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  1. G B L

    GEN2 Transmission Out

    Wow ! Were you driving when this happened? What kind of noise does it make? How many miles?
  2. G B L

    Movable Cargo WAll

    The fact that The UK version meets the euro emissions and would not require much for the US standard. You should get in touch with Ford Fleet operations and they might have a program. Fiat Chrysler has the program for the Wranglers . All the Wranglers up here are the four door and were sourced from a dealer.
  3. Did you ever figure out the Air Bags?
  4. Looking at Windguys hitch pictures the scooter Lift would really torque the hitch tube. I bought my TC off the Lot so it did not have a factory hitch. The aftermarket Hitch has a more conventional loading to it might handle the scooter lift better. What is the weight of the Scooter and the Lift?
  5. G B L

    Movable Cargo WAll

    I wonder if Ford is smart enough to be able to lets a UK version be sold as a Mail vehicle. The TC already comes with the right set up.
  6. G B L

    New 2019 Transit Connect Cargo

    Very cool, welcome!
  7. Like Windguy I am wondering the reason for the hitch removal? If you just don't like the receiver under the bumper. then it would be easy to find some one with a Plasma Cutter and in about 10 minutes it could be edited from the vehicle.
  8. G B L

    Movable Cargo WAll

    That look like a very good partition. When you have time up load a Video of how it works. Fifty 150 you are a city person, once you get to a rural area all the Mail Carriers own there own vehicles. The popular carrier around here is a Jeep wrangler with right hand Drive
  9. G B L

    Engine Swap

    The electric steering assist is set up to center the wheels, which amplify's the torque steer. Had a 1978 Olds Tornado, that had torque steer!
  10. G B L

    Apparent roof leak

    If you order the TC with the Rails, they are definitely put on at the factory before the headliner goes in.
  11. You are correct the shield is on there for the mileage and air flow. I am not sure that the rocks mud and stumps were much of a concern on this van. The front air dam is there to let you know when you have pulled into the parking spot far enough. You might have heard that someone asked Henry Ford what he would do to improve the cars one year, His answer was a pan to catch the bolts that fell off! It looks like they finally did it.
  12. It has been my experience that the Lincolns and the Cadillac's have the same cheap stuff as the Fords and the Chevrolet's on the stuff that you do not see they just come with lots more stuff that you can see. The splash shield screws are lost by the Jiffy Lube people one at a time until the whole shield disappears into the dark one night.
  13. G B L

    Engine Swap

    The scanner I have will stop the learning process or erase the history. Your engine going through a learn process to fit the Pcm of the Tc would totally fit your experience.
  14. Sound like the front socket are bad. Are the rear lights ok?
  15. G B L

    Blower Fan Access

    Did you find the cabin filter access door on the heater housing on the glove box side? You need to see what Is in the filter.