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  1. How / What did they do? Any advice for the rest of us who don't have much confidence (or patience) with their dealers?
  2. Not exactly what you asked for, but I just put an awning on mine, and you can get 'walls' for the awnings as well.
  3. mgordon

    New 2019 TC Wagon Titanium semi-conversion

    Just thought I'd post a small update here; some camping accessories. I've made some small changes to the interior as well; making it so that I can add one of the rear seats back in quickly and easily.
  4. @fitmannj Just tagging you in case you didn't see! Happy to answer questions if you have them.
  5. Sorry for the slow response! Those are 1UpUSA Van Trays - https://www.1up-usa.com/product/van-tray/ - plus some Superstrut from Home Depot (and a tiny bit of sawing).
  6. I like your build - looks like we had relatively similar goals but took a different approach. I'm jealous of your doors - I would have much preferred those to the hatch but was limited by availability. I started with a TC LWB Titanium Passenger Van, and removed all the rear seats to build a platform bed. The reason I went that route is that I needed the full cargo height to carry bikes inside the van. However, last week, when we had our 2nd time where carrying a 3rd passenger was needed, I modified it to allow a third seat. It takes about 10 minutes to switch between the full platform bed and having the seat installed.
  7. mgordon

    Help removing rear bumper

    Thanks for the help all! Nothing is ever easy, is it? Thanks for the offer - where are you located? That could be good - but shipping a big heavy chunk of metal could be tough! I had been shying away from the trailer idea mainly due to cost and the fact that I'd have to store it somewhere (I have some room in the shed, but not very much) - but that could end up being a good option as well. And thanks for not teasing me for my tiny motorcycle preferences! I've ridden a handful of bigger bikes over the years, but I honestly love this thing.
  8. mgordon

    Help removing rear bumper

    Thanks all - I'm starting to wonder if this whole project is worth it just to carry a toy around every once in a while!
  9. mgordon

    Help removing rear bumper

    Thanks for your feedback. And yes, the Transit Connect model stayed remarkably consistent all the way through 2919! So you're right, what I need to remove is (apparently!) the bumper cover; not the bumper -- I mean just the exterior plastic bit. The model I'm installing is: https://www.curtmfg.com/part/13167 All I'm carrying is a Honda Grom, which barely weighs over 200lbs. My thinking is that the factory Class II hitch is rated for 200lbs tongue weight, the Class III I purchased is rated for 525 -- I know it's know exactly as simple as that, but I was thinking that if the Factory Class II is so close to the weight of my motorcycle, that the Class III should be OK. In theory the Curt hitch should provide some of the same bumper functionality that the outgoing factory hitch does, right? I'll do some more searching through the forum - thanks!
  10. Hello all, I'm removing my factory trailer hitch on my 2919 TC to install a stronger, class 3 one so I can use a motorcycle carrier. I have all bolts removed and the hitch is loose, but my problem is that in order to slide it out, the rear bumper needs to get out of the way. I've found the 6 torx bolts inside the hatch, but can't figure out what plastic clips or other hardware are still holding it in place... And I'm always wary of breaking those plastic pieces. Can anyone offer any advice for how to get the bumper removed? Thanks!
  11. If anyone happens to see this thread. I'm in the same exact spot, trying to remove my stock hitch so I can install a class 3 one. Where I'm stuck is trying to remove the rear bumper to get it out of the way of the hitch. I'm always worried about breaking the plastic bits that hold those on. And I'm not even sure I've found the right ones! Could anyone post some hints for getting the rear bumper off? I did find the 6 torx bolts inside the hatch. Thanks!
  12. Well, I feel sheepish. I would normally delete my post to save myself the shame, but figure maybe someone else will make the same dumb mistake I made. It turns out that I didn't look closely enough, and some of the "dots" on the front bumper that look like sensors are actually "drill here" points. Derp!
  13. Apologies if this has been discussed; did not find any search results. My 2019 TC (purchased new) did not come with any front license plate mounts, and I don't see any logical place for one... I also don't see any license plate brackets for the 2019 TC on the internets. I should note that i have the Titanium trim, so it has all the sensors etc. on the front bumper. Does anyone know something I don't about how/where to mount the front plate? (Yes, my state requires it.)
  14. Just got a sync update to v3.3 - was hoping a fix for this would be included. No such luck.
  15. mgordon

    New 2019 TC Wagon Titanium semi-conversion

    I do have the trailer tow package and a hitch rack already. But that's for other people's bikes. My bikes go inside the van, upright, with both wheels on. First road trip in the books, and it was great though I am excited to sleep in a bed with heat.