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  1. G B L

    Drive wheel?

    I think that is a reach, but fact that there is an intermediate shaft and extra bearing could make you correct. That is a reach on my part!
  2. G B L

    1.5TDCi Cambelt Snapped! Good News! DV5 Engine

    Good Report can"t wait for pictures! No Diesels here .
  3. G B L

    Differential or transmission

    The case has been exposed to extreme prejudice and if you are in it for the long haul and you are doing the Engine any way do the whole thing! What year?
  4. G B L

    Rear Sensor alert tone

    Very good thanks for posting.
  5. It should not be too hard just be careful when you drill. (the voice of experience)
  6. G B L

    Differential or transmission

    That is part of the differential the side gears. The trans is done.
  7. That is very good. The wiring diagram posted earlier for the does not show any wiring for electric brakes so if you want brakes on the trailer you will still need a controller and the brake wiring.
  8. G B L

    New Connect owner

    Nice, you have more self control than I do. I find that it is very hard to match the inflow to the outflow . The enclosed trailer is great because eliminates having to unload the Item because of weather.
  9. Here's a thought is there enough room on the other side of the bulkhead between the seats to mount the winch? If so it would pull the whole way and be completely out of the way. In my van the space between the seat is used to hold all the stuff that falls there any way.
  10. G B L

    New Connect owner

    Well that will be a Good test for the TC . You will need to be careful. It will be very easy to over stuff.
  11. G B L

    New Connect owner

    Very Handy
  12. G B L

    New Connect owner

    Or you could have 2 vans , 2 pickups and several trailers if you can't make up your mind.
  13. G B L

    Interior bed liner

    I have used the Herculiner product and it works well, It can be very messy so pay attention.
  14. I think it is no issue Have you pushed the door lock button with it running on remote start? Does that change anything.
  15. G B L

    the direction control only turns half way

    What Year? Does the nob on the Dash connect directly to the cable that operates the flap or is there a servo motor? If you find out which way the nob has to be turned to extend the cable then unclip the 2 wings that hold the cable jacket and see if you get more extension.