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  1. williaty

    Front Wheel Bearings

    We had them laser cut out of titanium. I don't remember which alloy/grade. Ti has really shitty thermal conductivity for a metal, so placing the tiny shim between the rotor and the hub acted like a tiny little insulator, keeping the hub cooler.
  2. Don's helping me with the smaller ones but if anyone has a lead on the ones for 10-gauge wire, let me know.
  3. Anyone have a line on someplace that can source these terminals right now or have some they're willing to sell? All the usual suspects are out of stock and listing as much as a 21 week delay for restocking.
  4. williaty

    Upgrade instrument cluster 2016

    So there was great advice in this thread about how to find the correct IPC on lkqonline. Anyone know how to find a 2014 steering wheel with the audio controls on the right side spoke? It's like lkqonline doesn't think steering wheels exist.
  5. I owned a Subaru shop for a decade and one of the big things I learned is that Subaru knuckles are almost always destroyed by a failed wheel bearing even if you can't see the problem. If you have to replace a wheel bearing and don't replace the knuckle too, you're going to be replacing the bearing again in about 10k miles. Are the Connects like that too? I've finally taken enough of the van apart to determine that, at the very least, I have a failed right front wheel bearing. Sadly, it got driven around on for a while before I tore it apart. Do I need to order a knuckle too or are Fords generally good to go with just a hub and bearing for the swap?
  6. FWIW, Don is right. The hitches aren't rated for jacking up the vehicle. You may get away with it once... twice... or not at all. How do I know? Members of my family that are first responders have pulled bodies (yes, more than once) out from under cars where the they were being lifted by a hitch, the hitch or unibody failed, and the guy working on his car was crushed to death. Having installed the hitch on my van myself, I will definitely say that the OEM hitch design is particularly likely to fail if abused in this manner.
  7. USDM 2014 Connect wagon XLT. Early this spring, I swapped my summer tires onto the van. The only thing I did while I had the van on the lift was to change to summer tires. When the van got back on its feet, it was making a growling noise like it had mud tires on. OK, I just swapped tires, it sounds like mud tires, so it has to be tire noise, right? After driving it around sadly for a month or two, I thought maaaaaybe I could hear the gronch-gronch-gronch sound of a bad wheel bearing buried under all the tire noise so I stopped driving the van until the weather cooled down enough to make me willing to work on it. I bought a new set of summer tires in order to get rid of the tire noise so that I could hear if there was a bearing noise hidden in there. So I just swapped a new set of summer tires onto it and the noise is still there, growling away like a set of mudders. OK, fine, this model of tire must just be crap now. So I change to my winter tires today. Same damned noise! The noise sounds just like bad/rough/mud tires, is related to vehicle speed, and is worst around 46-50mph. It's very constant, doesn't change character, and sounds like it's centered left to right and comes from the front end. The only other thing I can offer is that I put it back on the lift and ran it in gear without the wheels on it today. The left side axle has some sort of an abnormality where it enters the transmission. Once per revolution, there's a light clank and the inner CV joint's cup jumps sideways about a 1/8th of an inch. No growling, grinding, or anything else is heard running the van on the lift. So what do you guys think? Wheel bearing? Bad axle? Bad carrier bearing? Bad tranny?
  8. I used to own a shop that specialized in working on Subarus. By the time you know a Subaru wheel bearing is bad, it's already destroyed the knuckle. If you don't replace the knuckle along with the bearing and hub, you'll get 10-20k out of the new bearing before it fails again. Replace it all and you'll get 80-100k out of it before it fails. Customers always seemed baffled that they could come to me and suddenly their car would stop needing wheel bearings twice a year after trying multiple times at other shops that were trying to do the work as cheaply as possible. If I can't find a preassembled kit, I'll just buy the parts and pre-assemble it myself in the air conditioning!
  9. For the older Connects, Moog makes a complete bolt-on assembly that's the front hub, bearing, knuckle, and ball joint already put together. However, I can't find one for my 2014. I've got to replace a bad front wheel bearing and in this god-awful heat I'd rather push the easy button and just swap a whole assembly on and be done with it. Anyone know where I can buy one?
  10. For other people who are interested in this, it appears this will not work on a 2014 Wagon XLT LWB. Everything was exactly as AVguy2 showed except my van's wiring harness has the wrong connector on it. About 6" further forward on the wiring harness than AVguy2 shows, I had 2 connectors tape-wrapped to the harness. When I got them free, I had one large power connector that fits the module correctly and one small green data connector that doesn't fit. Where AVguy2 shows that smaller black connector with 4 wires going into it, I have a green connector with 10 possible pins but only 4 of them are wired. So it looks like I'm screwed. If anyone wants to try to replicate what AVguy2 did, send me a message and I'll sell the electrical bits to you since I can't use them.
  11. Cite a reference from Ford stating that it's safe to jack the van up via the hitch or Don isn't the one of you two spouting BS.
  12. williaty

    OEM tires and wheelspin

    FWIW, as long as you're a little cautious with your loading and resulting total vehicle weight, you're better off searching for 205/55R16 tires (if you have a 16" wheel). They're the stock size for a HUUUUUGE era of Subaru variants, including the various Impreza models. When I looked for winter tires after buying my van, the offerings in the stock size sucked. So I moved tires over from my previous Impreza (Dunlop Wintersport 4Ds, highly recommended). I did the same thing the following spring with summer tires (Bridgestone Potenza Pole Position S-04, also highly recommended).
  13. I have a 2014 XLT wagon. I took it in early in the year. They updated the BCM and turned the damned headlights/taillights off for me. The cabin lights I can switch off with the ceiling switches. The only thing I can't disable is the dash illumination, which still stubbornly stays on after the doors have been opened/shut. So yeah, it can be done to wagons.
  14. Huh, that's a strange world to me! After working as a mechanic and even owning my own shop for a decade, I had no idea there was a union.
  15. Mechanics are unionized where you live? They aren't around here. There's absolutely nothing standing in the way of the dealership firing techs. Employment at will state, right to work state, and no unions means no protection of any kind for techs.