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  1. JJ Honeycutt

    DIY Bulkhead

    Wow, thanks for the advice! I've never even considered a vent/fan before and now you have my wheels spinning. I wish the bulkheads werent so dang spendy ($700 for that Adrian Steel partition). Probably my main motivation for trying a DIY option. Thanks!
  2. JJ Honeycutt

    DIY Bulkhead

    Has anyone built their own partition (bulkhead) in their van? I think I want to build my own, or have someone do it for me, after I seeing a couple photos online of folks doing the same. Any recommendations on materials and dimensions? I'm looking to seal off the back of my 2015 Cargo LWB as tight as possible to reduce as much sound and smell as I can (I carry touchup paint in the back and the fumes can sometimes get a little much).
  3. JJ Honeycutt

    Bra for 2015 TC

    Ceramic coating or 3M film.
  4. JJ Honeycutt

    Aftermarket Speaker question

    Thank you for the advice. Sorry if I missed the threads about this... I swear I did plenty of searches. Anyhow, I finally was able to figure out the mounting bracket that Crutchfield gave me with my 6.5" Rockfords and I decided to clip the harness (even though Metra emailed me the correct item# 72-5602). Also, I added some dynamat to the door but I read that only covering 25-40% of the inside of your door gives you the best results. Not sure what the reasoning is behind that. But I put about a piece above the door brace and one below. I watched plenty of soldering videos and I think I am ready to go. I'll give it a shot today. Thanks again.
  5. JJ Honeycutt

    Aftermarket Speaker question

    Also, I see there is a small section of a Dynamat-like sound deadener in the door. Not much enough to be worth anything. Does anyone recommend that I add some Dynamat (or other brand) to the inside while I have the door panels off already?
  6. I am trying to upgrading the door speakers in my 2015 TC Cargo and am wondering if there is a wiring harness out there that would make my life easier connecting these Rockford Fosgates? I see there is one for the 2010-12 from Metra (72-5600) but Crutchfield says they will not work on the newer models of TC. Having zero electronic experience I'd rather not cut this harness if I don't have to. Any suggestions?
  7. JJ Honeycutt

    Welcome, gmdband

    This is making me think twice about a stereo upgrade.
  8. JJ Honeycutt

    Welcome, JJ Honeycutt

    Thank you! Glad to be a part of this forum.
  9. JJ Honeycutt

    2015 TC Cargo LWB

    Images of my 2015 Transit Connect