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  1. I went with the 2015 passenger van for the power 2nd row windows for temperature control, and visibility for my delivery job, but would also love to know whether anyone has yet figured out how to remove some but not all of the rear seats and airbags without disabling those for the remaining seats. Found this conversion of gen2 from wagon to "van:"
  2. Bean

    Van seat uncomfortable!

    2015 XLT LWB, manual seats This is the first seat I've ever had where it was almost impossible to find a position which did not hurt my back. After the first test ride, I thought it might not be possible. Fortunately found one angle which was OK during the second test ride. Ended up buying it, am using it as a delivery driver, and can now make slight adjustments to the angle. Setting the seat high seems to have helped.
  3. See 1st gen seats post from May 26th.
  4. Have you sold this car?