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  1. KirkVoclain

    What is this square box on the passenger side?

    Thank you so much. So, if I lower it on the wall about 3-4 inches, but keep it attached to the wall, that will not be a problem, correct????
  2. I’m putting in some shelves and now I’m on the passenger side. I took off the rear plastic cover and found this square box. I’m wondering what is it? What does it do? I do not want to mess something up. Let me know!!
  3. KirkVoclain

    New Owner from Louisiana

    My build is taking longer than I thought it would. Several setbacks. But when I’m done I will post some pics.
  4. KirkVoclain

    American Van shelving, ladder rack

    I just got mine in yesterday...I'm installing hopefully today......I'm a photographer, so when I'm done, I'll take some pictures and post it.
  5. KirkVoclain

    12volt and 110V plugs in 2021 TC

    I have a 2020 XLT. I have a inverter plugged into the front 12v power outlet. My inverter supplies power to my computer and to my Verizon Portable internet bank. When I turn off the vehicle, I take out the computer, but I leave everything else on. When I come back in the morning, the inverter is off, but when I start the car, it turns on. I have tested it at 15 mins, 30 mins, and 45mins. So far, it stays on. I assume it will turn off at 1 hour, but I do not know for sure. Does anyone have a definitive answer??? Kirk
  6. KirkVoclain

    New Owner from Louisiana

    I’m a pro photographer who is changing the direction of my business after 40+ years. For all this time I have had a studio where people come to me. Now, I’m going to go to them. So, I bought a TC, I’m putting some fancy shelves inside like a plumber, and I’m going to be totally mobile. I do so appreciate this forum as my world will now revolve around my TC and it’s ability to get me from client to client. Thank you for letting me be here. Kirk Voclain kvphoto.com