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  1. I guess people who want Red TC's!
  2. Always liked the look of those. Did you win on yours?
  3. G B L

    Drain plug washer reusable 2016 gen2 ?

    The Oem O-ring plug on my 2014 2.5 liter has 19 oil changes on it and is holding up very well.
  4. Do you have a picture?
  5. That could be a good thing but only if it fits your needs and the price is right.
  6. Well that could turn into the spring sale 2022!
  7. Disc brakes come with there own set of issues, watch out what you wish for. The seating the shoes is a good idea. Making sure the shoes are centered is also needed.
  8. I would put the 2500.00 away and see what happens. My 2014 has 114000+ on it.
  9. G B L

    2013 transmission issues - Code P0978

    A good scan tool or FordScan should be able to tell you which solenoid is setting the code . On that trans the Solenoids are accessible when you pull the pan.
  10. G B L

    Front Wheel Bearings

    I can fix that move here and the brakes will turn to junk faster so it can all turn to crap together. As for the performance parts you are right not much interest.
  11. G B L

    Front Wheel Bearings

    That is more likely to be true on a more complicated parts. That wheel bearing is a simple product that is made in a big factory by equipment that has been automated for over 75 years. There are quality issues for sure, but 4 sets in a year ? The one issue that the video addresses but then ignores is torquing the axle shaft nut. when the tec uses an impact wrench on the nut even to run the new nut on is not good. If the bearing is loose or too tight the bearing will self destruct quickly, especially if run at full load.
  12. The antenna , the windshield , and the holes for the roof rack track mount are the only holes in the roof panel. Sounds like a place to start.
  13. G B L

    Front Wheel Bearings

    Even if the bearings are too small and don't last , 4 sets in a year sounds like an installation issue.
  14. G B L

    Eibach Lowering Springs

    Or a 1000 lbs of tools , that lowered mine quite well.
  15. G B L

    Weird Nuetral Behavior

    I have not done the coast rev procedure you talk about, nor would I do so. A transmission oil change absolutely would be a good idea at 75000 miles. Remember the computer talks to the transmission and can control the valve body. Shifting into neutral with the stick is no longer the same as it was before there was a transmission computer.. A road test with Fortrans or a advanced scanner will give a good picture . Your test will not give the same picture of condition that it use to.