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  1. billet_@bellsouth.net

    New FTC/Van owner

    One of the very first things I did was to add an "always on" rear cam. I don't care for the mirror cam's since my full size Transit came with one and I found it to be too small an image. I added a 10" monitor and mounted the camera on the roof and it works great!
  2. I did the same with my '20 Cargo van, with the addition of 3M Thinsulate in all of the walls, doors and ceiling. Couch unflods into a full size bed.
  3. billet_@bellsouth.net

    What snow tires y'alls running 2010-2013

    Ahhhhh, one of the joys of living where it doesn't snow!
  4. I planned on tapping into either of the 2 fuse boxes on my '20 cargo van until I looked into them. Just taking the top cover off the engine fuse box was a pain, but after looking at the inside I decided that wasn't the way to go. I ended up putting a fused line directly to the battery, leading to a toggle switch for my front DRL's.
  5. billet_@bellsouth.net

    What are you paying for Insurance coverage?

    2020 Cargo. I'm paying 68.00 mo with Geico for full coverage. Fl insurance rates are high.
  6. billet_@bellsouth.net

    Max fan install location 2020 LWB connect wagon

    I installed the MaxxAir and didn't use that. Instead, I cut 2 14" long strips of 1/4" ABS to run lengthwise in the gutter and 2 2" pieces the the center in the front and rear. They leveled the roof perfectly. Sealant on the top and bottom completed the job, and it's totally leak free.
  7. billet_@bellsouth.net

    12volt and 110V plugs in 2021 TC

    I thought about powering my always-on rear cam but didn't trust the outlets powering down. You can tap into 12v keyed power inside the clamshell on the windshield.
  8. billet_@bellsouth.net

    Adding rear speakers worth it?

    The rear speakers and subwoofer are connected and driven by a separate amp that is connected to the factory unit. I had a local stereo shop tap into the radio and then I did the rest.
  9. billet_@bellsouth.net

    Adding rear speakers worth it?

    I have a '20 cargo van. There are no rear speaker wires, at least not to the rear doors. Maybe there are some behind the side plastic panels. I ran my own wires to the back to the doors, but found the because the depth is so shallow the speakers would have to be spaced out about 1 1/2". I ended up putting 6" x 9"s in my cabinets facing forward and an 8" sub on the bottom. Sounds great!
  10. billet_@bellsouth.net

    Simple bed

    Here's mine. I bought this chair that unfolds into a 6" thick full size bed on Amazon. I didn't want a raised platform due to the low roof height so I installed two 12" x 12" x 30" cabinets on both walls for some inside storage. Also insulated all walls and ceiling with 3M Thinsulate and paneled them using Coroplast with trunk lining carpet. Did the floor with vinyl planks.
  11. billet_@bellsouth.net

    Some of the things I've done on my 20 cargo van

    Hard to get a good pic, but I modified the pivoting mount that came with the monitor, and mounted it to an aluminum plate which was the attached to the "clamshell", which is where I found key on power. The camera is mounted on the 3rd brake light.
  12. billet_@bellsouth.net

    Citroën Berlingo

    I don't like it at all!
  13. billet_@bellsouth.net

    Some of the things I've done on my 20 cargo van

    I've switched back and forth to no avail. Still just one channel. No big deal.
  14. I pretty much consider it useless.