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  1. I've used these style of nuts with springs (intended for use in channel struts) in other applications where I need a nut in a spot where I can't get a wrench on it. You might find them usable in the slots circled in the photo above depending on width. The nuts are usually available in the electrical supply area of big box hardware stores since the channel strut is often used to mount electrical conduit. https://www.amazon.com/Thomas-Betts-GIDDS-461512-ZA1003-8EG-10/dp/B000BPHMQE/ref=sr_1_15?ie=UTF8&qid=1543976744&sr=8-15&keywords=strut+channel+nut
  2. DonShockley

    Key missing for cargo rack Transit Connect

    Thule keys also appear to be availale on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Thule-Car-Rack-Replacement-Key/dp/B00T12TYW8/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1539159015&sr=8-4&keywords=thule+key&dpID=41NC5I1xGrL&preST=_SY300_QL70_&dpSrc=srch
  3. DonShockley

    Key missing for cargo rack Transit Connect

    And here's an order page for keys: https://www.thule.com/en-us/us/thule-support/spare-parts-keys When I entered the number shown on my lock body it came up with a valid part to order. So you may be able to get replacement keys for $2.75 each if the number is readable on your lock cylinder.
  4. DonShockley

    Key missing for cargo rack Transit Connect

    BTW, here's the Ford Accessories link for these crossbars. https://accessories.ford.com/catalog/product/view/id/10799/s/kit-lugg-crossbar-univ-lockable/category/3020/ And I can't be sure, but I think these are the Thule lock cylinders that could be used to replace broken ones if you choose to force the locks and break them. They look the same, but I'm not sure how universal the fit may be. https://www.thule.com/en-us/us/roof-rack/roof-rack-components-and-accessories/thule-4-pack-lock-cylinder-544-_-1037
  5. DonShockley


    Although this video is for a full size Transit van and not a Connect, it's still one of my favorite car show segments. If I win the lottery I want to do something similar with an old beat up Connect. The ultimate sleeper.
  6. DonShockley

    Key missing for cargo rack Transit Connect

    Your photo looks like the Ford Accessory bars I got for my TC when I bought it. IIRC, the locks were an optional part of the install and I had to pop out some covers on the end pieces to install them. So the good news is that even if you choose to force the locks, the actual part that tightens the racks in place would remain intact. The tightening is actually done by a bolt in the foot area and the end piece with the lock is basically nothing more than the T-handled end of a long square key that slides through the middle of the bolt shaft to tighten it. The lock is a simple quarter turn pot metal cam that keeps the end cap from pulling out. Once you get the lock turned, with a key or by breaking it, the end cap slides out slightly (or all the way if you want) and you can then spin the square shaft to tighten or loosen the foot. Worst case scenario you could even hacksaw off the entire end piece and still use a wrench on the remaining piece of square stock to operate the tighening mechanism. Now if you're really lucky, your lock has the numbers N165 on it which matches my key set and I can make you some copies and send them to you. But that's a long shot. Here's some photos of my cross bar end showing the mechanism on the end. If you need more detail or pix of how the bar fits the foot bolt just let me know and I can take more. But this should give some idea of what's inside that you need to get around.
  7. DonShockley

    Repair manual. Lemme try

    I can't speak for how well these work, how good the coverage is, or it it'll fit your needs. But here's a link I bookmarked after somebody else posted it that supposedly offers the factory repair manual for just $60 as a download. https://www.factory-manuals.com/ford-transit/-connect&28&164
  8. I was looking a my TC again to try to help a guy on FB having problems with his door sticking in the latched open position. That middle piece is definitely the hold open latch. There is a wheel and a couple torx screw heads visible up inside the middle track that match that part very well. So the hex screw must be used to adjust the tension on the roller. Glad I found this info because as you can see I've not gotten much lube there when spraying the tracks. This will be another spot to hit with the better red lube spray I just started using.
  9. DonShockley

    Overhead center console - what's it for?

    Opps, lost ability to edit while adding photos. Here's the comparison of the light module in the shelf to the possibly matching cutout in the headliner underneath the shelf.
  10. DonShockley

    Overhead center console - what's it for?

    Here's another photo of the side showing the holes in the headliner that will be left from the shelf mounting points. And I don't know for sure, but it may be possible to remove the light fixture from the shelf and install it in the cutout in the headliner. They look to be about the same size and shape.
  11. That's what's causing it in my screen. Thanks for the help, it's the first time I've noticed this effect from how I have my monitors set up. I use a dual screen setup with two 24" monitors, one in portrait mode and one in landscape mode. Most of my web browsing is reading so I tend to do that on the narrower portrait screen for less scrolling while reading. This is the first time I've seen this cause a picture distortion on a web page. You would think the software doing the compression to make it fit assorted resolutions would be smart enough to maintain the ratios to prevent such distortion.
  12. That camera distortion in the first bunch of clips makes it look worse than it appears in the later photos. That side to side narrowing makes the whole vehicle look weirdly tall and narrow. Even in the later pix without the distortion there's very little noticable change with the add-ons.
  13. DonShockley

    Overhead center console - what's it for?

    I put a 12v power port and a USB power port in mine which is why I had it apart to take the photos. And I keep emergency supplies under the cover for the non-existent sunglass holder.
  14. DonShockley

    Overhead center console - what's it for?

    Here's a photo of what's on the back side. This is from my 2015 with Sync so it has the microphone in that area.
  15. That's the direction I'm pushing. I'm starting to suspect some of what's going on is the service department trying to keep the issue contained so I'm not sure how much is making it up the chain. Tomorrow I'm going in to get my prepaid service contract cancelled. At the same time, I plan to check what's making it over to the management side. And this is another area where I've got a bit of extra leg up in addition to all the recorded evidence I've collected. Although it's not a close relationship, I do have a non-business link to the general manager of the dealership. My mother has been a friend of his since he was a lowly salesman and she was the one who directed me to him for my initial vehicle purchase. Although IIRC he was just an assistant manager in sales at that time and I mostly worked with a different salesman. I'm not somebody to try to throw names around to try for special treatment so I've been trying to get the service guys to handle it right without mentioning him. But I plan to insist on speaking to him tomorrow and I'll be interested to see if he's heard of the problem. And either way, his reaction will tell me how severe of a dealer problem it may be and serve as a guide to how much further I need to go.