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  1. G B L

    Rough Ride

    Sounds Like a good trip!
  2. G B L

    driver seat air bag leaks

    Are you sure its the Inflatable Lumbar support and not How great you were in 1986 ? The lift on mine operates normally both up and down, it does not feel like air but I never looked at it now I willl
  3. Yes diesel fuel has more btu's per gal. It also wastes less energy as waste heat ,which is why a diesel gets 30 percent higher mileage. In the cold climates the medium duty trucks and busses with out shudders use covers to keep the operating temp within range .
  4. An idling diesel engine does not make much heat. Large trucks have shudders on the Radiator to to keep the temp up in the cold weather. Idling Gasoline engines are much better heaters in the cold weather.
  5. And as an added bonus if you use the exact same rivet you can plug the hole and keep the finished look.
  6. Remember the basic warranty is 3 years 36000 miles and the power train warranty is 5 years or 60000 so if they could get away with it the Tc would have explosive bolts that were set to go off some time after that when the car was unoccupied !! With all the transmission filters that i have changed if the filter was full of debris then the transmission was already cooked. If the fluid was changed at the right time and never run low and there was not too much abuse an oil drain and flush would be enough to insure good service.
  7. Subaru has CVT Transmissions and some friends of mine have one and they tow a 1200 # trailer from eastern Pa to Basalt Colorado yearly. They are pleased with the performance and have had no issues. I will keep the forum up dated.
  8. If the transmission is not up to temp you still need it to be running. You can take a small tie wrap and make a 90degree bend 3/4 of an inch from the end with the level plug out you can put the tie wrap in the hole and if the oil is on the end of the tie wrap then the level is ok.
  9. If you do the three to four drain and fill on a regular basis the 90+ percent change will be good enough to protect the transmission. Even when you disconnect the cooler line you still get some fluid being returned to the sump so even that flush is not 100 % unless you run over 20 quarts of fluid through the gear.
  10. G B L

    TPMS question

    If you have a tpms scanner it will trigger the sensor for the relearn and it will give you the sensor number, the pressure and the battery condition .
  11. Do you have both forward and reverse? Have you had the car scanned? Can you still drive the car at all? The video does show a real issue, did it happen instantly? Please keep us informed on the issue
  12. G B L


    There are plenty of tires available with the needed load range.
  13. G B L


    Went to 60 series tires two Sets ago, better ride, more forgiving to road damage. No noticable performance impact.
  14. G B L

    TPMS question

    The magnet only works on older sensors. Are you sure you are in the learn mode? The horn must sound and the display will let you know .