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  1. G B L


    It is only cheapness that keeps the Tc from telling the driver the tire pressure. If the Bcm has the info then it could be displayed.
  2. G B L

    Replacing tires 2016 TC

    I did not see that story. I will have to see what happened .
  3. G B L

    Replacing tires 2016 TC

    Windguy what is the tread depth compared to your spare? Looks like they have at least a year left for you. You do not see any Snow in your driving?
  4. G B L


    Electric fan Switch or Circuit ?
  5. G B L

    Replacing tires 2016 TC

    In Vermont we call this the Good News Garage!
  6. G B L

    Ecoboost Mods that Fit From Other Applications

    Nice Job on the truck are you going to turbo the 170!
  7. G B L

    Replacing tires 2016 TC

    The Continentals on My TC were thin at about 35000 miles .Most of the tirerack reviews are between 30000 and 40000 miles . My experience with road hazard seems to be dealer dependent. Windguy Did your dealer tell you the tread depth? Give us a picture of a front and Rear tire. Last Year I got a great deal on a Tire machine . Between the cars and trucks and Trailers in my fleet I have already paid for the machine. The Internet and free shipping has really made the tire experience much better.
  8. Still sounds like Ford and the dealership have work to do. The fact that there is no way for either operation to keep track of the recall does not speak well of the process.
  9. It is great that the Tc is repaired. I think that both the dealer and Ford are responsible for the mess up. The fact that corporate did not ask for the latches to be returned would allow a shifty dealer to skimp on the repair. It sounds like the dealer should do the other side sooner than later. I hope the next dealer is better. Maybe waiting to do the recall once the latch fails is the right approach. That way they must do the recall! Anyway great your issue is solved. Nice job with the rear reflectors
  10. G B L


    Every body is correct here. If there is s combustion leak into the cooling system the Tester I have will tell you for sure.
  11. G B L

    My TC is the almost Perfect Mouse Habitat

    Well that is good to know . Just another thing that I will have to worry about !
  12. The heater's that go in the water jacket are usually 400 watts , because they heat the engine water directly. I put mine on a timer that comes on at 4:30 Am and runs for about 4 hours so the cost is minimized.
  13. I got the Deflectors from ford. The front ones blew off, but the rear door deflectors are hanging in there so far!
  14. G B L


    They make a tester that sniffs the radiator for the presence of combustion gas. It is a good way to test for a head gasket problem. Compression leaks do not always show up in the exhaust. There was an overheat Recall on the 1.6 engine. You should check to see if yours is covered, if so take it to ford.
  15. That is good to here. Here is a fuel heat comparison chart for all the fuels. The fuel mileage will follow the chart pretty closely . I I hope you have a good radio and the AC is in good shape for your trip! fuel_comparison_chart.pdf