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  1. Precisionair

    Traction control button

    Installed this switch to interrupt power to traction control module located under console... Works great, but warning light remains lit in instrument cluster until restart
  2. If it's a 2013, 12, 11, or 10, the whole housing pops off it's base. The lens does not come off.
  3. Precisionair

    Tailer made front seat covers

    Your welcome windguy! And yes '13, they come with a matching sleeve for the arm rest, and they do indeed have seat back pockets... Your going to love the way they look...
  4. Precisionair

    Tailer made front seat covers

    Doesnt make me sweat if that's what you want to know... Same material that wet suits are made from... It's a soft fabric... Had mine 15 months now and still look new...
  5. Precisionair

    Tailer made front seat covers

    Yes, try " CoverKing ". I have a set of their custom blue/black neoprene seat covers in my 2013 TC... Fit like a glove... Worth every penny. Regards, Woody
  6. Precisionair

    Fan knob

    Pull enough amps through a loose connection or terminal and they will overheat and burn.
  7. Precisionair

    Fan knob

    Your Transit doesn't come with a cabin filter, but does have a place to install one. It's located below the passenger side wiper cowl. With the hood up, remove the screws securing that part of the cowl and remove. Remove the plastic square hole grate that covers the filter bay. Install filter & either keep or discard the grate, as it will not re-install with filter in place. Fram makes one that's a carbon hybrid for odor control... Part # CF9118A
  8. Precisionair

    Fan knob

    The blower motor only has a single speed winding, which is high speed. In order to get slower speeds out of it, a resistor bridge is used, which reduces the current to the motor - and slowing it down... Sounds like you lost this resistor pack, which is located under the passenger side dash.
  9. Precisionair

    cam-belt replacement

    It has a timing chain... Not a timing belt... I think it was in '07 when the 2.0 engine evolved to a timing chain... With quality oil and good oil change intervals, those chains can last into the 200K mile zone... (:
  10. I might add that the power mirrors are plug and play... No mods necessary to the factory wiring / plugs..... Expect a two week shipping time, and you can use PayPal if you want. PayPal does the $ conversion for you... Regards, Woody
  11. I like them... Bigger mirror bigger view, but the bottom convex mirror is NOT adjustable, but they are on my superduty... Worth every penny when safety is a concern.
  12. Precisionair

    Chevy takes a hand

    When I looked at it, the sounds of two ***** arguing plays in my head..
  13. Precisionair

    How to Replace a Gas Filler DOOR???

    Your welcome.... Anytime...
  14. Precisionair

    How to Replace a Gas Filler DOOR???

    Send me your email address to: Precisionair1@gmail.com
  15. Precisionair

    How to Replace a Gas Filler DOOR???

    I have a shop manual (not a body manual) that I can check when I get home.. If I find anything useful, I'll post it. Regards