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  1. If you are limiting the use to what you say you will not have any issues if you do nothing. The trouble you would get into with the fire wood is being arrested for transporting the fire wood with out a permit.
  2. G B L

    New TC Owner

    Having looked at the hose routing on the TC I think that the most invasive part would be the hook up to the flushing machine.
  3. G B L

    New TC Owner

    If you Drain and refill the Transmission 3 to 4 times you can change almost 100 % of the fluid with out an invasive operation that would stir things up. I change mine every 25000 miles. If you slack the belts you can spin the pulleys and get an idea of what condition the water pump ,alternator and idler pulleys are in. Have the AC system tested and topped off, as over time they all loose refrigerant. I think you will find it is a very good service platform. Welcome abord
  4. Ford says the TC is rated to tow 2000 Lbs. The standard tongue weight for a 2000 Lb trailer is 10% as a result they say 200 Lbs on the tongue. I am sure that there lawyers tell them to stay quiet on cargo carriers and bike racks.
  5. G B L

    ABS light on

    The inner grease shield on the bearing is plastic so it lets the tone ring work. I the bearing is reversed the steel Grease shield would block the signal.
  6. G B L

    ABS light on

    Did you remove the sensor while you replaced the bearing? They get damaged very easily when the bearing are pressed in or out. If you are keeping a spare bearing around it could be a good idea to have an ABS also.
  7. G B L

    Power sliding door and power lift gate?

    There is an interlock That will prevent the Right Slider door from opening. As for the electric door motors , more stuff to fail.
  8. If your Springs are good Rock auto has OEM grade struts for 89-92 dollars and changes each. Kyb is good stuff.
  9. G B L

    thank you ford NOT!

    My only complaint is that even though the system knows the location and tire pressure it is not available to the driver in the info display.
  10. G B L

    Front axle nut torque setting

    The SKF book says 59 ft Lbs and then 90 degrees with a oem new nut.
  11. G B L

    low power

    When they check it out have the waste gate checked. If it is not closing tight it will take the turbo longer to spool up and give enough boost. As davidparker asked Did the problem start recently or has it been around along time.
  12. G B L

    Hood Pull Broke

    Right I will take that under advisement .
  13. G B L

    Hood Pull Broke

    I have noticed that feature also it is only a mater of time till i deal with it with a cutoff wheel!
  14. G B L

    Oil Leak

    Well that kills a thousand dollar bill. Was the warranty still in effect?
  15. G B L

    Transit connect 1.8 troubles help

    Sounds like something got in side . The do sell Re-coned units, The amount of the core deposit depends on how much of the turbo they can reuse.
  16. Leaf Springs have more noise over time than link and coil spring suspensions, not much of an issue.
  17. Is the Body in good shape? Runs well , good price? Knock 1500 off the price, I bet you can find the Clunk for less
  18. G B L

    Transit connect 1.8 troubles help

    When a new issue happens after a job, the first thing I check is the last thing I worked on. If it was normal and then not something changed. Step back and look you will find it.
  19. The Reference to old geezer is with in the perimeter of how many miles is too many!
  20. G B L


    It is a great thing that the cars are much better and getting better all the time. They need to because the Average driver is getting worse at the same rate as the improvement in the cars!
  21. A Trailer Hitch would be nice, but it is easy to add afterwards.
  22. When that happens, you can look at him and say with a smile " You are looking in the Mirror!"
  23. G B L

    Transit connect 1.8 troubles help

    How did it run before the work was done?
  24. G B L

    Transit connect 1.8 troubles help

    Did the hose swell before the work was done? sounds like a gasket was put in differently than intended causing a blockage