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  1. connectvanplans

    What mileage does Trip odometer reset ?

    It resets the count at only 2000 miles which is kind of annoying. You'd think it'd be something like 9999 miles, it just makes ya shake your head.
  2. Cool mod. What about threaded braces which could tie the back of the lights to the bumper grill slots and adjust the brace compression with the threads. It wouldn't tie the light bar to the subframe, but it'd at least give you a couple more points of contacts to the light housings. It's neat that you rallycross the TC. I've noticed these vans corner pretty well stock and manage to have some fun up in the twisties whenever the opportunity arises! Do you have a manual conversion? If not, how does the auto-shifting hold up in your races?
  3. connectvanplans

    Finally got them on

    3 year is a long wait when you already had the wheels. I only made it to ~20,000 miles before storing the OEMs. Looks good!
  4. connectvanplans

    Falken Wildpeak A/T 215/65/16

    mrtn - wait are you talking about the reminder for the buckling the driver or passenger seat belt and accompanying indicator light? If you are, I have that disabled too with Forscan so you definitely can. Forgot to mention originally that was another thing I changed!
  5. connectvanplans

    Falken Wildpeak A/T 215/65/16

    Couldn't tell ya without getting into it, but there are a LOT of parameters in the "Central configuration (Main)" module that can be modified. Forscan also let's you clear DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) too, although that wouldn't keep them from coming back after whatever interval the reminder is programmed for.
  6. connectvanplans

    Falken Wildpeak A/T 215/65/16

    One thing - correct me if I'm wrong but (27.1 in/2) - (25.3 in/2) = +0.9 in ride height. Definitely, I'll try a GPS speedometer soon to compare. About the tread pattern too - yeah man, that was definitely a factor too going with a less aggressive tread to keep the noise down.
  7. connectvanplans

    Falken Wildpeak A/T 215/65/16

    TL;DR: They fit. Really fill out the wheel-well nicely. Credit to jrm223 for his feedback with the General Grabber AT2s - with that post and comparing tire specs - I was pretty confident I wouldn't have any problems with the 215/65/16 sizing. So after an extended camping/road trip, I decided the ContiProContacts were just not going to cut it anymore. Too low and too harsh of a ride off the tarmac. Actively dodging most minor imperfection in the road just gets old too, and although the van corners better than it has a right too, I'm still not sure how much I am willing to attribute to the stock rubber vs the suspension design. Enter wheel and tire package from tirerack. Between the Grabbers, Geolanders, and Wildpeak tires (KO2s too spendy), the reviews trickling in for the Wildpeaks looked promising and the price was right. Running the difference from the rev/mile calcs, these would only result in ~4.6% speedometer error which is less than the Grabbers for this size. Sold. Since the tire weight was increasing roughly 7 lbs over stock, I looked for the lightest rim to try and mitigate the weight penalty in addition to aesthetics. The selection in the 16x7 category is not the greatest, but I managed to find something in the 18 lb range that suited me. I was curious how theoretical weights measured up to the actuals: Old New Only ~4.5 lbs heavier, not too bad! One thing I didn't account for was the TPMS sensors! Honestly didn't know or think that the base model FTC would have them, but I see now it's a pesky general vehicle requirement these days. Thankfully, the genius(es) at forscan.org in their infinite benevolence grant free access to their incredible OBDII scanner and Ford OEM module (re)programmer. Totally an aside comment, but the last time I booted into forscan was 2018 shortly after getting the van, and after updating the software it looks like they added even more features to the user-friendly "main" programming interface. In any case, they had made it super easy to enter any custom tire rolling circumference AND disable the TPMS system saving me a tough choice between putting up with an annoying alert and constant indicator light or shelling out for sensors, an install, and a re-mount/balance (as freaking if!). Ford had the OEM tire at 1955mm and I had calculated 1960mm from the specs, similarly calculated 2055mm with the Wildpeaks, so I used 2050mm to mirror this minor discrepancy. I think I'll end this with another Forscan endorsement because it's just that good. Frankly, I believe the customization and control it affords owners is an ability that should come WITH the vehicle, but this is the next best thing. I've since used it to disable approach mode (god-awful feature that turns on exterior lighting when door(s) are opened), turn off the annoying DRLs (I can turn on my own headlights when I wish to thank you very much), and now calibrate the speedometer to the new tires and disable the TPMS that I never wanted to begin with. Oh and how do the tires ride? I've gained 0.9 inches in ride-height elevation and the ride quality is greatly improved. The Wildpeaks corner well too from my initial impression, but I still need to test near-limit cornering and 60+mph road noise (sub-50 might have been quieter than stock).
  8. Nice mileage Jim, did they say what went wrong with the computer? It's interesting to hear about your reliability after so many miles. These vans do seem to do really well for themselves based on some of the anecdotes I've read on here like yours and Jling's.
  9. Jling, Looks like it's been a while since you've been to the forums, but in case you've got email notifications on - it'd be nice to hear from ya to get an update on your TC's performance/reliability since 2018 and updated mileage!
  10. connectvanplans

    5W-30 Synthetic Oil Use

    Cool, I'll probably post a separate thread someday when I get a few more things buttoned up. Haha nice - gonna go with yes. Never been a fan of Mobile1 since I noticed it was leaving my Honda's valve cover (inside) stained brown - whereas when I switched to a different brand of synthetic, the stains cleared up (or at least didn't come back after cleaning). That and I didn't like the faint "burnt" smell I distinctly remember after staying in the higher rev band during some spirited driving. That was 12 or so years ago now so perhaps their formula has changed several times since, but ever since then I haven't touched the stuff. More anecdotes.
  11. connectvanplans

    5W-30 Synthetic Oil Use

    Exactly! It's funny, the last 2 cars that I sold to private party - neither was much interested in my extensive excel maintenance schedule documentation. Was a little upsetting actually, but any future owner of my vehicles will enjoy the same opportunity of transparency even if the likelihood of interest in the records are low. Besides, I plan on keeping my TC for quite a long time as one of the first things I did with my brand new van was take a jigsaw to the roof paneling to fit a Maxxair fan for my custom camper build. Market for custom campers is not that big anyway.
  12. connectvanplans

    5W-30 Synthetic Oil Use

    100% in agreement man. Better to have an aggregate data collection thread in which all forum members post their maintenance schedules, mileage, and other relevant stats to derive any kind of useful information people could actually reference to help inform their personal maintenance choices. This would be kind of nice thing to have actually. On the other hand, you could just trust in Ford and follow their recommended maintenance schedule and prescribed fluids. Although, you'd also have to trust that that the pressure from their dealers to ensure that they have sufficient service revenue as well as their inherent business interests to maximize sales of vehicles does not exceed their interest in making maintenance recommendations that prioritize vehicle mechanical longevity. Not trying to be accusatory to anyone here, just providing an alternative opinion.
  13. connectvanplans

    5W-30 Synthetic Oil Use

    Tell you guys what, if I ever have any engine problems with my TC I'll update on this thread. I've been running Pennzoil Platinum and Ultra Platinum Synthetic 5W-30 since mile 500 - currently over 15K miles now. My maintenance schedule is 1 oil change per year which is working out to be 7-10K miles per year. My theory is that most modern manufacturers are desperate for income (even before all this economic shutdown madness as the auto industry was very long into the business cycle) and I wouldn't be surprised if most management have been willing to sacrifice longevity as well as improve emissions, at least on paper, by running a thinner oil than would otherwise be preferred by someone who is interested in maximizing mechanical longevity. Customers whose vehicles last too long, or too short for that matter, don't make for good repeat customers. I'm willing to be wrong with this theory obviously, so while it's only anecdotal - I'll be sure to update if anyone is interested in the event something engine-related malfunctions.