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  1. I pulled my jack and stuff out of the hole and put it behind the passenger seat, figuring I'd find some alternate use for that area. Odd shape, and it's still empty. ;-}
  2. sKiZo

    What wheels fit 2010-2013 TransitC USA

    2017 Focus is a 55mm offset. 2010 TC is 53mm offset. Center bore is 63.4 for both. Eh ... close enuf, eh.
  3. sKiZo

    radio doesn't work

    Any double DIN radio will work. Got a Boss Audio head for my 2011 and quite happy with it. Got the GPS and evarthang ... Fit right in with my being a cheap SOB, as it was a model year closeout at the local big box store. I also replaced the door speakers and added a couple bookshelf types to the overhead tray under the windshield. Also ran lines to the back for a couple speakers one of these days, and put a powered sub under the driver's seat.
  4. Does seem like they'd be handy for mounting a desk though, assUming the latch would be strong enough to hold it in place, AND you're willing and able to fudge some brackets for it ... PS ... don't quote me, but seems like you can get access to most of those consoles if you removed the liner first. That SHOULD (theoretically) expose the hinges for the lid.
  5. sKiZo

    Modify or Replace Driver's Seat?

    From their website. Looks like I have to tell it when I fill the tank though ... "Computer? Just filled the tank. Computer??" Or just push the red button I guess. <G> ~ ~ ~ The ScanGauge includes two trip computers based on the current tank of fuel. They include the Current Tank and Tank to Empty. Each trip computer starts automatically when you tell ScanGauge you have filled your tank. MPG for current tank Fuel Used on current tank Tank to Empty Distance Driven Distance Until Empty Hours driven on current tank Hours to Empty Average Speed Fuel Used Cost
  6. sKiZo

    Modify or Replace Driver's Seat?

    Huh. Been reading up - does the "tank trip" reading reset automatically when you fill the tank? (never mind - a bit more reading, and it looks like you have to hit the little red button before filling up.)
  7. sKiZo

    Modify or Replace Driver's Seat?

    I've seen those ScanGauge IIs and often wondered how it would work with the TC. I expect it just plugs into the OBDC test port?
  8. sKiZo

    Modify or Replace Driver's Seat?

    Liking those body lift blocks. Have to keep those in mind. Only complaint I have about the seat on the 2011 is really not the seat's fault though. That fat steering wheel tends to block out half the speedo so I end up having to adjust the wheel height to be able to see around it. I get my choice of lowering the wheel for city driving OR raising it for highway ... mutter mumble. Have to try a seat pad and see if the blocks would help.
  9. I have no idea what I get for MPG, and kinda prefer it that way. Good enough that the TC has a lot more pep and pickup than I would have expected, and seems to be capable of getting me down the road long enough for me to want to get out and stretch ... ;-}
  10. I went with a strip of butyl rope caulk used for sealing windshields. Stuff is a 1/2" diameter but you can stretch it down to any size you need. Press the window in place, then tighten it as much as possible without distorting the panel. Once it's in, you can just run a dull knife around the edges (plastic is good so you don't damage the paint) and peel off anything that oozed out. A rag damped with mineral spirits does a nice job of cleaning the edges so it looks pretty much factory. PS ... I might have mentioned it earlier, but the windows I used were recommended by the seller after an eye's on inspection of my 2011. One advantage to living relatively close to the shop, eh. Be interesting to see their recommendations for the later model TCs ...
  11. sKiZo

    2013/gen1 TPMS issue

    Got a pic of those focus wheels on your TC? Worth a thousand words and all that, eh.
  12. Measure once, cut twice, I always say ... Or something like that anyway. <G> That's one big advantage with the earlier models - the door panels are pretty flat. My windows went in right easy. Some mention of losing visibility over the stock glass - can't say as I lose that much. View's actually a lot better than I expected. I also get a small dead spot where I built out the kitchen, but I cut out the rear wall of that and was careful to line the cutout up with the window behind it. (Old pic - I've since rounded out the vertical support at the front of the cabinet. That's also got steel in it and makes for a strong hand hold for boosting myself into the van or up from the chair.
  13. sKiZo

    My project van

    Cheeze ... some people will put a push bar on most anything, right? <G> Then again, here's my '75 "Monchero", something I slapped together to combat the Japanese Invasion. Noticed a lot of Datsun and Toyota drivers keeping a real close on on it when I pulled up behind them at a light. PS ... like what you did with the wall behind the seats ... nice clean look to it.
  14. Was hoping to find something like that for the TC when I went to "pop" the top, but ended up going with a fixed roof that gives me a dual purpose, weekend camper/wheelchair accessible ride. Even has some decent lines that fit the vehicle. Hard part was getting someone to do the conversion, but no regrets as it's working well for me ... and best of all ... no leaks! PS ... the fiberglass roof is from a company called Fiberine in California. This one adds eight inches, but they do make one a full foot. I'm over six foot and have to crouch a bit, but it's still a BIG improvement over the stock height. They also do an optional plywood inner liner that adds a LOT of strength if you plan on adding an AC or solar or whatever. And ya, I know I could have gone with a standard raised roof Transit, but really didn't want to end up driving a truck. ;-}
  15. sKiZo

    Whiting out emblems? Or "Blacking out"?

    PlastiDip? They do entire cars with the stuff - a few emblems shouldn't be any problem, and you can always peel it off later on ... To each their own though. I've been adding stickers here ... ;-}
  16. I'd be tempted if they were to raise the roof on a Flex, went with side slider doors, and got rid of the windows while they're at it ... kind of a retro delivery van look. Was actually looking at those before buying my TC, but couldn't find an aftermarket roof for it. It's a really flat stock roof, and most any universal van top would do the job, but I like how the TC turned out after the conversion, so no regrets. Problem there is the bean counters called it a car and killed it with the rest of the "cars" in the Ford lineup. I'm sure they haven't tossed the tooling though ... nudge nudge ...
  17. Oh, great ... yet another SUV ...
  18. sKiZo

    Output to external Amplifier

    Bluetooth transmitter and wireless speakers? Bypasses the factory radio head entirely, but no great loss there. I'm sure you could dig up a good one that also accepts USB input from a thumb drive for spinning your own jams, but do your research there ... some are only set up as charger ports. Seems to me some even have voice control? Not sure why Ford never made the AUX port standard ... I mean, all the radios have the connections and button, fer peat's sakes ...
  19. sKiZo


    Shouldn't be much of a surprise that there's some nice aftermarket goodies available in Russia ... The Transit is the best selling import there AND they've even got a factory building them for the last five years? If it helps any, I've bought a few odds and ends from there for my Ural sidecar rig, and never been disappointed. Shipping is surprisingly fast, and if you use PP, they do all the currency exchange stuff, so it's usually just click 'n done. PS - not sure if they're exporting any vehicles, but who knows, yours might have been built there!
  20. Oh, no! You're gonna die if you remove the cage divider! Is what I was seeing here several times when folk saw how I gutted mine. ;-} Short version - I ain't dead yet ... Good looking stuff though. Maybe help if you post up what years they fit?
  21. sKiZo

    Switched power source up top?

    No dedicated outlet I'm aware of. Don't suppose you have an OEM backup camera? Swipe some 12v from the mirror maybe? If not, it's not all that difficult to loosen up the windshield moulding and run a new wire up the post and across to wherever you want to mount accessories. I did that for a couple bookshelf speakers here. Goes without say, you'd want to make sure whatever you put up there is tied down good. I just drilled a couple holes in the shelf and screwed the speakers in from underneath - great jams!
  22. sKiZo

    2019 TC Wagon Backup assist Fault

    About what I figured though ... stoopid computers! Be interesting to find out when that bulletin was published. If it's been a while, shame on the dealer who's supposed to keep up with that stuff. If it's something they finally just came up with due to customer complaints, well ... way to go, team! Score one for the squeaky wheels of the world!
  23. sKiZo

    2019 TC Wagon Backup assist Fault

    I suppose next step would be to get the detector system replaced. Seems to me, that's a separate module mounted up behind the rear bumper cover? I know it was an option on the earlier models that could be added after delivery if you decided you couldn't live without it, and it 's a fairly simple procedure until the bolts seize with age. Then again, could be some way to adjust the sensitivity of the detector array once they get in there. Then again, could be your mechanics haven't bothered to read the book and doesn't know to apply some super secret code in the TC's brain ... Luck wit it. Worse comes to worse, just disconnect the thing - my grand daddy got er done with mirrors and hand signals, eh. ;-}
  24. How about an old VW gas heater like they had in the vans? <FLASHBACK> Had an old bug with rotted manifold heaters. Those boxes weren't all that good even when perfect, and I got more heat out of farts. Dug around and found an old van gas heater figuring to mount it up in the trunk and run ductwork to the glovebox. Plan was to just run the exhaust out the side wall of the trunk, and I hooked up a contact switch so all you had to do was open the glove box door to fire it up. I also added a standard floor register behind the door so I could aim the heat as needed. That worked, but ... Here I am a bit later, sitting at a light (toasty and warm I might add) and the heater fires up, belching a column of black smoke at a little old lady waiting at the corner for a bus. Dang near gave her a heart attack it did. Plan B ... put an elbow on the pipe and ran an extension straight up. A short extension didn't work that well as the soot on the windshield didn't help visibility much, so ended up with a couple feet of pipe to clear the top of the roof. Either way, that vertical pipe collected rain and drowned the heater. Plan C ... put a flapper on the top of the pipe ... that actually worked until I killed the bug. You think UDF is a thing? I invented VW-WTF with that setup. ** Fun way to pass the time - tell a passenger to open the glove box door, and watch them jump when that heater started belching BTUs in their face ... priceless! </FLASHBACK> ... so anyway ... maybe not such a good idea after all. Forget I mentioned it ... ;-}
  25. sKiZo


    Mine aren't bad yet, but I'm thinking of getting a set of Yokohama Avid all season tires. Always had good traction and ride with those.