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  1. robertlane

    Possible first time owner

    Caught one more spammer on the back end today.
  2. robertlane

    Site keeps logging me out

    I can reset each of you above's permissions and see if that works. If you'd like for me to try this PM me and I'll give you a new password in advance so that you don't get locked out.
  3. robertlane

    Site keeps logging me out

    PS / I have to make some more changes today and tomorrow, but I didn't want to keep the site down so I will do those at night
  4. robertlane

    Site keeps logging me out

    This update was supposed to fix a lot of bugs....hopefully this is one of them!
  5. We upgraded the site today to the latest version offered by the softer maker. It seems to be slightly faster.
  6. robertlane

    Site keeps logging me out

    See if this latest update that was done today helps.
  7. New Content View Customization While you can view new content by clicking on the "New Content" link in the menu / navigation bar, you can also create custom content streams to better tailor what new content you want to see. 1. Hover over the "New Content" tab in the navigation bar toward to top of the page. 2. Click on the "My Activity Streams" link. 3. Click on the "Create New Stream Tab. 4. Type in the name of the stream that you wish to create. 5. Choose your content. 6. Click "Save Changes" and you're done! Note that you can set the sorting, and choose what specific forum, gallery content, etc. that you wish in your stream(s) by clicking on the gear icon.
  8. robertlane

    Ford Transit Connect Forum - Moved to Dedicated Server!

    Some graphics are still transferring over from the old server.
  9. robertlane


  10. We've been testing the logout problems and believe that we have found the root caused and fixed it. If you're still having problems, try clearing your web browser's cache / history. If that doesn't work, please let us know by replying here or contacting us. Going forward, we are going to have to move this site to a dedicated server. A new feature that was added today was the leaderboard, which can be found here - there's also a link on the main header/nav menu. @BSUPC is a new moderator . If you'd like to help moderator this site, please contact one of us.
  11. robertlane

    Site keeps logging me out

    I think that you wrote me to be a moderator? I will get this done and if anyone else would like to help, that would be great as moderators make the community - period.
  12. robertlane

    Site keeps logging me out

    I think that I have found the root issue here and it appears to be a server caching issue. The solution going forward is to move this site to a dedicate server, which I will try to do soon. If you're still having this issue, PLEASE reply here to drop me a note.
  13. This new section is for Transit Connect member custom builds. Feel free to open a topic and show off what you've done to your Transit Connect!
  14. robertlane

    2016 Ford Focus ST wheels.

    I use(d) one like religion - see below. For some reason, mine isn't getting power any longer. I'm going to have to get a new cable or a new unit tomorrow.
  15. robertlane

    Leaking windows

    Does anyone else have this problem? I haven't seen other reports besides this one.