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  1. I thought about mounting it in on the overhead shelf, but I really want to be able to see the display. Thanks for the input.
  2. ServicePlus

    Center console very hot when heat is on.

    Mine is the cargo version, sorry should have posted that. So just to clarify, it is not normal for the center console to get this hot?
  3. ServicePlus

    What is this thing attached to my windshield?

    Interesting as I don't have a navigation system.....
  4. ServicePlus

    What is this thing attached to my windshield?

    So what does it do?
  5. I bought my 2015 TC used. What is this? It is attached to the inside of the windshield, top center. The vehicle was previously owned by Hobart, wondering if this is factory or aftermarket.
  6. This is the first winter I've had with the 2015 TC I bought this spring. When I have the heat on the center console gets VERY hot, to the point it is uncomfortable to put my leg up against it. Is this normal? I did have a repair done a few months back, some kind of bushing had to be replaced, part of the gear shift linkage, it would not shift out of park. I don't know if they had to take the console apart or not to replace this, but I'm wondering if they did, possibly something didn't get put back together properly?
  7. If so where did you mount it. I'd like to put a scanner in mine, not many options for a good location, just curious where you might have put yours!
  8. ServicePlus

    New TC Owner

    Honestly I don't carry that much weight, I'm guessing right now I have 350 lbs. of extra cargo? At most I'll have 600 lbs.? Appliance parts don't weight that much, and I don't need a huge amount of tools. A full load of passengers is probably more weight than I'll ever haul in cargo.
  9. ServicePlus

    New TC Owner

    Thanks everyone, I'm going to have the dealer do the fluid replacement in a few days. So far I'm really enjoying working out of the van!
  10. ServicePlus

    New TC Owner

    Hello everyone, just joined today. I've been doing Appliance Repair for the last 21 years, previously working for 2 different Appliance stores I started my own business in May of 2018, Service Plus Appliance Repair. Over the years I've worked out of 3 different full size pickups and 2 E-150 vans, when I started my own business I didn't want to go in debt so I used an extra car we had, a 2000 Subaru Outback. While obviously not ideal it actually worked quite well and it was great for getting around in the snow this winter, especially in customer's driveways that are often steep and not cleared. Anyway I knew the Subaru was only a temporary vehicle for my business, and once I had saved up enough I started looking for a vehicle. I first started looking for a full size van as that is what I was used to working out of but I worry that gas prices are going to continue to rise and a rear wheel drive van is awful for getting around in snow, so that got me thinking about a Transit Connect. After about a month of looking I found a 2015 XLT with the longer wheelbase, it has 112,000 miles on it, and also has shelves in the back, driver side shelf is short enough to allow access from the side door, the passenger side is full length, and it also has a cargo wall. I have a few questions and if I should start individual threads I can do that as well. Don't have an owners manual, can I download one somewhere? I talked to my local Ford deal about how often the transmission should be serviced, he recommended every 60k miles. They also do a complete flush of the entire system, I plan on getting this done ASAP, but I have also read horror stories of a flush breaking loose items etc. and causing more problems than you started with. I asked about this, he said that used to be true but that isn't a worry any longer. Any thoughts? Should I look to get just a fluid change instead of a flush? Sadly I don't know any service history on the vehicle other than the oil was changed before I bought it, only know that it was owned by Hobart. Any items I should look to do right away besides the transmission fluid? After a few days of driving it I've noticed that the Cruise Control sometimes works, sometimes it doesn't. When it does work, it works perfectly, then at times you hit the on/off button and it won't respond at all. Any suggestions on that? I'd love to see pictures from other users on how they have their Transit Connect setup so I can get some ideas on how to make the best use of mine. I'd like to have a tablet mount in the cab, possibly make better use of the space in back with some more shelves or ways to best organize things. Any pictures for ideas to get the best use of the space and make it a nice environment to spend my days while working! Thanks!