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  1. I wish i could get a ride in the tc, there has to be an answer. if more information please let us know.
  2. G B L

    New TC owner building motovan

    Cool, Here they have an OBD 2 scan on cars less than 15 years old. The State also checks for brakes and body rust which is an issue here.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/embed/PclidT0ZEBo?rel=0&autoplay=1 Watch this it tells all good luck.Keep us posted
  4. G B L

    New TC owner building motovan

    Cool you must be in a non inspection state. Here they do a scan once a year and that swap would not pass. Love to know where you are going to register it.
  5. G B L

    Cylinder #2 Misfire

    The engine you bought was it guaranteed to run? The long block won't be bad, but I cannot believe you can't find a very good running take out for less, buy passing a lot of work. keep us posted
  6. G B L

    Cylinder #2 Misfire

    If you pull no one plug and bring it up to compression you can see how much the pulley slipped. Make sure the engine does not move when you change the pulley , there is no key in the crank shaft to locate the timing chain. If the engine turns the cam timing will be off.
  7. With you there, did that at the first tire replacement and like the result.
  8. G B L

    Can I put off trans rebuild?

    I hope it does not turn into that. I hope the purchase through Auto Zone will help you get the right ending. Keep us posted.
  9. If the gas door is open then the slider will not open! Already tried . As a side note the gas door closes between 55 and 60 MPH .
  10. G B L

    Cylinder #2 Misfire

    First find the starter sol and see if the engine cranks with a jumper switch if it does see if you get a spark. Be very careful about loosing the Crank nut . The crank gear is only held in time by the compression of the nut. This was a good running engine engine right? You definitely need a decent scanner.
  11. TC acting differently than it did before the radiator was changed? Is it different with the New Transmission? Check the temp with a scan tool you may not have any issue. If the TC is air-conditioned turn on the AC and that will put the fans on full time . If they do come on then you most likely do not have an issue.
  12. G B L

    Cylinder #2 Misfire

    This should be a once in the ownership of a vehicle event so do a good job. you should get lots of time and miles out of the re-power. It will happen soon enough !
  13. G B L

    Cylinder #2 Misfire

    Cool !Take your time and take a lot of pictures that will make the install go easier. Keep us posted the progress!
  14. G B L

    '14 1.6 tdci cold start and P2598

    Definition of check engine code P2598: Generic (Common for all car manufacturers): Turbocharger (TC) boost control position sensor A. performance problem signal low Find the Turbo position sensor and clean the contacts . If the sensor is a pressure transducer the pressure port could be plugged. We do not have the Diesel version here so no hands on info.