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  1. Peabody

    New member - doing 2013 order

    The problem with mine was in the highest speed position. Turning it to that postion, the fan stopped. At time you could "jiggle" the knob to get it to work, but as soon as you let go, the fan stopped.
  2. Peabody

    Sliding side doors - open position

    Thanks for the reply. I think that is the reason I got the "new feature" of the door stop, so people have it easier to close the door from the inside.
  3. Peabody

    Fuel Filler Door / Sliding Door Stop

    Rather than begin a new topic, thought I would place my post here. On my new TC, I noticed after opening the fuel door, that the plastic that holds the latch assembly in the fuel door, was cracked in several places, where the nibs on the latch assembly press out. I was wondering if others have these cracks. Being new, could be a royal pain to get fixed and have things right in the end (matching paint, other things broken while fixing small problem, etc)
  4. Peabody

    Sliding side doors - open position

    Not sure when they started it, but all new 255 degree doors I have seen have a big bumper screwed to the rear of the sliding doors, and it is designed to hit the resar door first, no matter which is opened first or how far. The only reason I can see for the stop is so that the stamped finger grips (four bumps in the inside side of the window frame in sliding doors) are readily accessable and not hidden to rear passengers that are seated, so they are used and not the plastic door handle that moves and used to open the door. On your wagon, I bet when the sliding doors are all the way open, you can not see those finger bumps. Did you even realize they were there?
  5. Peabody

    Air bags for rear suspension

    Okay, I ordered the Air-Lift, and will soon will order the Ride-Rite. I did get the instructions for the RR, and found they fit right on the frame and right over the axle. There is no drilling needed (the Air lift has two hole on each frame to hold the upper bracket). For the RR you remove the "jounce bumpers" from the vehicle, the air bags go in their place. Why did I get both - many reasons from cost to functionality. The two systems are different, and each has pros & cons. I am leaning towards the RR, but for the specs on the bags, they have 6.5 inch clerance, and on the right side of the Transit you have the fuel filler lines close by, so only test fit will see if they will work. I will be working over the Memorial day weekend on this project, so will have updates after. As far as controls for the airbags, I have not choosen one yet. Still looking for what is out there. My hope is to get a digital system that has height sensors also, so it will be easier to level the vehicle side to side. For now it looks like a separate air pump and the schader valve that come with each system.
  6. Peabody

    New member - doing 2013 order

    Well - I finally got it! May 4, 150 days, almost 5 months from when I ordered it. The day it arrived, I had driven through the parking, (as I had done the every day for the previous two weeks) and saw it sitting in a slot, just off the car hauler. I went inside to find my sales person, and she was busy for a while. I looked over the vehicle, found one small stone dent, then back inside. My salesperson called me over to where she was with another gentlemen on a computer - "we are just trying to locate your vehicle" said she, I responded with "It sitting right out back" they both looked in disbelief. I shook my head and said "not kidding", where he raised his hands from the keyboard and stated "I guess my job finding it is done". She said " well lets go out and take a look" Kinda a weird feeling when you know know more of where you vehicle is than the salesperson. Later that day, coming back to see actually when I could pick it up, I was told someone already wanted to purchase it. When I went to pick it up, there was another one right next to it, same Midnight Blue, but a Premium Wagon. Found out they waited even longer for theirs. Mine will be going in for the first time tomorrow to replace the fan speeds switch.
  7. Hello, Just got my 2013, five months after I ordered it. Something I noticed with the opening of my sliding side doors, they are limited to less than full opening. As far as I know this is the only one I have seen that does this. Wondering if anybody else's doors are limited? - or if it is some "feature on new vehicles", to make it easier to close the sliding doors for back seat occupants. Yes it is a XLT wagon (non-premium) 2013 - #149156 To describe how they are limited - there is a bumper in the rear mid level track, positioned approximatley 5 inches from the rear of the track. As well there is a bumper on the lower track, and the spring keeper (the thing that holds the door open) is positioned foward a little more than others. I do have 255 degree doors, but see another 2013 with 255 doors that do not have this limit, but it is a van (not wagon) All pictures I have seen in brochures and web, do not have this bumper showing. So the question is - do other Wagon owners have these limits on the sliding doors? If you ask if this limit can be removed, I thought about it, but slim chance. The bumper on the lower track is attached to a welded on piece inside the track, so any modification will leave bare metal, and rust will overtake it. Seems to me the lower track is totally different than normal. I hope to post some pictures when I can. Thanks -
  8. Peabody

    Parts for sale

    I woiuld be interested in the hubs & mirrors. Cannot send private message yet.
  9. Peabody

    New member - doing 2013 order

    Just got word that my Connect is on land, and headed my way. A little over 4 months from when I ordered it. When I ordered it, I figured it would take between 4 & 5 months, and that is pretty accurate. Getting excited.
  10. This is beyond the talk on whether the vehicle can tow or not. I am wondering which Mfg hitch people have on thier Transits. I have found two types - Curt & Hidden hitch/Draw-Tite. I did lump the two together because they are the same under different labels. I am looking ot add one, for the fact that I wouls use it either for bicycles, or items that should not be in a vehicles such as gasoline powered devices. Any feedback welcome - why you choose one over the other, and any likes or dislikes. I am leaning away fromt he Curt unit because it breaks up the tube on the left side with a U shaped flat metal to avoid the tailpipe - but do not know if the HH/DT has an interference problem. If anybody has a HH/DT, and can send pictures that would be great. Thanks - alot of useful infomration on this site.
  11. I am asking if anybody has option, suggestions, or experience with adding air bag lift kit on the rear suspension. I found there are two out there - Ride-Rite & Air-Lift. (RR & AL) They are slightly different -AL mounts with screws directly to frame right infront of the axle, and the RR appears to be added to the side of the frame right above the axle. I say RR appears, because I cannot find instruction manual for them. AL has good infomation online, with detailed instructions available. Somewhere I read for the RR "tailpipe modification/moving" was mentioned, and this seems correct if they are mounted on the inside side of frame - the left tone would be very close to the exhaust. I do like the fact the RR are right on the axle. I am leaning towards the AL, just because it gets away from the heat of the exhaust, even thoug it doesnot put the help right on the axle, and the help still has to go through part of the leafspring. My reason for adding is that I sometimes haul some heavy items, and would rather have the help in the rear for those times. I have a focus wagon, and have had the rear bumper lower by nearly 5 inches, with some loads.
  12. Sorry I posted this in the wrong area. can be taken off by moderator.
  13. Peabody

    New member - doing 2013 order

    Sorry I could not help with the modified wiring harness, I am still waiting for my vehicle to arrive. I ordered it on Dec5, and just got word last week it was on it's cruise ship. I figured the information would not be coming with the vehicle, so did the research you are now going through.
  14. Peabody

    New member - doing 2013 order

    Hello, I have been looking at the Connect since it has been available here. I was going to wait to order (building up $s) until I found the new 2014 coming out, which changes the concept. So now I plan to order the 2013 version. I have specific questions that I cannot find answers to. Electric heated windsheild - exactly what is this? From information I have gleaned, this is a separate layer in the windshield that electrically heats the window. I found posting that this is not a good option - replacements are impossible to find, layers separate, looks foggy inititally. But hten it is good because it acts sort of a heat shield for sunlight - does any body have details and experience. Modified wiring harness - exactly what is this. Information I find is misleading - Is this the "taxi" option that puts a hole in the roof, or is it additional wires between under hood and interior, or both. Brocure says this is avilable for all models (not just taxi) Other information - what is a good start on pricing haggling? I know, being import, there probably is not a high mark-up, and being a nich vehicle, there does not seem to be incentives for ordering. p.s. why i dislike 2014 - no information on it yet (gargo area, dimensions) - time is running out. lower heiight. looks chsanged to sell more to public likes (suv look) Thanks for any input. Paul