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  1. jim@desperadobeagles.com

    Water dripping from overhead console

    Well the answer is.... I took it to the dealer as it is under warranty. There are 2 tabs at the top of the windshield that were leaking. The water dripped down and damaged the speaker and "radio" module that controls the heads up Ford Pass system including the GPS module. They removed the windshield and resealed the tabs. They had to order all the parts so I picked it up and am awaiting parts. Thanks for all your good suggestions. Hope this helps someone in the future. Jim
  2. jim@desperadobeagles.com

    Water dripping from overhead console

    Jack, thanks for the reply. There has not been any condensation on the inside windows. I guess I should have called it dew on the outside. It's raining today and tomorrow so I will see if the drips increase. I have a towl and pan to keep any additional water from getting into the dash. Do you have any more info on the leaks around the antenna? Cheers, Jim
  3. I have water dripping from the overhead console in my 2020 Transit Connect Passenger. It seems to be when there is condensation and not necessarily rain. The water has dripped down on the speaker/grill below it. It appears to have caused serious damage. GPS no longer works, radio intermittent, and now a constant hum from the speakers. Trying to get a service appointment. Water leaking into the dash is never a good thing. Hope it is safe to drive.