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  1. Mgp


    Fantastic, thanks for the advice. The van has had wind deflectors fitted. So I could always leave the windows open slightly. I’m not in a rush to get anything done immediately, especially now it’s coming into winter. But I want to get this done right, I’m going to insulate it with wool also. Get it nice and cosy. Thanks very much for the advice. Much appreciated.
  2. Mgp


    Hi there, my name is Mikey and I’ve just bought a connect with a view to turn it into a wee camper for the odd trip or festival. I’ve been getting various tips here and there as regards transforming my vehicle for the best results. One thing I’m going to do is install a roof fan for ventilation, as well as insulate it. But there’s one thing that’s been puzzling me about this, and it’s about vents already in the van. I read on google that for the vent fan to work properly it needs to have inlet and outlet vents for circulation. So the question is, is there already inlet vents fitted on transit connects, or will I have to add those too. Anyway, I hope someone can help. Thanks in advance. mikey