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  1. Just took our Focus in for recall service and brought up the TC problem with the service advisor. Got the same run-around. Not sure if they can program the 'puter to take care of this or not. Just hoping there will be a software upgrade in the near future.
  2. .....and stops your VCR from flashing 12:00 12:00 12:00. Since there seems to be no way to disable the sensors, wouldn't it be nice if arming the alarm could be made optional. Like, lock the doors with the key fob to arm the alarm system or lock the doors from the door button to skip the alarm.
  3. Well, apparently black tape over the sensors works -- not the ideal fix but a good temporary one.
  4. Just picked up my new LWB Transit Connect Wagon. It has the anti theft alarm with interior motion sensors. The owners manual gives some advice on deactivating the motion sensors. They can be on, off or set to ask each time whether I want them on or off. Apparently that's how it works on other Ford models, possibly on earlier TCs, but there are no controls to do that either on the sync screen settings or the dashboard settings. Service department says there's no way to deactivate the motion sensors and they could possibly crawl in there and disconnect them if I want. Well, I don't want them disconnected, I want to be able to use them if I lock the vehicle empty or deactivate them when I have the canine co-pilot along. Apparently there's no way to lock the vehicle without activating the alarm either. Thinking of trying black tape over the sensors but there should be some intelligent way of disabling the sensors in the TC if it can be done on other models. Anyone from Ford monitoring this forum? Could this possibly get fixed with a software update?