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  1. Yangmoua2

    Motor mounts?

    Recently my vans been vibrating a lot in the first three gears as I accelerate once on the freeway I don't seem to notice it.. Was told by service advisor when I got my oil change motor mount could be the problem from the vibrations.. Is this something I can replace on my own or should I take it to the shop? And how long does it take for the shop to repair? Cost? Thank you
  2. Yangmoua2

    Fan knob

    Yes the connector plug that connects to the resistor is burned on one terminal all the plastic around it has melted. Blower motor works fine at full blast ..old resistor has a burned terminal.. The switch seems fine when replacing the old plug with new one will I need to splice the wire? Or is it a harness that connects directly from switch to resistor?
  3. Yangmoua2

    Fan knob

    Btw the connector is burned will cost near 60 dollars u.s. is this something I can do at home? Looks complicating
  4. Yangmoua2

    Fan knob

    Well that didn't last long the resistor went out again .. Do u think it's time to replace blower motor? I don't want to keep replacing resistors even though they say it has a life time warranty my guess is the warranty won't cover it burning out like this
  5. Yangmoua2

    Fan knob

    Yes flaps work fine will have to check that pollen filter.. Thanks!
  6. Yangmoua2

    Fan knob

    Wow did it with a Phillips screw driver... Easy location dash removal wasn't needed...IT WORKS!! Problem solved old one had burned connections.. Is it suppose to get hot? I plugged it in turned on fan everything worked fine except new resistor got really hot really fast, is this normal?
  7. Yangmoua2

    Fan knob

    Ok update I called service department explained to him how I believe it could be my blower resistor and asked for estimate on cost to replace.l service advisor didn't give me a price but suggested replacing blower motor with resistor.. Well I purchased blower resistor BWD part number RU1120.. Will I need any special tools? Do I need to remove the dash? Any links to a step by step process or can anyone share a little time in this I would greatly appreciate your help
  8. Yangmoua2

    Fan knob

    Yesterday it started working again for half the day then cut back off.. Underneath the passenger dash I will have to take a look although I'm not sure what I will be looking for.. And might be a dumb question but is there a pollen filter on a 2010 transit xlt? Is this behind the passenger glove box?
  9. Yangmoua2

    Fan knob

    A few days ago I was driving with the fan going just fine than suddenly the fan just stopped working in stage one two and three.. When i turn the nob all the way to full blast at setting four it works.. I am concerned it may be blower motor I checked all the fuse and they seem to be fine with light tester... Could it be a relay or do you think this is the switch? Thankyou...