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  1. dirt huffer

    2016 shift problem

    Did you figure this out? I have the same issue
  2. Anyone color match their emblems to the exterior paint color? Thinking of doing it to the "Transit Connect" and "XLT" emblems on the rear door
  3. I had my rotors turned at 125k since the rotors were squeeling. Pads were good. Turning the rotors took care of the squeal. That said i think ill do Bendix semi-metallic pads and electrophoretic coated rotors in Spring to improve the emergency stopping power. After this many miles the rotors dont looks so good. Being in a northern climate, they've become pretty rusty
  4. Anyone have an recommendations on a remote starts that's simple to install? I like the idea of getting a factory OEM kit but not sure if that's more of a pain than and aftermarket kit.
  5. dirt huffer

    Eliminating 4.2" screen on a 2015

    Some carbon vinyl covered up the light nicely
  6. Anyone tint their windshield? I'm looking at doing 55% or 70% ceramic tint. I have 15% on sides now
  7. dirt huffer

    Eliminating 4.2" screen on a 2015

    Finally got the passenger airbag light in (BK2Z-10A936-B) Gosh this thing is obnoxious. I might have to spray paint it black or put tape over the light
  8. dirt huffer

    14+ battery longevity

    Thanks. I think I found that one 👍
  9. dirt huffer

    14+ battery longevity

    Or this 🤔 https://www.batteriesplus.com/productdetails/battery/car-and-truck/ford/transit-connect/2015/l4-2.5l-760cca-optional/sli48agm
  10. dirt huffer

    14+ battery longevity

  11. dirt huffer

    14+ battery longevity

    Good points. I found a good sale price for an Duracell AGM battery. Last day of the sale 👍
  12. dirt huffer

    14+ battery longevity

    I have a 2015 with about 126k. Northern climate. The other day something gave me pause to wonder if my battery was losing some strength. I wonder how many ppl are still on the original battery
  13. dirt huffer

    Trans Temp Gauge on 14+?

    Sounds like OBDLink MX+ is the way to go. I use to have a BlueDrive Scan Tool ($100) that was similar to the OBDLink but it got stolen when my car got stolen, lol. Didn't have that tool for very long. It was underwhelming as far as features go. Maybe they've improved it but it was way overrated IMO when i bought it in 2016
  14. I've heard of several ppl putting hammocks in their van to sleep on. I cant figure out where ppl are attaching the hammock at the front. Does anyone have pictures?