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  1. G B L

    Help Please

    How long does the charge last? The water leak is a plugged drain in the evaporator box . clean out the drain and the water will stay out. When charged how does the AC work?
  2. G B L

    What is this object?

    I am with you they probably had an alarm system in the TC.
  3. Don't forget to check for bad grounds, this car has lots of places with grounds and they can cause lots of issues.
  4. G B L

    2013 TC hill climbing

    What is the RPM in 4th when you are at 70?
  5. G B L

    Wet passengers flor

    Check the weather stripping on the cowel vent . If that is compromised then the water will run down through the heater on to the floor. Check the windshield also.
  6. Which gear and how fast are you going. What do you mean by this?
  7. G B L

    Correct air filter

    What year is your tc and do you have a picture of the TC and the Engine?
  8. G B L

    Blower fan is ripping up insulation

    For me the work shop is more important, I use a CAT!
  9. If the thermostat was changed the by pass was also changed. Before going too much further a combustion leak test will tell if you have a pressure prob in the engine. Make sure the proper bleed procedure has eliminated all the air in the cooling system.
  10. G B L


    You don"t want those 18"s for the winter. 215-60-16 work well. Check Tire Rack they have wheel and tire packages. When I purchased my winter set I found a Alloy wheel at almost the same price as a steel wheel with lugs and did not need caps
  11. G B L

    2010 Ford Transit Connect engine swap 2.0

    The swap time depends on your equipment. If you have a lift the power train comes out the bottom.
  12. that is where the thermostat on this engine is , The upper hose does not have the Thermostat.
  13. G B L

    New kid on the block....saying HI

    You know you could get a 2.0 short block for what you already have and see what happened.
  14. You say the thermostat has not been replaced. If so you should replace it. This thermostat has a bypass valve and if it does not work the water flow will never get to the radiator .
  15. G B L

    New kid on the block....saying HI

    It's a 2 .0 here but not an echo boost. only 162 Hp Less than my 2.5 with less torque. A 2.0 Echo boost with 200-220 Hp would be what I would want if they upped the internal parts to take the stress.