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  1. PhotoAl

    Power sliding door and power lift gate?

    Ive never seen anything for the TC. Happy with the manual doors, the other day as I was dropping my grandkids off at mothers day out a mom in her Honda or Toyota started driving off with the side door open! She didn't stop just closed it while moving, made me very nervous. Ive wondered if there is an interlock to prevent opening the passengers side sliding door while fueling.
  2. PhotoAl

    Hi from the SF Bay Area!

    Welcome, have a 2016 TC wagon and am happy with the powertrain. Agree with david parker. Have a son in San Jose and my TC may make a trip out there but then again it may be my motorcycle.
  3. I'm with you on the mistrust although I can see the value in some situations like following a Honda - my daughters minivan is amazingly inconsistent on speed up and down hills with the cruse control on - I know its trying to avoid downshifting but its annoying.
  4. PhotoAl


    A great write-up! Thanks a bunch, I haven't had to poke around it it much yet. My son recently bought a Focus ST and Im sure he will be borrowing my scan took and computer when he has time.
  5. PhotoAl

    thank you ford NOT!

    When I bought my van (2016 model) I remember seeing the tire pressures in the screen but have not been able to access again. My Volt is happy to show the tire pressures in the dash display. I agree with you Fifty150 but think most drivers don't care. They want to just get in a turn the key and go. Amazing how complex the technology is in our society today and how few folks know how anything works.
  6. PhotoAl

    Hood Pull Broke

    yes that's what I figured. I park on the right side of the garage and walk around the van to get in. At least twice I've opened the passenger door and leaned across the seat to open the hood but couldn't because of the safety feature. A minor aggravation. This is the first vehicle I've had that has had something like that.
  7. PhotoAl

    Hood Pull Broke

    I looked at my 2016 with the 2.5 engine. It would be pretty tough but with some patience it might be possible to get to the latch from underneath with a a coat hanger. One of those flexible cameras would help. It might be possible to get to it from the grill but there wasn't an easy obvious way. Love the way the drivers door has to be open to release the hood.
  8. PhotoAl

    Basic Maintenance Suggestions

    This is for Fifty150: I heard that the reason some of the expensive European brands went to free service was the lease vehicles were coming back off lease with the oil having never been changed! I'm not trying to start a social commentary but its amazing how badly some folks take care of their vehicles. But again I have a couple of 2008 vehicles with the original antifreeze and brake fluid. It's on my agenda to change the brake fluid this spring. A year or two ago I did some Google research on antifreeze and the German brands all say life of vehicle for their antifreeze. I ran across knowledgable folks who backed it up. Only change if there is problem or issue that requires draining the system. Since I live in a place where really cold is 20F and totally frozen is 10F and one of the cars lives in a garage.
  9. PhotoAl

    Basic Maintenance Suggestions

    PWFX, know exactly what you are saying. I used to be in the camp of change it every 3, 4 or 5,000 miles. When I bought my Volt, i changed my ways. I have a lot of interstate miles but decided to go with the oil change indicator. I don't wait till the last moment but will let the oil life get down to 20 or 25 percent then change. The old systems where they just counted miles were not good but I like the new ones where they include they type of driving. My Volt for example ran on the batteries most of the time but I was making trips to see my mom every weekend. It was a 300 mile round trip in a day. About the best service you could ask for. The TC is a trip car and sees mostly highway miles. Again I expect longer life from the oil. So far Ive changed it about every 6,000 to 7,000 miles. As for the transmission my plan is 35,000 miles and I get it changed - plan is to see if I can find a good shop that will do a real flush not a drain and refill. IMO how you drive is as important as how you maintain. Always letting the engine and trans come up to temperature before hard acceleration makes a big difference.
  10. It really does look like it is part of that assemble. Mine is a 2016 with the rear lift gate. I took a photo of what the part looks like. You might be able to find one at a salvage yard. Without looking at any diagrams my guess is its part of the motor assembly and perhaps you could remove that and put on your motor.
  11. PhotoAl

    New to TC. Need your opinions

    The TC is a Ford Focus derivative and as such things that work on the cars are somewhat applicable to the TC. I really like the 2.0 turbo with the 6 speed. If you know how to deal with the electronics - ie swap over the computer, then it would be possible to have a descent amount of power. No idea how to go about a lift though. If you have a really big budget find a wrecked Focus RS and put the drivetrain under the TC.
  12. PhotoAl

    New 16 TC LWB XLT owner here

    Welcome, I also have a 2016 and have taken the rear seats out several times. I bought it new Nov of 2017 and it only has 13,000 miles on it. It was supposed to be a third vehicle for hauling stuff, trips etc. However after having it only a few months my son's car broke and he "borrowed" my other car. Finally after 7 months I got my Volt back am now back to my planned vehicle setup. He did manage to run the front of the Volt into the left rear corner of the TC! Fortunately just some minor scratches and the backup sensor on the corner wasn't damaged. It has been great for hauling my wife's 90 year old parents. Her father had terminal cancer and it was so much easier to get him into it than a car of SUV. He passed away at the end of last year but now we are taking mother-in-law places. She still drives locally but has very bad arthritis, the van is very easy for her to get in and out of. Sometimes I haul the 5 YO twin grandkids in it. And yes they did find something to compete about. Left side or right side, what's the difference? On the left side they can see the whole screen on the NAV system! In the Volt same issue but its the battery display which has wheels that turn and shows the engine and power flow.
  13. PhotoAl

    2014 LWB XLT - 38000 MILES!

    Welcome! My bicycle is a gravel road bike so probably not exactly what you have but Ive thought about carrying my bike inside. I was going to use a MDF board with a front axel mount fastened to it. would fit that between the two middle seats. I did take it on vacation last summer but took the wheels off and set everything on top of the mountain of luggage in the back. Put a heavy blanket over all that and had no problems. I could still see out the back without any issues. As mentioned above some good ideas on bike mounts in the threads above. I have a hit mount bike carrier but haven't used it yet.
  14. PhotoAl

    Transit connect 1.8 troubles help

    Im thinking something didn't go back together the way it was before, check all of the connections on the turbo and waste gate to make sure something isn't swapped, loose or disconnected. Im not familiar with the Ford turbos but most turbos Ive had have a waste gate and if the control is messed up then it could overboost which would cause the swelling - not a good thing as you can tell.
  15. PhotoAl

    a few dimentions

    Thanks, that is a very interesting file.