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  1. DonShockley

    Ford Brand cross bars

    Unlock, pull entire end cap out slightly, spin counterclockwise to loosen clamp, clockwise to tighten. Whole foot just slides back and forth to adjust once clamp is loose. The end cap is just a T-handle on the end of a long square shaft. You can even pull the whole shaft out once it's unlocked. The lock just keeps it from being pulled out and turned. Here some pix from the rails I removed from my 2015 when I upgraded to a 2020 without rails.
  2. DonShockley

    What happened to my 2019 TC fuse box?

    On my 2015 TC, when I wanted to add power to the overhead shelf, I used this box intended for motorcycles. What sealed the deal for me was the ability to change between constant power or switched just by moving the fuse on each circuit. https://www.fuzeblocks.com/Fuzeblocks-FZ-1-Distribution-Block_p_1.html
  3. DonShockley

    What are you paying for Insurance coverage?

    2020 daily driver XLT Wagon just purchased in June $77/mo
  4. DonShockley

    12volt and 110V plugs in 2021 TC

    I use the front outlet on my 2020 XLT to power the dash cam. I did a check once monitoring it about every half hour after shutting off the ignition. It was on after 1.5 hours but off at a little over 2 hours. So I've been going with assuming 2 hours. Haven't seen any battery drain but then again it's a fairly small dash cam.
  5. DonShockley


    Here's a pix of the rubber seal on the pass through on my 2015 wagon. Obviously I was trying to get the connector but you can see the seal behind it. It's just a thin push in grommet that just pops out if needed. Easy enough to remove and plenty of room to secure some screening over the hole to keep out bugs. Not sure how much road splash you might get from the rear wheel.
  6. DonShockley

    what are these things

    On my 2015 wagon there were several control modules in this are that were covered by the trim, like the fuel pump control module. I suspect one or more of these is under that cover. I know there is also a safety on the passenger side to prevent opening the slider while the fuel door is open and it looks like the photo is in the general area of the latch so it may have something to do with that also. But I'll lay odds that if you take off that cover you'll find important stuff underneath.
  7. I've got a replacement piece of mirror glass for the passenger side on a 2015. Mine had a tiny crack that I figured would eventually get bigger so got a replacement ahead of time. Then I ended up trading it in before I ever got around to repacing it. It's just sitting on the shelf taking up space. PM me an address and I'll send it.
  8. DonShockley

    12volt and 110V plugs in 2021 TC

    The front port on my 2020 comes on with the ignition but there is a 2 hour delay after shutting off the ignition before the 12v goes off. Haven't used the others.
  9. Most likely, since it works when cord is moved, it is the internal contacts in the jack that are not making contact properly. They are just little bent pieces of thin metal. If they get pushed too far out of position they don't spring back enough to make contact. Sometimes they can just be bent back. Here's a generic jack internal photo with the contact points indicated.
  10. The dealer did the work. Here's the pdf of the trailer wiring instructions that show the tie in and the routing of the power cable. (The instructions cover several models, the Transit Connect stuff starts about 10 pages in, roughly 1/3 of the way down on the page slider) http://www.fordservicecontent.com/ford_content/catalog/accessory_files/Trailer_Harness_1_28_15v2.pdf These photos aren't the best, but the tie in was attaching th inline fuse holder to one of the bolts on the bottom of one of the large fuse holders on the big metal plate at the front of the battery box, The first photo is looking under the air filter box side, you can just barely see the orange power wire between the white tag and going into the back of the inline fuse holder. The second photo is looking down between the air filter and battery boxes pointing out the nut that it is connected to.
  11. Here's a photo I took of that area on my 2015 TC. I was adding some protection (the corrugated loom going through the hole) to the dealer installed power supply wire for the trailer hitch wiring kit. Routing through that hole was part of the Ford instructions for the OEM accessory kit. I also used the path up the A pillar for adding my own USB and 12v power points to the overhead shelf (the corrugated loom running next to the hole).
  12. DonShockley

    Load restraint tracks

    When I was looking at maybe adding some tracks to the 3/4" plywood floor in my 2015 TC, this was the place that seemed to have a good variety. In the end I never did add any and just used the few stock tie downs. But the L track seemed well suited to the light duty needs of the TC as opposed to the heavier duty E track fittings used in full size cargo vans. And the extra strength of the track itself and the screw holes spaced every 4" means the load is spread over numerous fasteners in thin material like was mentioned. https://www.uscargocontrol.com/Trucking-Transportation-Tie-Downs/Airline-Straps-Hardware
  13. DonShockley

    Driver's Side Rear Door Ajar

    I had the door fail on my 2015 AFTER the recall was supposedly installed. Eventually found out that no parts were replaced during recall. Got no response from Ford or NHTSA back in 2018 when I reported dealer had not installed recall properly even though I provided photos, videos, and audio recording showing dealer staff admitting that's exactly what happened. Fast forward to June 2020 and the day I am trading in my 2015 in to buy a 2020 TC and I get a SECOND recall notice. Turns out this was done at lots of dealers so the second recall is to verify if the first recall was done properly. Second recall is number 20S30. Links: https://media.ford.com/content/fordmedia/fna/us/en/news/2020/06/10/ford-motor-company-issues-two-safety-recalls-in-north-america.html https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/rcl/2020/RCMN-20V331-1020.pdf
  14. DonShockley

    Converted 2015 LWB Wagon into a Van

    Here you go.... Transit Connect Floor Dimensioned.pdf Transit Connect Floor Alternate Ideas.pdf
  15. DonShockley

    looking for mud guards. 2020tc

    I had the Ford ones on my 2015 and they worked great. I've got another set waiting on me to get off the couch and install them on my 2020.