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  1. Well, I feel sheepish. I would normally delete my post to save myself the shame, but figure maybe someone else will make the same dumb mistake I made. It turns out that I didn't look closely enough, and some of the "dots" on the front bumper that look like sensors are actually "drill here" points. Derp!
  2. Apologies if this has been discussed; did not find any search results. My 2019 TC (purchased new) did not come with any front license plate mounts, and I don't see any logical place for one... I also don't see any license plate brackets for the 2019 TC on the internets. I should note that i have the Titanium trim, so it has all the sensors etc. on the front bumper. Does anyone know something I don't about how/where to mount the front plate? (Yes, my state requires it.)
  3. Just got a sync update to v3.3 - was hoping a fix for this would be included. No such luck.
  4. mgordon

    New 2019 TC Wagon Titanium semi-conversion

    I do have the trailer tow package and a hitch rack already. But that's for other people's bikes. My bikes go inside the van, upright, with both wheels on. First road trip in the books, and it was great though I am excited to sleep in a bed with heat.
  5. mgordon

    New 2019 TC Wagon Titanium semi-conversion

    We just got back! It was a bit cold... Down to 10deg at night. It was manageable with sleeping bags and blankets, though i may need to figure out some sort of ventilation if opening the windows is not an option. The only additional work I have planned is to rig up some sort of bike transport system. I have a lot of bikes! I went and ordered the towing hook - and I did have the funnel, though I was a bit confused about it at first.
  6. mgordon

    New 2019 TC Wagon Titanium semi-conversion

    I wish... When I called, since it was so new they didn't know I owned the car yet, and setting it up over the phone turned out to be way too much of a hassle, so we went with AAA.
  7. Hi all! I recently picked up a 2019 TC Titanium, and did a mini-conversion; basically, just removed all the seats and built a platform/bed for it. So far I really like the car, though it has not exactly been smooth... My starter fuse died on the second day, and the van needed to be towed; and the towing eye was not included in the luggage compartment with the jack, so towing the car took all day. Then my TPMS sensors didn't work, and now I am dealing with the un-disable-able interior alarm, which as a semi-camper is a real problem! And we are just 9 days into ownership. Anyways, here's the interior of the van and we're currently on our first road trip, sleeping in the back with 2 people and 3 dogs and there's just enough room!
  8. I have the same problem in my new 2019 wagon. It really is driving me nuts. The manual still says that it can be disabled, but the option still does not exist. I suppose I will go with the black tape solution but it really is frustrating that the manual is inaccurate. Dealers of course have no idea. I assume you never got anywhere else on this?
  9. mgordon

    Converted 2015 LWB Wagon into a Van

    Thanks very much! I will post there when I'm closer to a finished product. Here's day two:
  10. mgordon

    Converted 2015 LWB Wagon into a Van

    Just thought I'd post to say that with this post as my inspiration, I've just taken home a 2019 Transit Connect Titanium. I was tempted by the cargo van, but I wanted to have the ability to get all the modern safety gizmos (adaptive cruise control, lane assist, etc.) that can't be had on the XLT van, plus the option to sometimes have one or two rear seats will be nice. This van's main purpose will be carrying bikes, 3 dogs, and occasionally sleeping 1-2 people on road trips. Here's day one! I've also removed the 2nd row seats and cut a 47x80 sheet of plywood to serve as a cargo floor. My plan is to make one section of the floor removable so that a 3rd seat can be added sometimes.