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  1. Murphys law

    Chopper (motorcycle) hauler

    Thanks. I don’t really have any miles with the setup. But just around town it seems very stable.
  2. Murphys law

    Chopper (motorcycle) hauler

  3. Murphys law

    Chopper (motorcycle) hauler

    I bought a 2010 connect a few weeks ago on the intent of going places this coming summer with my chopper. Throw an air mattress in the back at night for “camping”. Few problems I encountered was the cargo area is very short for a full size bike. 72” from back doors to the edge of the cargo platform. My motorcycle is 90” long... I ended up making a plywood platform that puts the wheel chock between the seats. Unfortunately you lose the cup holders. And it’s a little bit of a reach with the bike in there to get to the window switches. The e-break needed to be trimmed around so it sit flush as it could. 2x4s where used under the plywood at the tunnel hump behind the center counsel and the little storage spot in the counsel to support it. A final 2x4 on edge was used to get the angle of the plywood from bowing too much. I used the bolt holes that hold the divider to keep the plywood in place. I can’t take full credit for this idea. I seen PARR moto had a TC with a setup much like it. I actually haven’t measured it since I installed it. But I’m guessing I’m close to 96” from front of the chock to the doors. Anyway I love this little van. Got to use it to transport my bike to a show this weekend. Worked perfect!