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  1. PhotoAl

    Top 5 Things About Your Transit Connect

    When I went to Yellowstone on my motorcycle I found ethanol free gas easy to find in Nebraska and westward. It was great, with a small tank I had to be very mindful of fuel mileage and really like the additional mileage from E0! In the TC and other cars I put whatever is in available in it but will buy E0 if available. Not going to use E15 if at all possible. Found this gas station in Kansas (which has the fewest gas stations of anywhere Iv'e ever been). I run E10 in my scooters and even though they sit for sometimes a couple of months Ive never had a problem with them. Seems like the blend and additives are pretty good from my experience. Not sure about other brands or cheaper gas. Scooters and motorcycle use so little gas I never look at the price, I'll even use premium in the scooters from time to time although it not necessary but at 80 or 100 MPG the cost is very small. Second photo is Wyoming - since I only got 2.12 gallons wonder how much ethanol was in the hose before the good stuff started flowing into my tank.
  2. I hear you having dealt with those type of fasteners with splash shields on several cars. Good idea to replace with the jack nuts, I probably wont do that until I have taken the splash pan off a few times. MY TC splash pan was the easiest to get off and on that I've seen. Others have been on VW's.
  3. PhotoAl

    Cant wait to buy 1! For work and Fun

    Congrats on your new to you gen 1. Although I have a gen 2 and love it the gen 1s have a charm that isn't quite matched by the newer ones. We need to know what kind of motorcycle you are hauling around. That's one of the reasons I bought a TC. However I have yet to haul it anywhere, I just ride instead :-) I regularly haul a scooter in the van but rebuilt an old Holzclaw motorcycle trailer to haul my motorcycle. John Son Don't know what your budget is but I bought my 2016 TC at the end of November last year. It was brand new and I got a great deal on it. Im not crazy about the color (white) but wound up with a Titanium with the Ford MySynd radio with navigation. It wound up being just a little more than a good used one from someone like CarMax. I had to drive a few hundred miles to get it but I'm very happy with it. I spent several months looking for one (partially because my wife forced me to fix up the old car and get ride of it and one motorcycle first). When I was looking there didn't seem to be a lot of difference in price between different years say 14, 15 or 16. In 17 they went to the Sync 3 radio over the Ford My Touch.
  4. PhotoAl

    Top 5 Things About Your Transit Connect

    OK, here is my camping rig. :-) Sorry has nothing to do with my TC, no room for pet or wife or friend just me and the open road. My wife said she doesn't like to camp and will not ride on the back of the motorcycle. Maybe has something to do with a scooter crash with her on the back. For those who are curious it is Dubois Wyoming, 4,100 miles in 11 days.
  5. PhotoAl

    gen2 in winter

    Sorry can't help too much. Here severe cold is below 20 F and when it snows I keep it in the garage - people here can't drive in the rain much less snow!
  6. PhotoAl

    Another "New to Forum"

    Welcome, lots of good info and friendly folks.
  7. Thought about my Kawasaki ZX6R 636 but decided it would be tight on height. My current BMW F800GT would not fiydue to tall windscreen. I have a small trailer (old Holzclaw) that I put a wood deck on and it is perfect for the motorcycles. I only plan on hauling one and the total weight is only about 800 pounds so is a good tow weight. ive been hauling my Kymco Compagno 110i which is about 200 pounds and is about as easy as the Metropolitan to get in and out. One way to think of the Kymco is a Metropolitian that will do 60mph. 🙂
  8. PhotoAl

    Top 5 Things About Your Transit Connect

    Wow that that is a tough merge! Places like that is where I liked my Kawasaki Ninja, it woul do 0-60 in 3 seconds. Had traction control so wouldn’t wheelie or spin the rear tire. It was lightning fast when needed. However not much protection. When I was in Sunnyvale and San Jose I thought the drivers were much better than here.
  9. PhotoAl

    Top 5 Things About Your Transit Connect

    My son has a 2005 Vibe GT which has been across the country several times. From Alabama to LA to Gainesville FL to Albuquerque to Gainesville FL to Malta NY and currently in San Jose CA. It is one of the most comfortable long distance cars I have been in. My '16 TC LWB Wagon gets as low as 17MPG around the neighborhood which is very hilly, 26 to 27 on the interstate at 75 to 80. Sometime 80 is the slow speed on the interstate around here! I drive pretty slow most of the time. I love the small size and incredible versatility! I can haul 6 people, fold the rear seats down and cary lots of stuff. A couple of weeks ago took the rear seats out, folded the middle seats down and hauled my scooter and gear to the track. On Sunday evening unloaded everything and put the two car seats in for taking to twin grandchildren to preschool. Came back and put one rear seat in and the carseats out and hauled my 90 year old in-laws, my sister-in-law and my wife to the doctors visit. My father-in-law is almost bedridden and it was much easier to help him move from the wheelchair to the TC seat. Just stand up and pivot. I put my wife in the very back - she is almost 5' 1" tall and very agile for her age. stowed the wheelchair beside the rear seat and away we went! After the doctors visit which took almost 4 hours we went thru the drive thru at Chick-fil-A. The van is so quiet I could clearly hear what my mother-in-law wanted me to order. My sister-in-law has the big Ford SUV and it is quite a climb for my mother-in-law who is 90 with very bad arthritis. She really likes the van. My daughter has a Honda van and it is nice with all of the touches like power doors and tailgate and has a little longer cargo area with all of the seats folded, it does not have the headroom or versatility. I like the manual doors and lift gate, more effort but less to break.
  10. Mine is not the quietest vehicle I've had but way from the loudest. I can tell a difference in the noise depending on how I have it configured. If all of the seats are folded it noisier or if the back seats are out it makes a bit more noise but certainly not loud. As for the AC it is fine, haven't noticed any problems here in the hot humid south. The rear AC does get loud if I turn up the fan speed but it's only been a few occasions and not for long that Ive needed to do that. It does ride and handle well and IMO Ford did an excellent job balancing cargo capacity and ride comfort. Compared to the Dodge commercial van I rented As for loud that would go to my Kawasaki Ninja with the shortie exhaust. It sounded fantastic particularly at high RPM but did I say loud!I I always wear earplugs when riding any distance or on the interstate but with that bike earplugs were a necessity. Edit: Did you take your CBX to the Vintage Festival? Ive been there since Thursday.
  11. My Volt had a chip in the windshield for many months. Last year as I was pulling out of my driveway a hickory nut fell on it just above the chip. Crack I then had a circular crack originating with the chip! Went to Safelight and got a replacement. I went to their shop but will get them to come to me next time.
  12. PhotoAl

    Turn-key camping conversion

    Looked at your trip blog. Looks like lots of fun. I went from Grand Island Nebraska in a big clockwise circle thru some of the same places. Although retired had time constraints, my wife didn’t go as 1 she doesn’t ride on motorcycles with me (may be related to scooter crash in Italy when she was on the back but she was ok) and 2 she doesn’t like to camp. Going out I rode mostly interstates but on the way back did almost all secondary roads. They were very good and it was much more interesting. Also was caught on the western side of a low pressure system for 3 days, one was really bad with rain and wind. It’s apparent there is a side wind when the raindrops are going horizontaly across the helmet visor. Spent three nights in Dubois Wyoming camping, very nice area. My cooking consisted of picking off the menu at a restaurant.
  13. PhotoAl

    Turn-key camping conversion

    Very nice! Like the way it slides out for use and is easy to put up. My current camper conversion looks like this 😁and doesn’t include a stove or ice chest. Seriously nice part about the camping module is it’s something that can be put in and removed easily. Will enjoy hearing how your trip goes.
  14. PhotoAl

    Front End Noise

    Haven’t seen it discussed on this board as a problem. Are the boots torn? A torn boot will cause a CV joint to fail.
  15. Surprising and interesting, electric vehicles are certainly coming and offer a different driving experience. The prototype mockups sounds great, the one in the photo looks like a 3D printed mock-up. Hope they are right about the electrics, not an SUV fan and wonder about abandoning cars in the US market. I consider myself a performance oriented consumer. My Volt really opened my eyes to what driving an electric vehicle is like. The plug in charging is great, I could go weeks without buying gas or if I wanted to take a 300 mile drive to visit my mom I could do that. I’m not ready for pure electric or electric motorcycles yet. Regenerative braking really changed how I drive, even how I drive the TC. After my recent motorcycle trip to Yellowstone, there are many places outside of the dense population centers that don’t have many gasoline stations. Eventually a good charging network will evolve and electric vehicles offer enormous benefits to electricity production and consumption. Most cars spend substantial amounts of time stopped, if connected to an intelligent network of charging stations they could smooth the ups and downs of electricity generation from wind and solar.