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  1. G B L

    Accelerator fail

    The accelerator pedal assembly is giving you a warning , Replace it
  2. G B L

    Engine stopping after start up.

    The lift pump is built into the injection pump . If there was an air leak on the supply line it would cause the problem you are having. time will tell, keep us posted.
  3. The scan tool can cycle the wipers , if they work then the problem is not the signal.
  4. G B L

    No spedo

    You need a Scan tool and then you can check the wheel speed sensors and find out which one was damaged or unplugged.
  5. G B L

    Battery location

    The normal position for the TC battery is under the hood on the left side behind the air filter.Try there.
  6. A high level scanner can check the wiper operation . The wiper are probably run by the body control Module
  7. G B L

    Engine stopping after start up.

    Is the lift pump on the engine or in the tank? If it is on the engine and the filter is on the suction side then air will get in. Can you tell me where the three hoses go?
  8. G B L

    Mi exterior and interior lights flicker

    Have you checked the charging voltage? How old is the battery? Have you checked the water in the battery?
  9. G B L

    How many miles?

    Did any one check which solenoid failed? All the solenoids are serviceable behind the plastic cover on the driver’s side? A good scan tool should say which one.
  10. The curt hitch is flush with the bumper and has a 1 inch drop. The ball mount I use has a bout a 4 inch rise to allow the trailer frame to be level.
  11. Go with the 2" receiver that make all the hitches useful with other vehicles .
  12. With All the modules in the TC there is definitely a draw on the battery. The fact that you have to reset the radio and the clock if you disconnect the bat tells you that. If you have a dead or shorted cell will definitely have an effect on the voltage , the sitting voltage will be low and the charging voltage will be hi.
  13. G B L

    How many miles?

    3500-4000 vs 7 with twice the warranty makes the choice easy. did you ever check the oil level before the trans failed? When the trans failed would it still drive?
  14. G B L

    Troubleshooting serious vibration

    Does it happen in more than one gear? If you held the Transmission in third what happens.
  15. G B L

    2019 TC Wagon Backup assist Fault

    Or they just wrote the TSB from BrentR's Tc. Hope you have nothing to report!