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  1. rodent 66

    Rear Sensor alert tone

    I hadn’t tried the simple 4-pin tester like Mr. Ridley posted in my 2020 TC yet, but on my sons 2018 when you plug this type tester in it not only disables the sensors, it also blocks the engine off feature at stops.
  2. I see there are a lot of choices out there for units that are separate, all-in-one converters/chargers etc. what I need is -when I’m plugged into shore power (120vac) I will need to run my 120v appliances, 12vdc fan, etc plus charge the accessory battery, the main vehicle start battery and have breakers/fuses for each side (120vac /12vdc). Any personal suggestions on brands/types, etc info will be appreciated. I want to have (30 amp main) feeding a 15 and two 10 amp breakers for 120vac and a variety of 12vdc fuses 20,10,7.5,5,2 amp. What to use, what not to use. No solar will be used. Thanks.
  3. Thanks. I really couldn’t understand why Ford was so adamant about this. Of course they don’t want me to install in the first place. They don’t want anyone to do anything to the vehicle. Typical I guess. I’ve had good life out of batteries on my motorhome, motorcycles, and front end loader keeping them on smart chargers.
  4. I have seen the Ford keypads that you install( self adhesive) on the drivers door ( typically) that you enter a programmed number to lock/unlock vehicle. Are these easily programmed to operate on a 2020 Connect. My fob works great, would just like to have the option to unlock/lock to get something out of the van without going back in the house after my keys. Thanks for help.
  5. My new Transit Connect will become a camping vehicle. It will not be a daily driver, so I purchased a small onboard 2amp smart charger to keep main battery up, should It sit for awhile. My question is this why is it recommended to mount the ground terminal to the chassis ground lug instead of the battery negative terminal ?. What is the difference ? Inquiring minds want to know. Thanks in advance for your response.
  6. Just a question. I have a 2020 LEB Transit Connect wagon. The read out for speed, compass, etc that is selectable and read out displayed on the dash. Is it possible to add engine temp ( digital ) and trans temp in ( digital) form ? My Jeep has gauges but also the ability to scroll through and read engine temp, trans temp, tire psi, voltage, and some other items. Although my Connect has a temp gauge, I would like the ability to read engine temp, trans temp, and voltage in exact (digital) numbers when ever I want. Is this possible to change or add to my selectable screen read outs .
  7. rodent 66

    USB & 12v in front center console

    These also come in a (3) or (4) unit that includes a digital voltage readout. If it’s connected to a circuit that in live w/van run or time out - that’s good. Otherwise the USB will draw constant power .
  8. I bought a new 2020 LWB Transit Connect passenger wagon for a camping conversion. Since it will sit longer than our other vehicle ,between uses, I decided to install an onboard NOVO 2amp smart charger/maintainer to keep the battery up 100%. I have used smart chargers on my late model MCs that have parasitic draw, and leave them on unless being ridden. I get extended battery service/life. I see no reason why the Transit would be any different ( other than it probably has more draw). Other than unplugging from 110v source before starting the vehicle, anyone experienced any issues doing similar with these (latest electronic ) canbus systems ? Thanks for any responses.
  9. rodent 66

    Wax or Sealant

    This is my personal experience. Having owned a new motorhome (if you can imagine how long it would take to wax one), this is what the RV dealers use to keep these big monstrousties looking good. They use a wash /wax that has a lot of Carnuba wax in the solution. By washing with a soft 12” wide brush w/extension handle the new paint finish will get a coat of Carnuba wax on it. Although we had a motorhome garage to keep it in it still gets dust, dirt, bugs on the outside after driving. It kept it looking like new untill we sold it many yrs later. I also used this type wash/wax on my personal pick ups I owned that spent their lives out in the sun. One ( after 11 years in the sun) showed no signs of oxidation or break down of the clear coat ( vehicle was silver color). Generally I would do this about (4) times a yr on my pick ups. Using the wash/wax w/Carnuba in a bucket with a soft 12” wide brush and extension handle . I would double the amount of solution called for that mixed with water. Water would still bead up after (3) months. Just my 2 cents.
  10. I reviewed my owners manual. It only shows (2) fuse panels for my 2020 ( guess I should have looked there first), even though my Connect has almost every bell and whistle available. Main one under the hood, and (1) under the glove box/passenger side. It does have several unused spaces that I can tie into with the right connector/connection. I do agree that running of an aux battery would have its benefits. I might run circuits to run fan off of either. Hopefully this particular fan is pretty energy efficient (cost is $$$).lol.
  11. rodent 66

    Front Hitch? Anyone done one?

    There isn’t anything to attach unless you go below the a/c condenser sits low ( guessing the radiator is about the same) . The uni-body frame /cross member/core support is almost flush with the bottom of the condenser and Radiator. This means that you would have to make an upwards saddle mount to straddle the front cross member/core support. That would put the reciever hitch about 3-1/2”-4” off the ground. IMO ,Should you run it into a curb, it would push back wards and roll under or cave in the Uni-body front cross member/core support.This would destroy the condenser and radiator. That is what it appears like to me anyway.
  12. rodent 66

    Good place to order parts for my TC

    Rock Auto. Great prices and offer new OEM and after market/alternative new parts.
  13. I have a 2020 LWB passenger Connect. I searched and read where others have tapped into or utilized a large fuse terminal block at/by/close to the right rear most interior cover. When I pop off this cover, I see nothing whatsoever with wires going to/from anything in that location. Would I need to remove the whole right plastic side panel to access an electrical/fuse/ panel ?. Also -any advice ,tips ,or other items I need to know ?.Not a newbie to mechanical or electrical work on vehicles, just trying to save myself any headaches and/or induce any new problems. Thanks in advance for any replies.
  14. Thanks for the pics. Mine is also a LWB, so lt looks like I can go by your pics. The fan would be right above the storage/area.I’m good with that, since the fan housing ( being foward) would give more room for things or a shorter roof cargo box on my roof rack.
  15. rodent 66

    Pig in a cooler

    Pretty partial to Post oak wood myself. Have my neighbors slobbering when I have my pit going all day ! Pork ribs and/ or Brisket slow cooked/ smoked , Maybe some Sausage. Yum !