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  1. westshore

    Rattle over left rear sliding door

    2012 USA TC, getting a rattle over the top rear of left sliding door while traveling on rough road. Almost sounds like a loose nut or bolt as it sometimes occurs when starting out or changing course. Anyone experience this/have a solution? I had opportunity to ride in a 2013 model and it had the same rattle! I am considering pulling the headliner to have a better look.
  2. Get a shake/shudder thru steering wheel and floorplan while under light acceleratin at 50 - 55 mph. Let up on gas, shake stops. Any ideas or similar experience/resolution? Dealer replaced coil and spark plug but still occurs. Thinking may be a cv joint or bearing issue.
  3. Anyone outfit their TC with American Van shelving? How do you like them? Both steel and aluminum shelving units appear to be less expensive than Adrian or Ranger respectively but not sure on the quality, ease of installation, etc. Also any recommendation for a ladder rack?
  4. westshore

    headliner retainer p/n?

    My 2012 TC XLT has an intermittent load bang near the top rear of left sliding door. Sounds like a loose part under the headliner or between inner and outer panels. Need to remove headliner to have a look; just started and already broke some of the headliner retainer buttons (even when using a removal tool). Anyone know the part number for these? There appear to be on the order of 25 of these holding the headliner in place. Head of the retainer is just over an inch, Also need a reasonably-priced source; certainly they can be had for under a $1.00 each from somewhere. Elsewhere I found p/n w706635ssy which MAY be them. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.