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  1. DonShockley

    12v Rear Auxiliary Socket Connect 2019 van

    I haven't looked closely at my 2020 TC, but when I was adding accessories to my 2015 TC via the rear Aux Junction Box, the extra wiring just wasn't there. I had assumed a similar situation to what you describe, a fairly universal harness with options connected as needed. But in the fuse boxes, I found that although the supply side of the fuse was present in the box (due to using a fixed metal bus bar), if the option wasn't in my 2015 then there was no wire at all installed on the other side of the fuse opening. Given the more difficult access and tight quarters on the 2020 fuse boxes, I suspect it's even worse which is why I haven't gotten around to digging into it yet. I likely will just add a small aux box direct to the battery when I have the need.
  2. The OP links at Mouser have smaller quantities available. If you search the part numbers, one has a cut strip of 100 available for $23 and the other part is available for $0.45 each individually. Here's the links for those directily. https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/TE-Connectivity-AMP/1-968857-3-CUT-STRIP?qs=2FIyTMJ0hNlSKAxLPJ6TfQ%3D%3D https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/TE-Connectivity/1-968859-3-Loose-Piece?qs=u4fy%2FsgLU9NmCbrZBWoJHA%3D%3D When I did my own solution, I ended up spending about $300 in total because most of the small parts I needed had minimum quantities of 100. So in the end I had enough parts to do 20 or so kits and ended up passing on several to other forum members. In addition to Mouser, another supplier I used for small parts was Jameco Electronis. Although I was mostly using them for computer parts so I am not sure on how well stocked they may be for automotive needs.
  3. One of the first RAM Mount solutions I tried was to address exactly this issue. It has a base that attaches using one of your existing seat mounting bolts. Pull the bolt, put it through the RAM mount, and reinstall. It worked well on my prior vehicle and for just phone holding worked fine on my Transit Connect. The only drawback was the need to slide the passenger seat fully forward to access the storage compartment underneath. The seat would hang up on the mount. The mount I posted above started out using that prior floor mount. I just removed the riser pole from the base and then swapped out the universal phone holder for the wireless charger. But the floor mount using the seat bolt was very firm and bending the pole to reach where I wanted it worked well. And while I was using it, passengers said it was not obtrusive. It was only the large seat movement that started hitting it and made me switch.
  4. Here's some photos from this forum back in 2016 that I copied when I thought they might come in useful for working on my 2015. My apologies to the member who did the original post but I didn't think to make a notation at the time. Based on the file names I gave them at the time, they were from a 2015 cargo version.
  5. My 2020 TC Wagon has the charging cubby so I didn't move the rig in my 2015 TC Wagon over to the new one. But here's a photo of how I had it rigged in my 2015. There's also a couple other photos of how I used RAM parts for other needs in my TC. Almost all the parts are from RAM Mounts, except the wireless charger/holder which was from Tylt. But now RAM has it's own wireless charger/holders so now you can build it all from RAM parts. That's the biggest reason I like RAM, you can mix and match components to meet your specific need. They've got a lot better parts now, including mounting rails with slidable T-fittings. I've only occasionally regretted having my phone in the charging cubby and the screen not visible so I haven't felt the need to install a new RAM rig. But if I do, I'll likely be able to reuse many of the old removed parts and can just add the few new parts that may be useful.
  6. DonShockley

    No fuse box?

    My 2015 had one there but my 2020 does not. Same style and model on both, just upgraded convenience features on the 2020.
  7. Here's my receipt from that purchase at the dealer. Also a photo showing how short the dumb key is once you remove the plastic at the end. Fits much better in a wallet that way.
  8. DonShockley

    Gas Tank Size seems OFF????

    This morning I did my biggest fill ever (including my prior 2015 TC) on my 2020 after skipping my weekly fill up last week. Ran with the low fuel warning on since yesterday and it showing I was down to 8 miles to empty with the needle solidly into the "E" on the guage. Fill was 14.487 US gallons.
  9. If you just want one to open the doors but not actually start the car, there is a "dumb" key available. I always get one to put in my wallet just in case I accidentally lock my actual key set in the vehicle. Only ever needed it once, but that was well worth the price. But if you just want to seperate the parts on an existing fob, they come apart easy enough. There's a screw unter the pry-off battery cover.
  10. DonShockley

    12volt and 110V plugs in 2021 TC

    I'll have to figure out where I put them but I can send you a kit of parts you can use to make a free standing triple fuse block. Here's a photo of how I did mine on my old 2015. That setup sued three individual taps but you could just as easily use one tap for the supply, daisy chain it to all three fuses, use one output for the return line to the original fuse output and the other 2 for extra circuits.
  11. Amica had to send mine off for special approval because apparently they all pull up as commercial vans. I had to give them the VIN and initially they wanted photos of the inside showing the rear seats. But then they were able to find the dealer photos and that satisfied them. There was still a delay while it got special approval as non-commercial. But even after determining it was a Wagon, they started asking about why did I need all those seats, was I going to be using it for ride share stuff. I pointed out to them that what I really wanted was a van with front row only but they said that would automatically be commercial. Get a clue. When my mileage for decades has been barely 10k per year, I ain't doing anything commercial with my vehicles.
  12. DonShockley

    Inexpensive rubber floor mats?

    I've got a set of used WeatherTech mats pulled from my 2015 LWB XLT when I upgraded to a 2020. First row driver/passenger and second row with bench seat. Checked their website and current part numbers are the same for both 2015 and 2017 so should fit. Let me know if you are interested. I would do half of new price on whatever you want plus shipping. Full disclosure: velcro pucks on underside of drivers mat pulled off during removal and were glued back on.
  13. DonShockley

    Ford Brand cross bars

    Unlock, pull entire end cap out slightly, spin counterclockwise to loosen clamp, clockwise to tighten. Whole foot just slides back and forth to adjust once clamp is loose. The end cap is just a T-handle on the end of a long square shaft. You can even pull the whole shaft out once it's unlocked. The lock just keeps it from being pulled out and turned. Here some pix from the rails I removed from my 2015 when I upgraded to a 2020 without rails.
  14. DonShockley

    What happened to my 2019 TC fuse box?

    On my 2015 TC, when I wanted to add power to the overhead shelf, I used this box intended for motorcycles. What sealed the deal for me was the ability to change between constant power or switched just by moving the fuse on each circuit. https://www.fuzeblocks.com/Fuzeblocks-FZ-1-Distribution-Block_p_1.html
  15. DonShockley

    What are you paying for Insurance coverage?

    2020 daily driver XLT Wagon just purchased in June $77/mo