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  1. sKiZo

    What is this thing attached to my windshield?

    Probably not that far away from the day some start chipping their drivers, eh ...
  2. sKiZo

    What is this thing attached to my windshield?

    Maybe the TC did at one time and it was removed before you got it? In any case, just because it's a "fomoco" part doesn't mean it's OEM. I've got a "factory" back up camera on mine that Ford wouldn't cover when it crapped out because it wasn't listed on the original vehicle invoice. Anyway, as mentioned, it's a GPS antenna, same as you'd find on any GPS locator - maybe just more prominent than most. They usually try to hide it a lot better though. If you don't have GPS, and don't plan to, just toss it. If you DO expect to install GPS at some future time, leave it - the connectors on those are pretty much generic and should work with most any GPS device. PS - bad location anyway - half the satellites would be hidden by the body metal more times than not. My aftermarket radio has that mounted top of dash just behind the windshield so it gets the best possible view of the sky.
  3. sKiZo

    What is this thing attached to my windshield?

    Looks like it must have been one of those "monday" GPS ... my old blind granny could have mounted it straighter. (Come to think of it, she DID work for Ford ... ) <G>
  4. sKiZo

    11 Ford Transit Connect TPMS learn mode

    Once again, what happens when one fails, other than a silly little light pops up on the dashboard? Not a fan of TPMS, and all the other "safety" crap they throw on these things nowadays ... that's where an air gauge and routine maintenance come in. If I go with lower pressures or different rubber, I don't want to have to ask Ford first.
  5. Like the setup - easy access AND still leaves the back clear for grocery shopping and such when it's folded up. Have to maybe steal a couple ideas there. Here's where I'm at so far. Plan is to have an outside table that will attach to the side of the kitchenette and store against the front of the cabinet when travelling to keep rear vision clear. Was gonna go with a shorter table just supported by a bracket on the door, but maybe a longer one that would fold down, then slide out with legs to support it ... hmmmmm ... A work in progress here anyway.
  6. sKiZo

    11 Ford Transit Connect TPMS learn mode

    Can't you just put a piece of black tape over the TPMS warning on the dash? <G>
  7. sKiZo

    Center Bore Diameter

    I went with "refurbs" here. Local business strips and refinishes used wheels and sell them for half the price of new. Looked fresh out of the box when I got them, and they still look good several years later here in the Michigan winters.
  8. Building my own kitchen, but if you're interested in an easy bed, I picked this one up from Amazon. Just strapped into place on top of a riser platform which would be optional for someone who has knees ... <G> $150 at Amazon https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B071R2MNBS/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 PS - it JUST fits into a 2011 TC, and can be changed from chair to full bed in seconds. As mentioned, the bed platform is optional, and still a work in progress. I'll be replacing the lil pink pans with real drawers eventually. The back of the bed has click stops for back position in chair mode and also folds flat for storage if needed. Standard adjustable tie down using the stock floor loops holds it tight when "in transit" ...
  9. sKiZo

    Center Bore Diameter

    ... I know the local garages don't ... <G> Truth be told, before The Accident, only time I'd go to a dealership would be to get a quote. Laugh a bit on the way out, and fix it myself for a tenth the price.
  10. sKiZo

    Center Bore Diameter

    If they're that tight, heat the wheels before installing them and let them shrink on. Fun part will be watching a garage mechanic try to take them off - take plenty of popcorn with you, and earplugs in case it gets really loud what with all the screaming and cursing going on. PS - similar situation here a while back doing a wheel swap. Never liked the stock "orange juicer" wheels on the classic Aurora and found some Grand Am wheels I liked. Didn't figure on the size of my calipers compared to those on the Pontiac though. There's not a lot of room to spare, and if I hear any dragging going on, chances are good it's time to pressure clean the caliper slides ...
  11. sKiZo

    New Member

    You mentioned having some health issues. Same here, and tenting like in the bad old days just ain't gonna happen. Even the old pop up is difficult at best to set up, and couple times I tried it, that was pretty much the end of the day for me. That said, I can open up a door or two and setting up for an overnite or weekend is relatively easy. Or it should be once I'm done fiddle fartin' around with it and just git er done ... ;-} PS ... I envy your pro layout, but plan here is to also leave the thing wheelchair accessible. Ain't getting any younger ...
  12. sKiZo

    2014 radio issue

    No problems with the radio in my 2011, eh ... <G> Was pleasantly surprised to find out a standard "double din" chassis fit the transit with the correct mounting kit.
  13. sKiZo

    2010 XLT Slammed

    Possible to get specifics on the adjustable lift kit used? I popped the top on my 2011 TC for wheelchair and overnight camping. Roof height is just over 7 feet now, which can be a problem in parking garages, and I wouldn't mind being able to lower it a few inches for getting in too. PS ... I found out about the height issue when I couldn't fit into a hospital parking ramp. dOH! Fortunately, they had a "roof knocker" height bar for early warning, which only left having to back that bad boy out a couple hundred feet ... beep beep beep ...
  14. ? The tint film is readily available, and your options are either having it done professionally, or doing it yourself. First thing I'd do is take a straight edge to the glass and see how if it's got any complex curves to deal with - that can be tricky to deal with, but there, a heat gun and patience will usually win the day. Probably not a bad idea to get an extra roll for those ooPs moments. PS ... there's ways around complex curves too. This one was a real PITA, so I went with a tint "decal" that gives enough coverage to kill any heat buildup and add privacy.
  15. Reading the book? That's cheating!! <G> Anyway - just checked my 2011, and the switch only pulls out when in the headlight position and I get the fog indicator in the speedo. I suppose if I wanted to, I could swap switches (and update the brain probably) if I add a set of front fogs, or ... just go with an outboard switch.