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  1. rpk3mp

    Roof-top AC?

    Perhaps. I wonder if maybe it is too heavy.
  2. Three years later, are you still happy with the results?
  3. rpk3mp

    Spoiler on.. add the hitch?

    It is a fair question. Why spend the money on a modification you do not intend to use? Seems wasteful.
  4. rpk3mp

    Spoiler on.. add the hitch?

    Seems weird to install a hitch if you're not planning to tow anything. 🤔
  5. rpk3mp

    2014 Transit Connect Titanium

    I saw a youtube video where someone said they were able to source a passenger swivel seat from Ford. I'm sorry I don't remember which specific video. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. I plan to convert my TC into a micro camper to tour the state parks of Florida. I have seen many builds incorporating a roof-top fan, but I have not seen any evidence of someone installing an air conditioner on the roof of a TC. Does anyone have any thoughts on putting something small, like a Coleman Mach 3 on the roof? I fully intend to connect to shore power when running it.