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  1. First post here. I have a couple of questions regarding the 2020 Cargo LWB Cargo van. 1. Do the new TC vans still arrive in the US as Passenger Wagons, and get stripped down to Cargo specs? 2. Is anyone aware of a reputable upfitter (east of the Mississippi) that would have the resources/expertise to remove the right (passenger side) 1/2 of the second row floor filler plates and supports, and install an OEM folding bucket seat behind the front passenger seat? This modification would require shortening the existing support bracket to use both sets of seat mounting holes in the left (driver side) second row footwell and trimming/shortening both cargo floor filler panels. The second row bucket would be mounted behind the right (passenger) front seat, using the existing mounting holes in the floor well (front) and existing mounting holes at the front of the flat floor (rear). This would require a seat/shoulder belt be attached to the existing mounting hole in the wall column behind the sliding door. It would also be necessary to use the Passenger Wagon side door lower sill and trim. Just bouncing around ideas to see if anyone has heard of adding a second row seat this way? A couple of other questions come to mind - 1. Is there wiring to the Passenger Wagon's second row buckets that would need to be located and connected (seat mounted air bag, etc.)? 2. How would the open area created in the footwell area (under the Cargo floor filler plates and to the left of the second row passenger's feet) be closed out and trimmed? Note: This particular TC Cargo LWB van is a XLT trim level with the vinyl front floor option. Sorry for the long post, but I've seen a lot of mods posted about using the area "under the front of the floor filler plates", but nothing about mounting a second row seat in the well. I know the first thought is "Why not buy a Passenger Wagon and remove the left second row bucket seat and rear row seats?" But, I need the extra floor to ceiling height and the extra wall to ceiling radius clearance of the untrimmed Cargo version. Thanks, Bill