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  1. dinocarsfast


    Why do you think the tire was a blowout? Blowouts are rare, this looks like the tire was driven on while it was flat, way to many drivers today are too stupid or too lazy to replace a tire and then they are not repairable like this.
  2. I used to be a Master Tech at a BMW dealership and now I'm an electrical engineer so I'll give it my best guess what happened. It sounds like dealership one poorly diagnosed the problem and the true failure was intermittent. The PCM relay is controlled by the PCM and supplies power to the PMC. I think F32 powers this relay and it will cause weird problems that might point to a defective PCM and if it is a loose connection will be intermittent. I dont think you will have a problem anymore but if you do get rid of as a lemon, 4.5 weeks in a shop is long enough in most states. But if you're happy with it make sure to not take it easy and complain, at BMW we would have made lease or loan payments on a car if it was in a shop for more than a couple weeks
  3. I'm looking for All-Terrain tires and the best option I found so far is Yokohama 205/70r15 98H they are only 4% larger compared to stock. If 15" steel wheels fit over the front brakes does anyone know what vehicle I could get these wheels from used? Or will 215/65r16 98H fit? They are 6.7% taller Or the last option because they do not have the rated weight rating 215/60r16 95H,
  4. dinocarsfast

    spare tire reel 2014 connecr

    I might still have a spare reel if I can find it. My van didnt have a spare tire when I got it and I needed the removable part on the end of the cable that the spare bolts to. I wont be home until mothers day weekend. PM me if you are interested, I will give it away for shipping costs if I can find it.
  5. I wouldnt worry about getting replacement parts. Conversions done by companies like this use generic parts and they are not specific to the vehicle and the conversion company makes fixtures and installs the part. If it has lithium ion batteries I wouldn't worry about needing replacement batteries, if it has lead acid you will probably need to upgrade them within a few years.
  6. what is in this picture? that looks like the low cluster but is that cruise control? I thought cruise control wasn't available with a low cluster
  7. I wish I had seen this before you bought it, I had difficulties using one of these. It wasnt able to upload the secondary boot loader, or something else for the as-built-data data transfer and I ended up getting a OBDLink MX wifi and havent had any problems with it since. https://www.amazon.com/ScanTool-OBDLink-MX-Wi-Fi-Diagnostic/dp/B00OCYXTYY
  8. I'm taller than your son and I didnt have problems sitting in either seat but I hear a lot of shorter people complaining about fitting places because of their height and my reaction is usually try a little harder. But I also cut up the passenger seat bracket and welded in a spinner to turn the seat around during winter camping. It shows you region as "US Great Lakes" I'm in the Milwaukee area if your close I could probably do a quick cut and weld to make it go back further if you still thought you needed to.
  9. dinocarsfast

    CNG transits?

    I have a 2015 transit that was cng but I removed everything, it was the Westport system. I might be willing to sell everything then you could have it installed in a new vehicle as a cheaper alternative if you found an installer that would let you bring your own parts. But I didnt think that a transit conversion would qualify for California HOV plates because it is dual fuel, and to qualify the car must be CNG dedicated fuel only. But what do I know, I live in the midwest
  10. dinocarsfast

    Winter Tire Thread

    I put nokian hakkapelitta 7 with a 60 aspect ratio sidewall I think. They have been good so far. I mostly got them because they had a 100 rebate, figured they would be a few years old but the production date was only 2016 if I recall correctly.
  11. dinocarsfast

    Locking lugnuts....

    I have used things such as these; locking lugnut removal set these tool sets work well, its like a reverse threaded nut that when you spin the socket CCW it tightens down and grips the lugnut or you could try the 12 point socket and hammer it on like this
  12. dinocarsfast

    Diagnostic tool VCM2 clone or similar

    I used a VXC nano, it worked ok, I reprogrammed a BCM and replaced the PCM. I had some errors with changing the car configuration but I think that was because of the IDS version. The version of IDS that I used must be run on VM and couldnt be installed on the host, this was a bit of a problem for me. I also use OBDLink MX with the open source software FORScan. I like FORScan a lot since the developer responds back if you have any problems and newer versions are always being released. Though I dont think you can program control modules with it and I had problems with changing central configuration but I think that will be corrected in the future.
  13. This directory has almost all junkyard listed that keep inventory of stock in North America, I always check here first. Car-part
  14. dinocarsfast

    2017 TC XLT simple camper

    Impressive build, I wish I could have finished mine in a week
  15. You said you programmed the new cluster but did you change the vehicle configuration "as built" in the BCM? I will be doing this next weekend or some time soon so I will let you know how it goes.