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    It has to be a temp signal issue one of the temp sensors is not reporting from the beginning and warms up . The ECM is locking out the boost . The data need to be recorded from warm up right threw the shut off and restart. It will be there .
  2. G B L


    Any running issues, power, Fuel consumption. Scan tool or Forscan with live data ? Did you check the exhaust pressure?
  3. G B L

    2018 TC LWB. 2.5L

    Oil analysis is out of my league . Just by look smell and passed through a coffee filter leaving no residue.
  4. G B L

    2018 TC LWB. 2.5L

    The Mercon, Valvoline Maxlife Were Very dark after 25000 miles, The Triax fluid was in much better shape after 25000. Just my experience.
  5. If this might comfort you. Most of the plug re-thread kits can be had with a solid threaded insert and that repair is as strong as original equipment .
  6. Correct, On the TC the job is fairly straight forward and not too difficult. On the other hand the same job on the rear plugs on an F-150 with the Triton V-8 is another job completely!
  7. Thanks for the report. This spark plug blowing out of aluminium heads has been around a long time so the fix is well tested.
  8. G B L

    2018 TC LWB. 2.5L

    They are for sure. My experience with this gearbox F6-35 is that it works the fluid hard. Having done 4 fluid changes on my rig and similar changes on other transmissions. Keeping the fluid clean and fresh is cheap and easy. So if you work the car hard why not.
  9. What kind of trailer wire comes with the 13 pin module If it has enough leads then fine. If it is a 4 flat plug ,then a converter plug won't help it would need a 7 contact socket and harness. Without the 13 pin a regular trailer adaptor can be hooked up to the 7 contact socket withe the addition for the pin 4 12 volt feed added from the fuse box. If you want brakes a brake controller will be needed.
  10. The electronic sway is trying to predict the trailer sway. The mechanical sway actually reduces the sway. On a small well balanced trailer there is usually no issue. Once you have had a trailer start to dance no matter what the size the $52.50 for the sway control is cheap.
  11. G B L

    2018 TC LWB. 2.5L

    I have done a lot of towing with mine. I have had the scan tool monitoring the fluid temp on lots of runs both with and with out the trailer. The fluid temp was regulated by the thermostat and not the size of the cooler. The biggest issue for transmission heat is how much time this transmission spends with the converter in lock up mode.
  12. When I was a Kid All cars could be stolen with a piece of wire and 5 minutes under the Dash!
  13. G B L

    New owner starting point...

    Good Shape makes a good rig. The only issue with those is how the Transmission was treated.
  14. If you are thinking about the EU Module make sure the trailer connecter is set up for the 12 feed, if not then all the extra money and process will not help the battery. A 50- 100 watt solar panel on the top of the pop up will do more for the battery. As for the trailer sway I have used these on multiple trailers over 30 years . Rather than trying to out smart the sway they reduce or eliminate the sway. Simple and bullet proof.
  15. That is buy design. The TC wants to make sure the Key or the Fob ( key less) is in the car. Nothing is wrong.
  16. G B L

    Flooded Passenger and Drivers Floor

    You at least need to take the floor covering out if that includes the seats then yes. There is a lot of wiring under the floor covering so you definitively need to do a good job drying it out, what ever that requires.
  17. Were you in the car? How long did it run? The remote start run the engine for a warm up period and turns off. How long did it run?
  18. Mine is an XLT Passenger also. If you are not sure about the Dealer pulling the light is easy and checking it with a booster pack is even easier. Then thee answer will be clear and if the light is bad then you already know how to change it. Mine tested good and mucking with the plug cured the issue.
  19. The scan tool allows check the light and increment the brightness. Once you pull the light , test its operation with test wires and a booster pack.
  20. G B L

    Multiple ABS DTC's

    Clear the codes , Good scan tool or forscan, Test ride . Recording data from ABS Module Keep us posted
  21. Pulling the light is easy and you can test it to make sure it is bad. The connection at the light is the weak link. A good shop with a scan tool can definitively handle it. The brightness is also adjustable.
  22. Nice The 6.0 is a great simple engine. All of mine sit outside so a non issue for me.
  23. Under stand that. Hey take your time just the right deal could come up. A raised roof would be stellar for loading bikes.
  24. Into your vehicle hall of fame it goes. Is the Express new or used ? If new did you look at a Transit?