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  1. zombiechad

    Transit Connect Lowering Kit

    I'm actually still around but only because I am shopping for a 2nd generation transit connect right now. I am however considering making a batch of these lowering kits. 1. Why do you think mounting the axle on the top of the springs is too risky? 2. What do you consider affordable? Thanks!
  2. zombiechad

    Rare European Transit Connect Parts

    All sold, thanks!
  3. Thanks for the change. The wheels sold tonight.
  4. zombiechad

    Rare European Transit Connect Parts

    Door handles are sold but I still have the side markers.
  5. Can a mod please change the title to ET40?
  6. I still have it! PM me for my phone number if you like. Thanks, Chad
  7. zombiechad

    Transit Connect Lowering Kit

    This kit is sold. Thanks!
  8. As a data point, I ran a shipping estimate and it came to $67 for all 4 wheels with tires to New York.
  9. zombiechad

    Rare European Transit Connect Parts

    The brake lights are sold. I will take $15 for the side markers and $25 per set for the door handles.
  10. zombiechad

    Transit Connect Lowering Kit

    Thanks man. The transit was awesome when I was running my business out of my garage. Now that I have a warehouse with daily deliveries and pickups, it seemed like an unnecessary expense. (gotta keep overhead low right?) Anywho, the kit does flip the axle but in a different way (and superior way IMO). I was really happy with the kit. I had it on for 10k miles and 1.5 years with never a squeak. I am just too busy to try and reproduce and market it but I think it could be successfully sold in the US and the UK.
  11. zombiechad

    Rare European Transit Connect Parts

    Sounds great. I do have paypal. I will send you a private message. Thanks, Chad
  12. I designed and manufactured a one=off bolt-in transit connect lowering kit. I am a mechanical engineer. The kit can be uninstalled and is completely reversible and rode awesome. It includes new front coil springs and a new rear suspension system. I have the engineering drawings for all the parts so these could be reproduced. It lowers the van 3+" in the rear and over an inch in the front. It is designed to level out the ride height while still being matched to the factory dampers and allowing some usability of the van (cargo capacity). $750 for the kit. $500 more for the engineering drawings. (This kit took many many hours to design and much more money to produce)
  13. I sold my transit connect and no longer need these parts. I had a "Euro" styled transit connect with european parts, lowering kit, and custom wheels. I got constant compliments on the van. Here are some of the parts that helped with the details. 1. I have a set of European Mondeo door pulls that fit a transit connect. I have a set that is brushed aluminum and a chrome set. $30 per set. New price is $25 per set! 2. I have 2 of the European 3rd brake lights. I had a hard time finding someone that would sell me these! This fills the odd void in the rear door and gives you the euro look. Both SOLD! 3. Early transit connect amber side markers. I think these look much better than the clear lights. $20 for the pair. New price is $15 for the pair! 4. Full size transit (not transit connect) center caps. These do not fit the transit connect wheels but could be made to fit. These cost me $60. $10 for the set.
  14. I had these wheels custom made for my 2010 Transit Connect and they looked awesome! I started with 4 17"x4" Volvo spare wheels, had the centers cut out on a lathe and then had them welded to brand new 17x8" hoops. This was all professionally done by a company called Rally America in California. Then I had them professionally stripped and powdercoated and mounted some Kuhmo Ecsta 225/45/17 tires to them. I have well over $1000 into these wheels. I am asking $650obo for them with tires. I had an error in the original post. The wheels are actually ET40 What they look like now: Photo after I received them back from the wheel builder: Really high quality work here: Not the best photo of them on the van as they were dirty during this photo: