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  1. s5pitfire

    Power adders for 2.5L

    Thanks guys. After looking around, anything short of a crazy ST motor swap will be futile It looks like any money I spend on the TC will be audio and appearance (wheels, tint)
  2. Thanks guys. I'll definitely have it done professionally rather than using my TC as a learning course. 25% front is the darkest legal tint allowed in my state, rear windows can have limo tint if it's an SUV or van... sedans are limited to 25% I think 35% tint for the front will be just right. I rarely drive at night... especially during winter months.
  3. After some research on this forum, i've found that there is not much you can do to increase power output short of going forced induction. I realize this is a cargo/utility and passenger van where few would want more power, but coming from a supercharged mustang GT and track-ready mazda miata, I at least want to do some research. Even just a handheld tuner and tune on the miata would net you 10whp, but at a pricey $500. Additional gains were to be found in aftermarket header after a tune. If I do install any performance modifications, it will be after my powertrain warranty is up. Fortunately, this is a large 4 cylinder and thus has decent hp and torque already. Link: Other vehicles that use the 2.5L DOHC Duratec motor Looks like I'll be browsing the Ford Fusion forums for relevant information. If anyone is interested, I'll relay my findings here.
  4. Hi, Looking to do a lighter (30 or 35%) tint on the front door windows. I did a search on Google and this forum. Asking in particular about the 2014 and newer wagon model sliding and rear windows. Thanks
  5. Thanks to all for the valuable information in this topic. It looks like the Street Cat LED brand has been discontinued, or no longer available on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=h11+led+headlight+bulb&sprefix=h11+&ref=nb_sb_ss_i_1_4 So many options.. Im thinking about getting the Beamtech 4000 lm 6500k LED conversion kit. It has no fan "that is prone to failure", but rather a heatsink. Amazon says it fits the 2016 TC, and is at an excellent price. I like the 6500 color due to having a slight hint of blue (more so than 6k) and isn't blinding like the 8k LED. Cougar Motors LED kit looks nice as well.
  6. s5pitfire

    2014+ Lowering Springs

    @Project bike truck Those Focus ST wheels look great on the TC. I may try to look for a used set on eBay rather than go aftermarket. MYC has the perfect drop. Eibach only drops 1" in the rear. Those who lowered with MYC MK2 springs, did you also install the GAZ MK2 shock absorbers that they recommend? Don't want to buy what I don't need, as I dont haul much besides a light road bike or a couple of people
  7. s5pitfire

    How to follow a topic?

    @Fifty150 Thanks much!
  8. s5pitfire

    How to follow a topic?

    Hi, I am using an android phone (google chrome) and cannot figure out how to follow a topic and im fairly internet/forum savvy. Thanks
  9. s5pitfire

    Interior rattle sounds

    @davidparker Thanks. Hard to imagine its the actual door due to the nature if the sound. Very slight plastic rattle sound. Maybe try to drive in my privaye acerage with the sliding door open to see. Side note: Unfortunately the 3 year 36k BTB warranty is not eligible, but I'm hoping the Chevy dealership I bought it from can fix the seat issue as promised. If not I'll be calling the ford dealership. The TSB is for the 60/40 seat setup but its close enough (I have the 2 bucket set up)
  10. s5pitfire

    Interior rattle sounds

    Thanks. I'll search again Edit: found the 'stuck seat' topic with TSB:
  11. s5pitfire

    Interior rattle sounds

    Greetings, I recently purchased a 2016 TC XLT passenger with 32k miles in excellent condition besides 3 minor interior issues that maybe some of you have experienced and solved. There is a faint rattling sound that sounds like it's a loose piece of plastic (missing a bolt or fastener?) inside or on the pillar that the top of the seatbelt is mounted to. Makes sound over any bump or textured pavement, driver's side. Location wise, it sounds like it's the actual seatbelt mount. I adjusted it upward and downward. While driving, I try to rest my left hand on the various pieces of plastic on the pillar, the front part of the drivers side sliding door, and on the driver's door to see if stops. The rattle persists with the sliding door and driver's door windows rolled all the way down so it cant be glass rubbing on the rubber seal liners. The 2015 TC XLT passenger with 75k miles (was in good condition) had the same rattling sound coming from the same location. Also, the passenger fold-down sun visor rattles when it is up and in the closed position, so I drive around with it 40% opened to alleviate the sound. The new 2020 cargo I drove had neither of these rattles. [snip] Thank you for any suggestions or solutions provided!
  12. s5pitfire

    New Member

    Thats amazing! Probably cost a pretty penny for them to convert. May I ask how much you paid? I knew people convert these cargo vans but didn't know so much could be installed/fit into a TC. Limo tint sounds nice, even for a non-conversion. I'm guessing there's no way to have a small air conditioning unit for the summer, it reaches over 105* here in OK... A rooftop fan would only alleviate some of the heat?
  13. s5pitfire

    From Mazda Miata to Transit

    @PhotoAl thanks for the details. I was lowered about 1.75" on the coilovers and ended up having to "roll" the inside edge of my fenders so that the tires wouldn't rub the 235 wide tires I had on (some folks fit up to 255 wide on the 2016+ Miata!). Required a heat gun, laser thermometer, and Eastwood fender roller. I heard of horror stories from Miata race shops like Flyin Miata or Goodwin Racing with fenders ripping off or tires shredding right on the track due to rubbing. One salesman joked that I could fit the Mazda in the TC 😄 I have a road bicycle that I can finally ride again now thanks to the TC! I may even take all seats out besides just 1 behind the driver's row for more room, depending on Uber's policies. The TC definitely handles great for a van, only ~3500 lb curb weight, I pushed it hard yesterday on a circular curve on the highway exit that my Miata would eat for lunch. I'm sure some wider summer tires/wheels wouldn't hurt! Maybe 255 all around... The 215 stock tires are a bit skinny. Really like this 2016 color and wheel combo:
  14. s5pitfire

    From Mazda Miata to Transit

    Thanks guys. @davidparker Thanks. I love the flashy red. Only other ones around here was one black and a bunch of white. Ideally I keep it bone stock.. I had a supercharged 07 mustang GT (with fat tires and a host of other mods) before I had my Miata. The mod bug gets me easily. But... Once I start making money again I dont doubt I'll at least want wheels and maybe a subwoofer for my Transit. To me it carries a Japanese or European style (shape and size) and would look really good a bit lower with some wheels. If I plan to drive it for 10+ years I'll be modding. @Beta Don Nice to see another Miata person here. R package was rare. I even wanted an 04 Mazdaspeed as a second Miata at one point. Maybe in 10 years I'll have the itch for a sports car, but sure is nice to get something usable.
  15. s5pitfire

    From Mazda Miata to Transit

    Hi, I'm a 30 year old guy who just sold his 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata (2 seater roadster convertible) that had lots of mods like coilover suspension, engine header, wheels, etc. You can barely fit a passenger in it.. It was a fun daily driver that I tracked a few times. Yesterday I bought a 2016 Transit Connect XLT and I absolutely love the van. 32k miles for $16k. It's nimble, light (for a van), but could use another 20-30 horsepower especially if it's full of passengers. I managed 32 mpg highway on the way home! I can now actually move stuff, like if I move [homes], buy a bigger tv, etc. Also I can now travel and use it as my camper in the future. I plan to remove at least the farthest two rear seats for more space. My fiance has 2 small children and wants to have another. Oh, and I'm job searching and if I cannot find a job in my field in the next few weeks, I'll become an Uber and Lyft driver to make some side money thanks to the Transit. Thanks! (Me on the left)