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Found 9 results

  1. So I'm new to the forum after lurking for awhile. Purchased a 2017 TC LWB Wagon Titanium in July and after much consideration of what was available selected the one we purchased that did not include the towing package. I did this mainly after seeing the hitch and a light interface module were available as accessories directly from Ford and figured it was something that could be more easily added unlike some other options like the heated windshield and traffic sensors etc. So after researching here and elsewhere it seems the accessory lighting module sold by Ford is quite different than the factory installed light interface module. I have the official instructions that were posted here and they do seem somewhat onerous to follow exactly. Having to splice the wiring in by soldering seems kind of crazy in this day and age. Also looked at several aftermarket modules (Curt etc) that have there own issues, mostly due to having the module installed on the left side of vehicle instead of the right (where the fuse box actually is). So I may use an aftermarket module for the short term as it is easily removable. I happend to stop by another dealer and looked at a 2016 commercial transit connect LWB that has a factory hitch and took a photo of the factory module and then went to the parts department to see what that part was and if it was available. They are doing some research for me now and I hope to hear from them next week. See attached photo The module has a part number printed on it DT1J-19H378-BD and that seems to cross to this part number(s) shown in second photo DT1Z-19H332-E or DT1Z-19H332-G (depending on production date). Still not sure what wiring is required. What is interesting is that the wiring does not seem to tie to the existing tail light wiring at all is is most likely a module on the CAN bus and gets its trigger signals that way. I wonder if this module also works in Europe where they use many more than 4 pins by default on trailer connectors. I also wonder if this is really required to get the automatic sensing of a trailer be connected to disable the parking and traffic sensors? So my big questions are these: Can the "factory" module be installed with the required wiring to a Transit Connect that did not have them from the factory? Can the "sway control" function be added/enabled regardless of what lighting module is used - Factory - Ford Accessory - Aftermarket ? Does anybody know what parts are required to add the factory setup if it is possible?
  2. Has anyone found a hitch mounted bike carrier (rack) that can swing the bikes out of the way so that the rear cargo doors (not hatch model) can open to at least 90 degrees or preferably the full 180 degrees? Basically, I'd like to get full access to the back without taking the bikes off... any other suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Sam
  3. I’m trying to remove my factory installed hitch... I’ve removed all bolts, see no spot welds... it’s as if it’s stuck on with super glue or something. What am I missing ??? Class II hitch on a LWB Titaniam model. Do I have to remove the rear bumper ? I don’t see anything connecting the hitch and bumper. Appreciate any feedback thx, Tom
  4. Technically it's still on my van, but I will be removing it this week. Great hitch, but my van is lowered and it causes me to scrape a bit on certain driveways. Great condition with the exception of a little scratch on bottom lip of receiver. If you're local just text or call 909-214-7105 Thanks, Mark
  5. I installed a wiring harness a while back (Curt I believe) and I finally hooked a trailer up to it. My passenger side trailer running lights don't work. I checked the trailer wiring and it's good. What am I missing? I do recall it was very difficult to unplug the factory plugs on the passenger side. Nevermind. It was a bad connection at the plug .
  6. Does anyone know if the Ford hitch DT1Z-19D520-A has a 2" receiver?
  7. This is beyond the talk on whether the vehicle can tow or not. I am wondering which Mfg hitch people have on thier Transits. I have found two types - Curt & Hidden hitch/Draw-Tite. I did lump the two together because they are the same under different labels. I am looking ot add one, for the fact that I wouls use it either for bicycles, or items that should not be in a vehicles such as gasoline powered devices. Any feedback welcome - why you choose one over the other, and any likes or dislikes. I am leaning away fromt he Curt unit because it breaks up the tube on the left side with a U shaped flat metal to avoid the tailpipe - but do not know if the HH/DT has an interference problem. If anybody has a HH/DT, and can send pictures that would be great. Thanks - alot of useful infomration on this site.
  8. Bought this for my Transit and when I sold it the buyer didnt want it. Been on the ground on concrete since. Like new. designed only for the transit. Direct bolt on. I pulled a 6x8 open trailer with A/C equipment on it with no problems.120.00 feel free to call or email . itsjustbriz@aol.com or 3866887707