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  1. Has anyone done this? I see 2 screws and a plastic rivet which I can access from the top, but I know there is a "support" behind the bumper...I just don't know if that support is screwed in. If it is, then the bumper cover will need to come off. Hoping someone can shed some light on this. I want to remove my headlights so I can paint the inside housings black (I've done this on many vehicles).
  2. DapperVan

    New Cargo Divider (Discontinued!)

    Hey guys sorry just wanted to let everyone know I still have this, but it's going to be local pickup only. Just too much trouble for me to ship. If you're in SoCal let me know. PM me so I get an email alert.
  3. DapperVan

    2014+ Lowering Springs

    Yeah I might have to ream out the stock thru holes a tad. Hopefully not, but we'll see.
  4. DapperVan

    2014+ Lowering Springs

    Nevermind I finally found the specs. 12mm in case anyone is curious. Will use 1/2" bolts with the MA817's. Should be perfect.
  5. DapperVan

    2014+ Lowering Springs

    Hijacking my own thread to ask...does anyone know the rear shock bolt diameter? I'm looking to put Monroe MA817 air shocks out back. They have a 1/2" sleeve ID. I measured the thread sticking out of the stock shocks and it appears 1/2" but I want to be sure. All aftermarket shocks for our van on RockAuto have larger sleeves, but guessing they use reducers. Love my lowered van, but the back end bottoms out when fully loaded with junk in the trunk.
  6. DapperVan

    New Cargo Divider (Discontinued!)

    Cool yeah. I'm camping right now but when get back I'll figure out cheapest shipping option. PM me your zip code.
  7. DapperVan

    New Cargo Divider (Discontinued!)

    Does anyone want this before I throw it in the trash? It's brand new never used. Local pickup preferred.
  8. DapperVan

    Brake Caliper Covers

    I use the yellow covers on my TC. They look great and are super easy to clean.
  9. I think I found it. Part number appears to be Ford 519A58 and it's $491.92. It's hard to tell what, if any, other hardware you'll need to order and who knows how the heck to install the thing, but I'm hoping we find ourselves a guinea pig
  10. DapperVan

    Curt Hitch for 2014+ $60 SoCal

  11. DapperVan

    Curt Hitch for 2014+ $60 SoCal

    Hitch and associated hardware is off my van and ready to pick up. Come and get it.
  12. Technically it's still on my van, but I will be removing it this week. Great hitch, but my van is lowered and it causes me to scrape a bit on certain driveways. Great condition with the exception of a little scratch on bottom lip of receiver. If you're local just text or call 909-214-7105 Thanks, Mark
  13. DapperVan

    New Cargo Divider (Discontinued!)

    It's for either model that has the clips in the ceiling. It goes behind the 2nd row.
  14. Ford doesn't offer this in their accessory catalog anymore and the only places still stocking them want $400! Anyways, I'm selling this for $250 or best offer on eBay, but will sell to a member for $200. PM me if you want it. Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.com/itm/282670433144