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  1. Russell

    2014 TC Headliner Removal

    Will do! Hey @tp_connectic, once you got the headliner down how did you access the holes from inside? The last set (in the rear) are easy enough to get to, but the others appear to be blocked either by the cross-members or the tracks for the sliding doors. Edit: Found this other thread that covers the same ground. Looks like the trick is to send the bolts up through the roof rather than down. This lets you use a hex key to hold the bolt in place instead of trying to get a socket or crescent up in there to hold the nut:
  2. Russell

    2014 TC Headliner Removal

    Just as a follow-up: Turns out I was able to get the hooks out with a pair of blunt pliers. A screwdriver might have worked, but the amount of levering it required was bending the plastic to the point where there's now a crease. The pliers made it easier just to pull it straight out.
  3. Russell

    2014 TC Headliner Removal

    Heya! Great writeup for exactly what I'm trying to do now: installing a Thule TracRac. Got a quick question: I'm unable to get the coat hooks out. I've levered a screwdriver up in there but there doesn't appear to be any give at all. If I force it any more I'll likely break the little flap - it's already askew from trying to get it out. Seems like one of those things that's super easy once you know the trick. Any advice?
  4. Russell

    18mpg on a 50K 2014 XLT?

    It's been about a year now and after that initial hiccup, I am pleasantly surprised by how well the van has done on the mpg front. It's over five years old and still averages 32mpg on the highway. Woo-hoo!
  5. Russell

    18mpg on a 50K 2014 XLT?

    Thanks for all the replies. Helpful and appreciated. I did one find one possible reason for the low reported number: It was the average set by the previous owner. After a reset and ~100mi, it reports 25mpg. Phew! Thanks again.
  6. First up: Hey! This is my first post. Looking forward to hearing about your experiences with your vans and hitting you up for advice with mine. I picked up my XLT this past Monday. While it has been great in almost every way, I've been surprised by the low mpg. After ~100miles divided 75/25 between highway and city the dash reports that I'm averaging 18mpg. This seems awfully low given that the van has just 50K miles, it is unloaded, and I've been going super easy on the gas pedal. Is this something to be concerned about? What's the best place to start diagnosing? Full disclosure: I have a lifetime of wrenching on bicycles but absolutely none working on cars. I'm happy to get my hands dirty, though! Thanks in advance!