took four men and a chain hoist to get that roof on there, and plan is to leave that for the younger guys. Anyway - been planning this project for several months now - good to see it actually happening!
  7. I'm searching for a TC to drive / add a bed platform for frequent rock climbing trips in California. Parking here is a nightmare so I'm optimizing for the shortest length that I can reasonably sleep in (5'10"). I'd prefer a wagon so that I can remove the bed & put the seats back in for group trips. Options: A.) I absolutely love the 2014/15 SWB TC's with the 1.6L turbo. The SWBs look great and the 1.6 offers slightly more power/economy. This is my top pick but the specs show the distance from the front seat @ the belt to the rear doors is only 60.9 inches (5 feet). I assume this is with the 2nd row seats removed? Do the front seats lean forward? Does anyone know of any SWB conversion posts? I can't find them... especially if the owner is 5'10" or more. B.) 2012/13. Great overall length & extra height but slightly less peppy & less efficiency. Few wagons for sale. Less frills overall and they seem to cost about the same as low-mileage 14's. Bad safety ratings. C.) 14/15 LWB. Argh, I'm just less excited about these overall. They seem too long for my needs. http://www.ford.com/trucks/transitconnect/specifications/interior/
  8. SadieBabe

    Pet Screen on Window

    From the album: LB Woody

    Am trying out pet screen as a bug screen when camping. Pet screen is sold in the doggie door aisle at the Home Improvement store. Also sold in some fabric stores - many beach tote bags are sewn from pet screen. My window screen is held in place by magnets. Sewed a 2 inch square of pet screen over each magnet. Used velcro along the edge of plastic where the window joins the non opening wing area of glass. I tried to sew sticky back velcro to the pet screen but ran into a lot of problems as the glue from the velcro clogged my sewing machne needle. Instead, I sewed regular velcro to the pet screen and then used simple little glue dots (sold at the craft or stationary store) to adhere the corresponding piece of velcro to the vertical plastic trim. Easily removed - easily put into place. Not sure yet if pet screen works with mosquitos as we don't have mosquitos where I live.
  9. oconnelly

    Hello from Montreal Qc,

    I've just picked up my new 2012 TC XLT. I was looking for a vehicle that would give me both economical city driving and some of the comforts of a camping car without going overboard about it. Any help/hints/suggestions will be appreciated. I've already faced my first problem... charging/using an accessory battery. Bought a battery isolator but now that it's installed and shows signs of use, it doesn't work and according to dealers, it never will due to the feedback needed by the alternator ! :-( 2 dealers have suggested I put the batteries in parallel with a cut off switch... that worries me a bit... Isn't there a risk of overdraining the alternator by connecting 2 batteries in parallel ? Anyway, I'll let you known my progress.