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  1. sebestyen13

    CD player removal

    @Don Ridley I actually do listen to the radio though too. 🤞
  2. sebestyen13

    CD player removal

    So I think I'll have to take some measurements once it's out and 3D print something. It was a good question as to if Bluetooth will work if the CD player is disconnected. They probably put it inline so it is as difficult as possible to modify.
  3. sebestyen13

    CD player removal

    Anyone familiar with removing the CD player from a 2019 XL dash? I use the Bluetooth and would much rather have some cubby storage instead.
  4. sebestyen13

    2019 Transit Connect Roof Rails

    @Don Ridley I guess that was my real question: what fits? It's a big purchase to guess. I don't need OEM ones, just something that fits right and is functional. May have to start taking some measurements and compare to 2014+. Are those measurements easily available that you know of to compare with?
  5. Hello from Charleston- Noob 2019 Transit Connect owner as of Tuesday (1/7/20). I love it and cant wait to start personalizing it and doing some road trips with my kids. Quick question on roof rails. It did not come with them and I see plugs. Where is the best place to buy the rails that run down the sides? I may have some Thule square crossbars available that will work once installed. What is the installation effort? Thank in advance!