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  1. PLAN B: I used a net tail gate thingie to keep groceries in the back of the bed when shopping. I added lightweight metal rods top and bottom with zip ties, and the gate just strapped into a couple brackets on the side. Just pop the straps and roll it up when not in use. You could double the height just using two of the gates, and they're super strong, and not too expensive.
  2. sKiZo

    Shelter In Place

    Double check availability. I've seen a lot of the big box stores listing in stock, then you click thru to check your local store for pickup, and you'll see some crapola about 0 of 1400 in stock or some such nonsense, followed by a "not available on web" message.
  3. Here's what's left of mine ... I left the passenger side (minus the upper grate) mostly because it's a convenient place for the inverter and other electricals. Also, it clears the bed when the couch gets folded out and gives me a few more inches to stretch. And ya, I've heard the gloom 'n doom yer gonna die thing from stuff flying out the back already. I rate that pretty low on my list of things to worry about. Lot depends I suppose on what you do with the vehicle - mine's going for wheel chair access, overnight camping, local hardware runs ...
  4. Don't forget, you'll still need to do butyl rubber tape or some such on all the seams to allow for expansion/contraction. Smaller sections with more seams should actually work better in most cases, and be a whole lot easier to manage in the long run.
  5. Just fershitzengiggles ... would 1/4" luan do the job? Stuff's cheap and machines nice. That's my go to for most anything like that. Don't forget to seal both sides ...
  6. With that wide a gap between the rails, I'd think about adding a couple pieces of angle iron front to back to keep lumber from sagging in the middle. That 7.5" will dissaspear fast if that happens. An old bed frame is handy for that sort of thing.
  7. Was just reading Terry Pratchett's thoughts about pi the other day ... Mail-sorting engine, the Post Office, Ankh-Morpork. Originally designed as yet another organ (musical instrument). Acquired by Postmaster General Cowerby. In the centre of this machine is one wheel that Johnson, for the sake of tidiness, had designed to have a pi (circumference to diameter ratio) of exactly 3, not 3.14-mumble-mumble-and-a-bit. In order for pi to be exactly 3, the universe has been changed. The machine therefore taps through many layers of the space-time continuum. Mail came out of the sorting machine that wasn't put into it by the human hands of the postal workers. Mail from next week, mail from 50 years in the future, mail that could have been, mail from alternative universes, mail that people swore they posted but really hadn't, mountains of such mail. Finally, Chief Postal Inspector Rumbelow beat up the machine so that it stopped whirring. No longer sorting any mail, the machine still sports an annoying blue glow, and is capable of Considerably Dis-Organizing objects placed above its centre. This makes one of the rooms in the cellars, originally the mail-sorting room, a dangerous place to be. From Going Postal ...
  8. Maybe enough room behind the Ford emblem on the hood to stash a key? Seems there would be, and just velcro it in place. Might have to cut out some internal reinforcement.
  9. Yup, on the screens. I plan to use my TC as a weekend camper and the sliders all around plus a maxxifan up top provide a lot of ventilation. I'll also be adding a heavy curtain or accordian door behind the seats to keep the cab's heat from the rear. PS - the sliders here are a pleasant surprise. They were a bit tight at first, but a bit of silicone grease on the tracks took care of that nicely.
  10. Somebody rang? Here's my aftermarket trailer windows mounted up. Universal fit and various sizes to choose from. These were recommended by the shop after seeing the van. Your results may vary - I'm thinking you could go a size bigger on the later series van. https://www.teardroptrailerparts.com/pricing.html Nice little sliders complete with screens, and various adapter rings for proper fitment on various thickness door panels. I went with the WD03 and WD04 models. Good fit for the vehicle. Only concern really is getting the "weep holes" set right so any water drains properly. PS ... they're certainly smaller than the stock glass, but the visibility is actually quite good. Way better than solid steel anyway. ;-}
  11. sKiZo

    Carpeting the rear

    Is that the "four way stretch" carpet? Supposed to do a lot of weird shapes with that if you're careful. Plan here is to just do some carpet inserts in the big flat sections and paint the rest. Got a six pack of that new DupliColor lumpy paint that's supposed to give you kind of a naugahyde surface depending on how thick you put it on. You can also peel it off for a few months if you decide you don't like it.
  12. I've found anti-glare screens to be next to useless. Only thing I've ever found that actually kinda sorta works for reducing glare is a visor that clips into the CD slot if there's one above the screen. Even that won't do much good when the sun's low on he horizon and shining right on it. https://www.amazon.com/NaviShade-Navigation-Screen-Protector-Slots/dp/B012PK0NRW
  13. sKiZo

    Sliding door center track wheel

    Somewhat similar thing on my 2011 with the door not latching open. I ended up beating the latch lever some with a few strategically placed blows with a four pound hammer and no problems since. Which is something your dealer should have probably at least tried ...
  14. I pulled my jack and stuff out of the hole and put it behind the passenger seat, figuring I'd find some alternate use for that area. Odd shape, and it's still empty. ;-}
  15. sKiZo

    What wheels fit 2010-2013 TransitC USA

    2017 Focus is a 55mm offset. 2010 TC is 53mm offset. Center bore is 63.4 for both. Eh ... close enuf, eh.