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  1. Pictured is what's left. 1 pair of amber markers, 2 sets of center caps, 1 set of lug covers with removal tool. $30 shipped for it all or let me know what you want.
  2. ***1 SET OF LUG COVERS SOLD*** What's left: both sets of center caps, 20 lug covers (enough for 1 vehicle), and one pair of amber markers
  3. ***SUNSHADE AND ANOTHER SET OF AMBER MARKERS AND ANTENNA SOLD*** What's left: both sets of center caps, all lug covers, and one pair of amber markers
  4. ***TOW HOOK AND 1 SET OF AMBER MARKERS SOLD*** Everything else still available. Message me with what you're interested in, or $50 shipped takes it all
  5. Selling this lot of parts I had on my 2015 and 2017 TC's. Not sure if any of it fits the older Transit Connect's. $50 plus shipping for ALL OF IT. Price is firm. I take Paypal. Not looking to split any of it up. Text: 8452390250 Email: katiethompson610@gmail.com 1) Two sets (8 total) OEM euro Transit Connect black center caps for the steel wheels. I will add photos of how they look installed. Perfect fit and never had them fall off. All in great condition. Part number DT11-1A059-AB or DT1Z1130A or 1843987. 2) Three pairs (6 total) OEM euro amber fender markers / repeaters / indicators / blinkers - whatever you want to call them! These are way better looking than the stock clear ones in my opinion. All include gaskets and are in great condition. I will add photos of how they look installed. Part number 4T16-13K376-AA or V97FB13K309AB or 1353531. 3) One OEM tow hook - part number 6M2Z-17A954-A. Ford doesn't include this when you buy a new TC but they should, there's even a spot for it along side the jack. This is the correct one for the 14-18 TC's. I bought it new and never used it. 4) One Weathertech windshield sunshade - silver on one side to reflect the sun and black on the other to absorb the sun in winter. Model # TS0978 if you want to look up the info on their website. It is made to fit the Transit Connect windshield perfectly. It was $60 new and I think I used it twice. Perfect condition. 5) One OEM euro Volkswagen Polo antenna - part number 6R0035849D or 6R0035849. This antenna is a perfect fit on the TC (same base thread size). It is 8" long and looks way better than the stock antenna. I will add photos of how it looks installed. It has some light nicks but you can't notice at all when installed. Otherwise it's in great condition. 6) 2 black key fob cover protectors, 40 black 19mm aftermarket lug covers (enough for two vehicles) they're a perfect fit, 3 lug cover remover tools. All in great condition. Any questions please ask!
  6. K9transit

    center caps for a 2012

    I got these from the UK...OEM euro Ford center caps for my 2015 and 2017 TC's. Part number DT111A059AB (also known as DT1Z1130A). It's what they use on the steelies in europe. Perfect fit. Not sure about the older TC's. I'm getting rid of them along with the OEM amber fender markers shown in the picture, as well as some other cool Transit stuff
  7. K9transit

    Center caps for steel wheels?

    Sorry to bump this old thread but in case anyone wanted to know, the correct center caps for the steel wheels are DT111A059AB (also known as DT1Z1130A). I have 2 sets and I'm selling them along with OEM Euro amber fender markers and some other things. Will be listing them in the classifieds shortly...
  8. K9transit

    Center caps for steel wheels?

    Thanks windguy! Nah that's not me, pretty cool tho!