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  1. ecir51

    Chopper (motorcycle) hauler

    I'm still working on mine. Clearing out the center console area, relocated the window switches and put a foot emergency brake to get rid of the hand lever. Hoping to have the chock in place this weekend.
  2. Looked the other day too. Had this in the garage that i bought awhile back don't even remember what for. Looks like it will fit just going to have to cut out the face of the false floor. Haven't looked underneath the truck yet but thinking a 1/4 to 3/8 plate on the bottom side would suffice. Just sold my bed slide today that came with my van, that thing was 300lbs. https://harborfreight.com/2500-lb-atvutility-electric-winch-with-wireless-remote-control-61840.html
  3. ecir51

    Chopper (motorcycle) hauler

    Murphys law. hoping you have email notifications on this thread. How hard is it getting bike up ramp?
  4. This and add doors to access the winch with additional storage. Will investigate same since am thinking something similar but haven't pulled my mat up yet since just purchasing van last week. If anything some glove boxes there would be great.
  5. new guy here just purchased 2012 connect yesterday. My insurance agent asked me all kinds of questions, cargo van, personal etc. all of the above as described in previous post above. Immediately figured they was trying to to figure out if van was being used for anything besides personal use. Kept telling them personal use only didn't stop them from trying.