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  1. Hope the dealer has a good electrical tech and the problem is straight forward and found. Keep us posted!
  2. Thanks, Ford and GM are under the instant profit model . The good long term decisions are displaced by short term stock price pressures.
  3. G B L

    Transit connect reverse gear problem

    The Trans was out, when the clutch was changed, If the linkage was tightened up in a slightly different position then it could change the shifting. I need to find a picture of the linkage and see. Gen 1 or Gen 2 ?
  4. I Agree totally, however I have a friend who is an electrician and he loves his High top Nissan Van.
  5. G B L

    Transit connect reverse gear problem

    Sounds like the clutch material is causing the input shaft to take a while to coast down.
  6. You have answered the most important requirement for family bliss, all the rest is frosting on the cake!
  7. I have the feeling that most of the TC's are used in the EU market to Spain is a more central location. I just hope that the Passenger model sells enough to continue.
  8. G B L

    6F35 tranny rebuild at 62k

    Fingers crossed here, My TC just crossed 80000 and seems to run the way it did on day one, it has not been back to the Dealer once.
  9. G B L

    Transit connect reverse gear problem

    How much Free play in the pedal?
  10. Its a 4000.00 difference, a new Trans is 2500 to 3500, With the 2016's you will get some of the bumper to bumper and 2 years atleast on the power train! Do you feel Lucky?
  11. G B L

    3 front seats

    That configuration is available for the EU I think mrtn has that set up.
  12. G B L

    6F35 tranny rebuild at 62k

    Well it is good that it was warranty, I wonder what the charge would have been if you had been out of the 60000 power train warranty?
  13. G B L

    Transit connect reverse gear problem

    Have you tried going into first and then going into Reverse? If the new clutch has different material it could have a slight drag when released. Reverse gear does not have a syncro so the gears need to be stopped or almost stopped to engage.
  14. Never forget The Fiat part in the Chrysler Pacifica !