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  1. Thanks for the pics. Mine is also a LWB, so lt looks like I can go by your pics. The fan would be right above the storage/area.I’m good with that, since the fan housing ( being foward) would give more room for things or a shorter roof cargo box on my roof rack.
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    Pig in a cooler

    Pretty partial to Post oak wood myself. Have my neighbors slobbering when I have my pit going all day ! Pork ribs and/ or Brisket slow cooked/ smoked , Maybe some Sausage. Yum !
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    What do you do when ...

    I used to work for a couple of Ford dealer for many many yrs. On some vehicles maintenance Items are a little harder than others. These Transit Connects are pretty straight foward. The maint is fairly simple. Oil/filter changes almost too simple. Trans fluid change not too bad. Brakes very easy. Get some basic metric tools, maybe a floor jack and jack stands and some drive up ramps. Read/learn from a Ford or other repair manual or online. What scares most people is all the electronics. I am no where computer savy as many-but I can read a code reader. A good one is best. Should you have any drivability problems , just fix it. You can trust the codes it displays ( as opposed to the early/mid 1980s when Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, FI and processor controls came to be-lots of errors). If doing the work yourself is not an option, then you may wish to stay with the purchasing dealer-if your treated fairly and repairs are done right the first time. Otherwise find an independent that has been around a while servicing/repairing vehicles . These are usually the busiest garages ,lots of their business from repeat business and/or has come by word of mouth.
  4. Hello . I have a 2020 Connect wagon LWB 6 seater. This will become a camping/ travel vehicle. My question. I have seen where some have installed a Max air or other vent/fan (14” x 14”) hole thru the roof at/close to the rear. Has anyone installed one of these fans farther up/foward, like right in the area /above the overhead storage area ( kinda). Also , are there any specs/drawings /dimensions that show where a cross over support welded to the he roof is. ( I will not cut through a support/cross member). And I don’t want to cut into the headliner material untill I’m sure what It what.