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  1. sKiZo

    2012 Ford Transit Van

    I'd love to see a pic of the older cargo van with the false floor removed. I've popped the roof on my 2011, but wouldn't mind a bit more headroom to stretch.
  2. Sure you need a heater? Been here in Michigan for decades and never found a need for one on any of my vehicles, both cast iron and aluminum blocks. Just make sure you have fresh antifreeze, flush the system every now and then, and have the proper 50/50 mix. Keep the battery charged up as it may crank a little slow when it gets down to zero ... PS ... does this look like a block heater? Not sure as it was there when I purchased the van. There's also an inverter installed and I was thinking it might have something to do with that.
  3. I use a tray I picked up at the local farm and fleet for groceries and small stuff. A couple strips of dense foam tape on the bottom keeps it from sliding around. PS ... there's plenty of room for a couple of these trays if you're planning on a lot of groceries or odds and ends.
  4. sKiZo

    Wheel nuts what and where do you buy

    What's the wheel offset on the Volvo rims as opposed to stock? Thickness of the rim at the holes? You're inviting all sorts of issues if you drive it like that.
  5. sKiZo

    Typical Mileage

    The core delivery system for natural gas (LNG) is already in place or available in half the homes here in the states. Conversion kits for vehicles and home recharge kits are available. Some LNG suppliers even offer discounts and installation. Then again, no idea what would happen if you were traveling, but I assume any conversion would be able to use different gas types commercially available.
  6. sKiZo

    Typical Mileage

    ... and speaking of Tesla ... wonder if anyone's still playing with wireless"broadcast" power? Seems to me there were hopes of running entire cities with that ... Then again, with all the objections to having a cell tower in the neighborhood, I imagine seeing one of these pop up next door would tend to p!ss off a lot of folk. <G>
  7. sKiZo

    Typical Mileage

    Not to mention what to do with the mountains of dead batteries created since we went electric ... Fun fact - right now, less than 5% of the lithium ion batteries used are recycled. Costs to recover are just too great to be economically feasible. That leaves about 900 pounds of hazardous waste heading for the landfill every time a vehicle is repacked, which is on average every five years or 60K miles ...
  8. sKiZo

    Typical Mileage

    Depends - estimates are that most of these systems MIGHT save you maybe 5% on fuel, but the tradeoff is more expensive repairs and additional wear and tear on the premium components used. Most of the starter motors themselves are larger, with larger batteries to boot, so you're not doing much to improve the environmental bootprint either. I also wonder how much raw gas gets dumped down the pipe every time the feature cycles ... (Not to mention the aggravation of people like me telling you your motor stalled every time you come to a corner.) <G> I'll pass ...
  9. sKiZo

    Different Cargo Dimensions?

    ** Not seeing anything for the older TCs at the links provided. I had the roof bumped up on a 2011 with good results.The new top adds about a foot, and height was around 54" without. Few other mods so far on what's still a work in progress. I was gonna get fancy with steps and such (notice the step bumper on the rear doors, but decided to go with a portable for the side door. Not much weight, 350 pound capacity, sturdy with no wobble, and just pick it up and toss it inside when not in use. The two stepper is perfect for splitting the height up to the cargo floor. I'll be adding a couple grips once I get the "kitchen" and storage unit installed. Six foot tall, so I still have to hunch over a bit, but I can actually walk into the thing now. Mine came with a two piece cargo wall, so I just removed the section behind the drivers seat so I'll be able to fold that forward for a bit more sleeping room. Left the passenger side cargo wall in place as it's handy for the already mounted inverter and such. Total length from the rear doors to the back of the drivers seat set all the way back is around 70 inches. Width is four feet between the wheel wells, and about 57" wall to wall. Yes, you DO need to get creative when setting it up, but there's a lot of different options, and lots of ideas from other folk who've converted them over the years. My plan is to just use it for a weekend solo camper, so it should work fine, and I figure it'd be good for a couple if you're extremely friendly.
  10. I seriously doubt it's the PCM ... I'd be looking for either a short or other problem with the harness. Maybe even just a dirty connection.
  11. sKiZo

    Hello from Minnesota

    I was driving this back when working for Ford during the "Japanese Invasion" ... Used to scare the bejesuz out of Datsuns and such when I pulled up behind them.
  12. sKiZo

    Backup camera recommendations

    The Metra camera I used has a bendable stalk that's easy enough to adjust for center. Not much, as the camera location is only a few inches away from the stock setup. About $30 with excellent night vision.
  13. Wonder if that might be a similar issue that I had with my Oldsmobile Aurora. The "smart stalk" on that one is known to have corrosion issues that can cause all sorts of weirdness with flashing lights and whatever. GM wanted several hundred to replace it, but I was able to get inside the column and use some DeOxit cleaner on all the contacts - no problem since.
  14. sKiZo

    Backup camera recommendations

    My stock system had issues, and I'd been wanting to upgrade the factory radio, and I'd been thinking of a GPS ... so I got all three. Replaced the stock radio with an integrated double din head that has it all. Camera is a Metra unit that just mounts to the license plate holder. Works nice! The head also does the thumb drive thing so I can just load up a few hundred favorite tunes for trips. My only complaint is going with a somewhat cheaper head (Boss Audio) that could use a bit more contrast for better visibility in daylight. I found a shield that clips into the CD slot that helps a lot there, but still looking for an anti glare screen cover that actually works. The one I got is useless shite. PS ... stock backup camera is still in the TC. The mirror has a light on it to show it's powered, but nothing there. I hope to eventually get it working again, and just make it active all the time for a rear view mirror kinda thang. I did install windows in the back doors that help a LOT, but I still wouldn't mind the camera for extra visibility. Just picked up a replacement camera (the stock type that is also the license plate light) but haven't got around to swapping it in yet.
  15. sKiZo

    2010 FTC Seat Replacements

    Sure it's not just you? Took me forever to figure out how to adjust mine, but right happy with it now ... tricky one was the height adjustment - whooda thunk you gotta pump it up??