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  1. G B L

    Fuel Mileage

    The extra expense of the diesel option makes selling enough units problematic for the North American TC market. If the diesel fuel is properly winterized, winter operation is not a problem.
  2. How do they clean the injectors? I know on the multiport injectors they reverse flush them, are the DI injectors different?
  3. G B L

    Engine stopping after start up.

    Great! Sometimes no action is the right plan.
  4. G B L

    Fuel Mileage

    Small diesel engine and not in a hurry. The perfect combo for great mileage.
  5. G B L

    Wheel Size Question

    On every level how the car looks and makes you feel is the most important thing for a large percentage of the worlds automotive customer!
  6. \When you add snow and Ice and Mud to the mix it changes the engineering requirements. How many miles? The propane being under pressure would definitely point out any leaks in the system. What gets serviced in the injectors? Those look like good tires, Let us know how they ride and hold up.
  7. G B L

    Fuel Mileage

    The speed and wind drag has always been the most important factor in fuel mileage . It is nice to see that the physics has not changed even if the world seems to have come off the rails.
  8. G B L

    Those Attractive Interior Panels

    Very Nice
  9. Great . It is always nice when thing go better than expected.
  10. Here are two links that will help you , if replacing the sensor does not cure it then it could be the thermostat and housing. Keep us posted. https://www.youtube.com/embed/Qj4HWhxB9J8?rel=0&autoplay=1 https://www.youtube.com/embed/VNcRPxGXCz8?rel=0&autoplay=1
  11. All of you have pretty much covered why in the work /Minivan size in the US Ford has the edge at the moment.
  12. RPM, If you use the transmission in the manual mode you can see the rpm change for the gear changes . then you would see if your downshift was causing a two gear change.
  13. Could be, if the engine speed is great enough it could be shifting down two gears and this would make a big noise and jolt.
  14. G B L

    Egr vacum solenoid code

    what were the code numbers?
  15. G B L

    Two Times New

    Welcome, a lot of good camper info here.
  16. G B L

    2010 XLT Slammed

    Looks like a great project, but would not work on my road!
  17. What is the engine speed before and after this happens?
  18. G B L

    No AC after Carwash

    Have you run a scan on the AC system? That could tell you a lot.
  19. G B L

    2013 TC Engine Swap

    The way that swap would work is if the Base engines are similar then you would have to use all the fuel exhaust and electronic components from the 2 .0, if all that stuff bolted on to the 2.5 the computer would not need to be up dated. The possible down side would be the extra torque going into The Transmission.
  20. G B L

    Vibrations in rear drum breaks

    The real reason it is hard to fine a shop with an Brake shoe arc grinder is the dust problem . There should be no asbestos in the linings, but you can't be sure. You can speed up the process by adjusting the brakes a bit tighter. If you reverse the car smartly and stop it you will adjust the brakes . The brakes will feel, warm to the touch when they are adjusted properly . 70 or 80 degrees c.
  21. G B L

    Aftermarket Transmission Cooler

    Good info, but 185 will definitely shorten the life of the fluid.
  22. G B L

    Aftermarket Transmission Cooler

    An auxiliary cooler will help at the extreme . I will have to find out what the temp setting is for the cooler is. The temp of the fluid for the Tc is 20 degrees higher than the L 480-E in my other van, and the drain color after 25000 miles shows it. Cooler is better over time.
  23. G B L

    Citroën Berlingo

    It sounds like a good plan, I would have enjoyed real pictures of the rig with the doors.
  24. G B L

    Citroën Berlingo

    Barn Doors?
  25. G B L

    Vibrations in rear drum breaks

    Did you check to see how the new shoes fit in the drum, is the shoe contact complete ? What does the contact pattern of the new shoes look like?