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  1. Somebody rang? Here's my aftermarket trailer windows mounted up. Universal fit and various sizes to choose from. These were recommended by the shop after seeing the van. Your results may vary - I'm thinking you could go a size bigger on the later series van. https://www.teardroptrailerparts.com/pricing.html Nice little sliders complete with screens, and various adapter rings for proper fitment on various thickness door panels. I went with the WD03 and WD04 models. Good fit for the vehicle. Only concern really is getting the "weep holes" set right so any water drains properly. PS ... they're certainly smaller than the stock glass, but the visibility is actually quite good. Way better than solid steel anyway. ;-}
  2. sKiZo

    Carpeting the rear

    Is that the "four way stretch" carpet? Supposed to do a lot of weird shapes with that if you're careful. Plan here is to just do some carpet inserts in the big flat sections and paint the rest. Got a six pack of that new DupliColor lumpy paint that's supposed to give you kind of a naugahyde surface depending on how thick you put it on. You can also peel it off for a few months if you decide you don't like it.
  3. I've found anti-glare screens to be next to useless. Only thing I've ever found that actually kinda sorta works for reducing glare is a visor that clips into the CD slot if there's one above the screen. Even that won't do much good when the sun's low on he horizon and shining right on it. https://www.amazon.com/NaviShade-Navigation-Screen-Protector-Slots/dp/B012PK0NRW
  4. sKiZo

    Sliding door center track wheel

    Somewhat similar thing on my 2011 with the door not latching open. I ended up beating the latch lever some with a few strategically placed blows with a four pound hammer and no problems since. Which is something your dealer should have probably at least tried ...
  5. I pulled my jack and stuff out of the hole and put it behind the passenger seat, figuring I'd find some alternate use for that area. Odd shape, and it's still empty. ;-}
  6. sKiZo

    What wheels fit 2010-2013 TransitC USA

    2017 Focus is a 55mm offset. 2010 TC is 53mm offset. Center bore is 63.4 for both. Eh ... close enuf, eh.
  7. sKiZo

    radio doesn't work

    Any double DIN radio will work. Got a Boss Audio head for my 2011 and quite happy with it. Got the GPS and evarthang ... Fit right in with my being a cheap SOB, as it was a model year closeout at the local big box store. I also replaced the door speakers and added a couple bookshelf types to the overhead tray under the windshield. Also ran lines to the back for a couple speakers one of these days, and put a powered sub under the driver's seat.
  8. Does seem like they'd be handy for mounting a desk though, assUming the latch would be strong enough to hold it in place, AND you're willing and able to fudge some brackets for it ... PS ... don't quote me, but seems like you can get access to most of those consoles if you removed the liner first. That SHOULD (theoretically) expose the hinges for the lid.
  9. sKiZo

    Modify or Replace Driver's Seat?

    From their website. Looks like I have to tell it when I fill the tank though ... "Computer? Just filled the tank. Computer??" Or just push the red button I guess. <G> ~ ~ ~ The ScanGauge includes two trip computers based on the current tank of fuel. They include the Current Tank and Tank to Empty. Each trip computer starts automatically when you tell ScanGauge you have filled your tank. MPG for current tank Fuel Used on current tank Tank to Empty Distance Driven Distance Until Empty Hours driven on current tank Hours to Empty Average Speed Fuel Used Cost
  10. sKiZo

    Modify or Replace Driver's Seat?

    Huh. Been reading up - does the "tank trip" reading reset automatically when you fill the tank? (never mind - a bit more reading, and it looks like you have to hit the little red button before filling up.)
  11. sKiZo

    Modify or Replace Driver's Seat?

    I've seen those ScanGauge IIs and often wondered how it would work with the TC. I expect it just plugs into the OBDC test port?
  12. sKiZo

    Modify or Replace Driver's Seat?

    Liking those body lift blocks. Have to keep those in mind. Only complaint I have about the seat on the 2011 is really not the seat's fault though. That fat steering wheel tends to block out half the speedo so I end up having to adjust the wheel height to be able to see around it. I get my choice of lowering the wheel for city driving OR raising it for highway ... mutter mumble. Have to try a seat pad and see if the blocks would help.
  13. I have no idea what I get for MPG, and kinda prefer it that way. Good enough that the TC has a lot more pep and pickup than I would have expected, and seems to be capable of getting me down the road long enough for me to want to get out and stretch ... ;-}
  14. I went with a strip of butyl rope caulk used for sealing windshields. Stuff is a 1/2" diameter but you can stretch it down to any size you need. Press the window in place, then tighten it as much as possible without distorting the panel. Once it's in, you can just run a dull knife around the edges (plastic is good so you don't damage the paint) and peel off anything that oozed out. A rag damped with mineral spirits does a nice job of cleaning the edges so it looks pretty much factory. PS ... I might have mentioned it earlier, but the windows I used were recommended by the seller after an eye's on inspection of my 2011. One advantage to living relatively close to the shop, eh. Be interesting to see their recommendations for the later model TCs ...
  15. sKiZo

    2013/gen1 TPMS issue

    Got a pic of those focus wheels on your TC? Worth a thousand words and all that, eh.