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  1. billet_@bellsouth.net

    2019 transit connect - no backup sound?

    I just bought a 20 and was surprised (and disappointed) to find that I didn't have the sensors either.
  2. billet_@bellsouth.net

    2019 LWB rear springs

    I've been in contact with MYC in the UK about their spring kit for a 2020 Connect. Out of stock until 2nd week of August. I'm toying with the idea of bagging this thing. It's just way too high.
  3. billet_@bellsouth.net

    Installing an RV roof vent/fan

    I'm planning on doing a vent, but mine is a cargo van. Seeing the roof rib is not an issue.
  4. billet_@bellsouth.net

    Rearview mirror camera

    Pretty sure you'd have to add a camera. That's what I did to my full size Transit. It came with the stupid rearview in the mirror. Problem is that it was so small it was dificult for me to see. I added a camera mounted on the 3rd brake light that was always on. I plan on going the same thing with my TC. Since I don't have back glass I like to be able to see whats going on behind me. I had hoped there was some hack available that would allow the OEM camera to remain on, but apparently there isn't, so I'll do my own. Thumbs.db
  5. Only 930 miles on them. Pickup only. 375.00 for all four! No TPM's. I'm in Vero Beach, FL
  6. billet_@bellsouth.net

    2014+ Lowering Springs

    That is exactly the ride height I'm looking for. Just installed 18's last week on my '20 Connect, and the rear is begging to be dropped!
  7. billet_@bellsouth.net

    2020 TC Cargo Sync 3 Touch audio upgrade

    Thanks for this, but it's beyond my scope, LOL. I'm going to stick with my plan and have already scheduled an appointment at an installer's shop for this thursday. I'll post how things work out.
  8. billet_@bellsouth.net

    2020 TC Cargo Sync 3 Touch audio upgrade

    I'm thinking about the same thing with my 20. Problem with adding rear speakers it that the head unit was never designed for them. In other words you would never be able to balance between front and rear. I'm thinking of adding a small amp and use it's volume control to do the balancing.
  9. billet_@bellsouth.net

    New 2020 owner

    Pick up the new 2020 cargo van this weekend. Looking for lowering and wheel selection tips from anyone that can help.