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  1. DonShockley

    12volt and 110V plugs in 2021 TC

    The front port on my 2020 comes on with the ignition but there is a 2 hour delay after shutting off the ignition before the 12v goes off. Haven't used the others.
  2. Most likely, since it works when cord is moved, it is the internal contacts in the jack that are not making contact properly. They are just little bent pieces of thin metal. If they get pushed too far out of position they don't spring back enough to make contact. Sometimes they can just be bent back. Here's a generic jack internal photo with the contact points indicated.
  3. The dealer did the work. Here's the pdf of the trailer wiring instructions that show the tie in and the routing of the power cable. (The instructions cover several models, the Transit Connect stuff starts about 10 pages in, roughly 1/3 of the way down on the page slider) http://www.fordservicecontent.com/ford_content/catalog/accessory_files/Trailer_Harness_1_28_15v2.pdf These photos aren't the best, but the tie in was attaching th inline fuse holder to one of the bolts on the bottom of one of the large fuse holders on the big metal plate at the front of the battery box, The first photo is looking under the air filter box side, you can just barely see the orange power wire between the white tag and going into the back of the inline fuse holder. The second photo is looking down between the air filter and battery boxes pointing out the nut that it is connected to.
  4. Here's a photo I took of that area on my 2015 TC. I was adding some protection (the corrugated loom going through the hole) to the dealer installed power supply wire for the trailer hitch wiring kit. Routing through that hole was part of the Ford instructions for the OEM accessory kit. I also used the path up the A pillar for adding my own USB and 12v power points to the overhead shelf (the corrugated loom running next to the hole).
  5. DonShockley

    Load restraint tracks

    When I was looking at maybe adding some tracks to the 3/4" plywood floor in my 2015 TC, this was the place that seemed to have a good variety. In the end I never did add any and just used the few stock tie downs. But the L track seemed well suited to the light duty needs of the TC as opposed to the heavier duty E track fittings used in full size cargo vans. And the extra strength of the track itself and the screw holes spaced every 4" means the load is spread over numerous fasteners in thin material like was mentioned. https://www.uscargocontrol.com/Trucking-Transportation-Tie-Downs/Airline-Straps-Hardware
  6. DonShockley

    Driver's Side Rear Door Ajar

    I had the door fail on my 2015 AFTER the recall was supposedly installed. Eventually found out that no parts were replaced during recall. Got no response from Ford or NHTSA back in 2018 when I reported dealer had not installed recall properly even though I provided photos, videos, and audio recording showing dealer staff admitting that's exactly what happened. Fast forward to June 2020 and the day I am trading in my 2015 in to buy a 2020 TC and I get a SECOND recall notice. Turns out this was done at lots of dealers so the second recall is to verify if the first recall was done properly. Second recall is number 20S30. Links: https://media.ford.com/content/fordmedia/fna/us/en/news/2020/06/10/ford-motor-company-issues-two-safety-recalls-in-north-america.html https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/rcl/2020/RCMN-20V331-1020.pdf
  7. DonShockley

    Converted 2015 LWB Wagon into a Van

    Here you go.... Transit Connect Floor Dimensioned.pdf Transit Connect Floor Alternate Ideas.pdf
  8. DonShockley

    looking for mud guards. 2020tc

    I had the Ford ones on my 2015 and they worked great. I've got another set waiting on me to get off the couch and install them on my 2020.
  9. I bought them for my 2015. When I traded it in on a 2020 in June, I just pulled the reflectors off the 2015 and snapped them right on the 2020. Fit just fine.
  10. DonShockley

    Second Row Seat Weight?

    I weighed them back in 2015 when I took the 2nd and 3rd row out of my wagon. I didn't write them down anywhere but the number that seems to be stuck in my head is 120#/70# for the 60/40 bench and 50# each for the 3rd row. But it's been 5 years so my memory could be complete fiction at this point.
  11. I got mine from the eBay listings. Turned out fine, just a bit of a wait. But it's not like it's a critical repair, just dress up so not a big deal.
  12. DonShockley

    First time to a forum for any vehicle of mine...

    There was a second recall notice issued back in June. Turns out some dealers weren't properly performing the first recall latch repair and so a second recall is being issued to check the installation of the first recall. I got caught by a shady dealer on the first latch recall who didn't install the needed new parts. I don't think they've released actual repair instructions under the second recall yet. Here's a copy/paste from the second recall notice: "Jun 08,2020 Manufacturer Recall Number20S30 NHTSA Recall NumberAWAITING# Recall StatusRecall Incomplete, remedy not yet available Summary VEHICLES MAY NOT HAVE HAD ALL OF THEIR DOOR LATCHES REPLACED OR REPLACED CORRECTLY WHEN PREVIOUSLY REPAIRED BY DEALERSHIPS UNDER SAFETY RECALL 15S16 OR 16S30. SAFETY RECALLS 15S16 AND 16S30 WERE ISSUED TO REPLACE DOOR LATCHES WITH A LATCH PAWL SPRING TAB THAT WAS SUSCEPTIBLE TO CRACKING AND FAILURE IN AREAS WITH HIGH THERMAL LOADS. Safety Risk A DOOR LATCH WITH A FRACTURED PAWL SPRING TAB TYPICALLY RESULTS IN A DOOR WILL NOT CLOSE CONDITION. IF THE CUSTOMER IS ABLE TO LATCH THE DOOR AFTER REPEATED ATTEMPTS TO SHUT THE DOOR, THERE IS A POTENTIAL THE DOOR MAY UNLATCH WHILE DRIVING, INCREASING THE RISK OF INJURY."
  13. The sliding door recall was for the door latches themselves, not the plastic panels. The latch stopped working and the door would actually open. Happened to my 2015. There's also been a more recent issue with the panoramic roof panels on the titanium versions coming loose. If the problem you are having is the subject of a recall, Ford does the repair at no cost even if the vehicle is out of warranty. So the milage is not an issue when it comes to recalls. You can do a search by VIN and see what recalls apply for your specific vehicle. https://www.nhtsa.gov/vehicle/2016/FORD/TRANSIT%2520CONNECT/VAN/FWD
  14. DonShockley

    Tow Harness Kit but DIY Install.

    Here's a mockup I made by combining the drawings for my 2015 wiring manual with the wiring instructions for the Ford OEM trailer wiring accessory kit. Also a couple other pages from the trailer wiring and connectors section of the manual. These photos were from 2017 when somebody else was looking at installing a trailer connector. IIRC, the FORD OEM kit was pretty straight forward in the connection instructions but did require tapping into existing wiring by stripping and soldering in wires in a couple spots. I did find the instructions online somewhere but can't find the link now.
  15. DonShockley

    What happened to my 2019 TC fuse box?

    No. Service department was busy so they ended up doing the tire work over at the Quick Lane and they weren't allowed to touch things outside their normal "routine" service areas.