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  1. Thought I'd give you guys an update on the AGM battery in my TC (bought at Sam's Club). I've been using it in the TC for a year now. Currently on a month long trip in Florida and using the fridge 24/7. All is good. Great vehicle, love it! I will buy another one when the time comes.
  2. Tom899

    To combat road noise

    Steven, try rotating the tires front to back to see if the noise stays exactly the same. If it changes, probably tires, if not get it checked out. Tom
  3. Hi Ford-diesel, sorry, I just now saw your reply. It actually took 4-months. My dealer told me it could take as long as 6-months. It's built in Spain and 4-months seems the normal amount of time for a US order. I ordered in September and it arrived at the dealer in January. I didn't pick it up untill March because thats when my Ford Edge lease was up.
  4. Tom899

    New to me 2014 Transit Connect SWB

    Looks really Nice! SWB are the best looking!
  5. Thanks everyone for the comments. So far, really liking it! I swapped out all the interior lights with LED's (7 of them), nice and bright now!
  6. Tom899

    New TC Owner - Hi Everyone

    Welcome JT3! Looks great!!
  7. Yes, I confirm, the AGM battery fit is good, plenty of room all around and especially on top. The plastic cover that fits on top makes sure nothing will ever touch the terminals. It's more protected than most vehicles. In 2019 the TC will have start-stop technology. All Ford start-stop vehicles automatically come with AGM batteries.
  8. I put the Sam's Club Duracell Group 48 (H6) AGM in my 2018 TC last week (Thanks to Beta Don for recommending it!). It fits well. The top bracket that crosses over the top of the battery fits on tight, but it does work! I bought this battery in December, put it in my 2016 Ford Edge for a month long trip to Florida. I ran my ARB Fridge/Freezer non-stop 24/7 set at 36F degrees for the whole month, and it was plenty hot in Florida. The battery works great! I pulled it out of the Edge and put it in my new TC.
  9. Yes, it's a Weathertech BumpStep. It works well as a step, but I like it in case someone bumps into me, which has happened on my other vehicle and saved my rear door from getting smashed in. I also have the wider version called BumpStep XL (24" wide), but it was interfering with my back-up sensors, this BumpStep 12" wide one doesn't.
  10. Thanks everyone!! No cargo doors available on the Titanium...
  11. Hey everyone, after ordering in September, I finally got it a few days ago! Everything seems perfect. I put in a Weathertech mat to cover the whole load area from behind the first row to the back. I also swapped out the battery for an AGM to run my ARB Fridge/Freezer. I have a Yakima LoadWarrior Cargo Basket that I brought out of storage and thought I'd try it. My biggest concern was it wouldn't fit in the garage height wise, but it will, still under 7'. I was a bit surprised to see the tire pressure recommended settings at 42psi? I know this is a stretch, but has anyone bought a radar detector mirror mount bracket? The inside rear-view mirror we have might not be compatible with any of the brackets being made, including Blendmount and RadarMount? I sent a note to BlendMount and waiting to hear back. This all might be a mute point, as a radar detector might not work with Ford's InstaClear windshield? I ordered the Upfitter Wiring Harness, still can't figure out what the heck it includes and where? If anyone knows?? I put a coating of Liquid Glass Polish on, here are a few pics...
  12. Tom899

    Just purchased a 2018 Transit Connect!

    Welcome! It looks great!!
  13. Thanks! Yes, this coming Tuesday or Wednesday. Looking forward to finally getting it!