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  1. Thanks much for checking! I had checked the 60/40 doors and it was hard to tell, but I had a feeling that the lift gate was pretty hard fixed. What a shame! I have a tough choice to make My plan was to affix a vertical bike rack to one or both of the 60/40 doors so I could have the hitch free and be able to swing the bikes out if the way when I need to get to the back. That of course relies on finding a rack system I can attach to the rear doors... But I think I can figure it out.
  2. Hello all! I'm planning to buy a 2014+ Connect this summer. I have gotten to the point where I'm about 95% sure I want to stick with the 60/40 door and not the lift-gate. The issue I'm having is that this decision is seriously limiting my used buying options, and it's hard to find the add-ons I want with the split door. I've looked at both and it doesn't look super simple, but I assume it would be doable to swap door types. Does anyone know if this is true? Has anyone done it Appreciate any help, might buy a connect tomorrow if I'm confident I can swap the doors! (The one I've IDed with a lift gate that I like is white... so i figure finding a junkyard candidate for a door swap or someone willing to trade is fairly likely with that color. My other option is a blue with the split doors already in it, but a few more miles, a little worse shape, and the used car dealer I'm negotiating with is sleazy, so I'm hesitant to seal the deal. Thanks again, looking forward to joining this forum for real soon as a TC owner!