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  1. Essentially. Building it in Spain and shipping it via boat then rail into Chicago then truck to the dealer. I won't hold my breath.
  2. I finalized my order yesterday and gave the dealer a deposit. Got a text from them last night saying they submitted the order to Ford...now the waiting. Dealer has 1 allocation for April from Ford, so I'm really hoping they pick it up and it doesn't get pushed to May. Ford says the estimated time from order to delivery on this van is 22 weeks, that puts delivery around the middle of September. Here's the details: 2022 XLT LWB Wagon Solar Silver - Only saw the color on the internet from EU sites and cars - praying I like it when it comes in Ebony cloth - 60/40 split bench second row Vinyl floors front and rear Engine block heater HID Headlamps Trailer tow package Mid Vehicle Overhead Console Roof Rails 16" Dark Sparkle Wheels Front and rear sensing LED Fog Lamps Planning on doing getting a 1up hitch mounted bike rack for the back, new roof rack and roof top tent, window tint and hood wrap in place before it comes in so first week I can get it tuned up. My goal is to build the van into a weekend and road trip vehicle that will give me plenty of storage for bike parts, tools, food, dog supplies, human supplies, small fridge (hop flavored recovery water) and passenger comfort is super important to me too. Would love a platform rack for the roof so if anyone has any ideas, please share! Picture from Ford's website after I built it on the build function.
  3. Durty_Flaanimal

    Ordered but no VIN

    I'm considering placing a factory order in the next few days. The dealer is sayin 4 months...I'm betting it will be more like 6 months but we'll see.
  4. Durty_Flaanimal

    2016 Titanium camper build

    this looks great! Any updated pictures?
  5. Durty_Flaanimal

    2020 Connect XLT

    Mounting turned out slick! How is it holding up?
  6. Durty_Flaanimal

    Thule Install on 2020 Transit Connect?

    Did you end up puling down the headliner? How was the install?
  7. Durty_Flaanimal

    Noob - Just about to buy

    Hi all! Another noob here...I' about to pull the trigger on a leftover 2020 TC LWB 7 passenger, hopefully will be secured by next week. Just wanted to say hi and let you all know I'm sure I'll be asking lots of questions and I really enjoy seeing all the pictures of your rides. Looking forward to lots of fun building out this mini adventure van!
  8. Love the roof rack install you did...was it difficult?  I'm about to pull the trigger on a TC that doesnt have the factory rails and I want to add the fixed feet like you did but all rack manufactures are saying no to if it fits.