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  1. G B L

    Not starting!

    Put a good booster pak on it , Mine has had the battery get discharged for no apparent reason. It is easy to jump the starter to test if needed. Keep us posted
  2. G B L

    2018 vs 2019

    If you have the opportunity drive both. That will tell you what you want to know. If you do please report I am excited to know a real world comparison of the performance difference. At one point I will test drive a 2019 just to see . As I have made the last payment on the 2014 last month I am going to take a Rest from the payment race.
  3. G B L

    2015 Transit Connect XLT Cargo

    If the coolant stays at the normal level with out loss then there is no overheating.
  4. G B L

    Heater and cooling system

    Is it loosing coolant? You can test for combustion gasses in the coolant with a tester. If it is not loosing coolant then you could have a thermostat issue. If there is no heat then the coolant is low, top it off and see how long it takes to get low again
  5. G B L

    Power sliding door and power lift gate?

    Barn Doors no gravity !! I am already old.
  6. If you are looking at a TC that is still in the 3 -36000 or the 5-60000 Power train warranty then a Car Fax would help. You can go on line and check to see what the service recalls for the Year TC are and The carfax will tell you if they are done. I always want to see the car up on a lift because the underside will tell you lots about the abuse that the TC has had. A good honest independent with a scanner can do a good inspection .
  7. G B L

    Aftermarket Transmission Cooler

    Nice report. The take away from my experience based on my fluid changes is that this gear box works hard and 25000 miles is about all you want the fluid to go.
  8. 89000+ on the 2014 LWB I have, no major issues yet.Tran has had no issues yet, it gets flushed every 25000. The worst thing is checking the fluid level in the trans. The northeast winters are hard on the brakes. Pulls a properly sized trailer nicely.
  9. G B L

    2014 Transit Connect Front Wipers not working

    The wipers are controled by the Body Control Module, I won't have access to my Manuel till the week end . Hopefully someone Else will chime in.
  10. I think you have a point. It could have something to do with making it the same as blinking the lights on the other lever.
  11. I can see none of you folks live in a dirt road in Vermont, My TC has 2 for the front and one on each rear door. you pull the wiper lever toward you for the front and push it for the rear. I use lots of Rain-x
  12. G B L

    Engine stopping after start up.

    Well I get to say Great again and add sometimes action is the the real answer!
  13. G B L

    burning? Antifreeze...

    Awaiting more information. Which engine does your TC Have.
  14. G B L

    Low Power/sputtering

    You get the Sherlock award for the week. Very Cool thank for the info and picture.
  15. G B L

    New here from South Florida

    Just as a point of interest the Right slider will not open if the fuel door is open. I have tried. At least one engineer was on top of the situation.