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Found 5 results

  1. Though I this may help anyone who is curious of the colors behind the head unit. Keep in mind I do recommend the use of the proper wiring harness so no cutting is needed, "other than steering wheel controls" Constant 12 Volt = Orange/Black "large" Switched 12 Volt = Yellow/Green Ground = Black/Green Illumination/Dimmer = Orange/Black "small" Front Left + =White/Black Front Left - =Grey/Black Front Right + = White/Red Front Right - = Grey/Red The rest of the wires I will research later. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Here is my install
  2. When I purchased my 2015 Transit Connect Wagon, the dealer said it would be no problem to add a couple extra circuits for accessories at one of the fuse boxes. After working my way through several sales and service staff members, the “wiring specialist” finally determined that what I wanted was not possible since the spare fuse slots have no connections on the load side (see F43 at top left in photo below) and Ford won’t supply the parts to add them. So in the end I had to come up with my own solution. And knowing wiring but not cars, my first purchase was the wiring diagram book. I may not know how everything shown in it works, but I can make sure I only tie into something I can see documented and feel confident I understand. Initially I tried the basic auto store inline fuse holders with converted fuse legs as power taps. Although the connections were pretty good quality, strong silver solder and multiple layers of heat shrink, I didn’t like the holders just hanging loose and there were too many potential failure points. So after some searching I found some parts that make for a nice clean, almost bulletproof, wiring harness for accessories. I’ll apologize in advance for the length of this post up and I'll try to break it up into readable sections with a few photos each. I know I have a tendency to overdo the story telling, but I wanted to share what I learned along the way and why I chose to do it that way in the hopes it helps others with similar projects.
  3. I installed a wiring harness a while back (Curt I believe) and I finally hooked a trailer up to it. My passenger side trailer running lights don't work. I checked the trailer wiring and it's good. What am I missing? I do recall it was very difficult to unplug the factory plugs on the passenger side. Nevermind. It was a bad connection at the plug .
  4. I found a source for the TC service manual and wiring diagrams on one of the Ford forums (maybe here?) https://www.factory-manuals.com/ I purchased the 2016 TC manual for about $70. It is a 7000+ page .pdf file. The manual appears to be a .pdf version of the Ford service software. The manual vendor gives you a printout of your TC configuration based on the VIN. The manual is very detailed and somewhat "bulky". The table of contents is too generic (section1, section 2 etc instead of names like lights, horn etc.) and appears to have lost the specific tags that may have been in the original application. The "hot links" in the manual don't work (e.g. section 43.5 will be in bold font and you should be able to click on it to jump to that section). There are thousands of pages of trouble shooting tables. It takes a while to browse each section to the overall layout. The manual explains how each component works and also explains some of the programming in the ECU. For example, did you know there is an aux electrical heater for the cabin heat that turns on when the ambient temperature is less than 48 deg F and the heater turned to max? The location of every plastic tab on the panels are shown in 3-D color diagrams. Overall I am very satisfied with the manual. The wiring diagrams are in color and are exactly what I was looking for. The section on the configuration of each electrical connector is missing but the wiring diagram identifies the pin number for each wire on a connector. You can make unlimited copies of the .pdf file. Something "bad" is supposed to happen if you share the file. The site appears to be legit and I think it was $70 well spent.
  5. In case anyone needs to remove the rear liftgate panel, here are photos of what mine looks like. I hope it helps with your custom installations and modifications.