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  1. +1 on keeping the alcohol in the glass not in the tank. I’m in the middle of a camping trip from Alabama thru Yellowstone and back. In Wyoming most of the gas stations have no ethanol in premium! I’ve been getting much better gas mileage with that fuel. At home the gaslight goes on at 140 miles. Yesterday it didn’t go on till 220 Miles. I did have a good bit of slower riding in the Tetons so that helped as well. Oh, must say I’m on my BMW F800GT motorcycle. I’m thinking the gas blend plus the lack of ethanol is what’s making a difference. I also found out what chip tar is.
  2. PhotoAl

    Replacing tires 2016 TC

    For many years I’ve bought tires online usually because they were not available locally. I’ve used a couple of local shops which do good work who mount the tires for me. Before they were a big name I ran Yohahama ultra performance tires on my BMW. Never had a problem. I’m picky about tires and brakes as they help avoid accidents. The whole car parts marketplace has gotten much more competitive and difficult in recent years and it is sometimes hard to know which cheap part is good quality. As for tires I’ve been running Michelin and Continental on my cars. Wife’s Smart car runs an unusual size which is also expensive. Motorcycles have run Michelin Pilot Road 2, 3 and 4s except on the Ninja ran Bridgestone S20 and S21s. Around here it usually doesn’t get that cold and if it snows the cars stay in the garage. Doesn’t matter what tire I’ve got, folks can’t drive in warm dry weather much less inclement weather. Snow and ice plus one of them makes for a great YouTube video. Of of couse some pu and SUV drivers are good.
  3. PhotoAl

    Ford Celebrates Production of 10 Millionth Mustang

    To me the looks are not so much retro. It’s a nice performance car, with the turbo and handling package it does well as a budget sports car (not a Miata). The Boss 302 in recent years was a very nice car for track days and entertaining to watch. I’m always amazed at how expensive the GT’s during my rare Ford dealership visits. I’d but a used C6 Corvette before I’d buy a new Mustang GT.
  4. PhotoAl

    A newby from Oregon

    Welcome! Funny you have an Astro van, we had the GMC version (Safari) which my wife drove the wheels off of! Literally! The right front ball joint failed twice in the 210,000 Miles we had it. All our kids have many stories of being driven around it. Took it camping to Disney a couple of times. Wife went from Safari to Smart car and hasn’t looked back. The Safari was running up one of the tires went flat and it didn’t get driven and then the fuel pump failed. It went away a few months before I got the TC. Now my wife doesn’t drive the TC as “it’s so big”. The engine bay on the TC is fantastic compared to the Safari - I remember changing an alternator when my wife went to visit our older son at college. It was a couple of hours away and a thunderstorm came up. Nice thing was the alternator was reached by removing the engine cover and most of the work was inside the van. Not an easy job though. From what I see the TC’s are reliable vehicles, not so many wagon version around. I have my rear seats out and will probably not put them back in until I need to haul more than 4 people. Tomorrow I’m taking my daughter and son to IKEA to look for furniture for his new appartment. With the seats out there is a lot of space and can even slide a box between the two middle seats - I have the captains seats in the middle row. I like the captains seats as can leave them in an still get my scooter in. Mike: since you teach repair, the right front ball joint made a clunking noise from almost the day we got it. The dealer looked at it several times, had a couple of other mechanics look at it and nobody could find anything. Sometime around 75,000 miles it catastrophically failed - in her parents driveway!! Had it fixed and the same thing happened about 75,000 miles later! That time she was doing about 10 mph!
  5. Hopefully you will have better results with the TC now that problem is fixed and you have a reasonable proficient dealer. the TC is a great people hauler, my 90 year old mother-in-law like it. She has difficulty walking due to arthritis, the TC is not low or highland she gets in easily. Today I had my 4 1/2 year old twins, the girl said my roof was very high and demonstrated how she couldn’t jump up and touch it. My daughter has a Honda Odessey. Other day day at Home Depot I saw a fella with a Chevy pickup. He rolled his wheelchair up and the drivers door slid outwards, he rolled into position and it picked him up and slid closed. First one of those I’ve seen. Really cool.
  6. I’ve driven diesel cars in Europe and had no problem. Not particularly fast but got great mileage. Interestingly they seemed to be somewhat easier to stall and the stall was more abrupt. Low speed torque was abundant and with front wheel drive it was also easy to get some wheel spin when starting. According to my son a gallon of diesel fuel has more energy than gasoline and coupled with the increased efficiency of a diesel design they have better fuel mileage. as for efficiency I often wonder what kind of mileage the big 4 wheel drive pickups are getting at 90 mph which seems to be a popular speed around here. Mike, I’m off on my bicycle ride with helmet T-shirt and mountain bike shorts. Most “real” cyclists don’t greet me as they are too cool in their spandex.
  7. PhotoAl

    Lost Membership Card.

    Returning to the original topic, I vote for another TC. I’m still happy with mine. Changed the oil ta month ago and it was easy, yes had to get the ramps out, undo the undertray but it was straightforward with room to work. It’s not a perfect vehicle but I’m still very happy with it. Wish I could figure out how to put about 300 hp in it. Took my first long trip in it last month, 1,200 miles round trip. Seats weren’t perfect but were not bad either, it kept up with traffic on I75 in Florida and Georgia. With the new hands free law in Georgia it was nice having the Sync. Navigation was nice, Waze is sometimes better but don’t have to worry about cell reception with Navigation. There are somewhat similar vehicles out there but the TC does what I want better than anything else out there. And I’m somewhat unique, don’t see myself driving around. My daughter has a brown Odessey, see her everywhere I go. About to to take a trip out west to Colorado or Wyoming but will take the BMW - motorcycle.
  8. PhotoAl

    No crank no start

    Welcome! have you tried removing the replaced fuse and then starting?
  9. PhotoAl

    Turn Signal front left and Flasher.

    Hummmm, that is good you replace the entire lens unit. I'm thinking wiring or connector problem between the bulb and the control module. My first step would be to check connections at the module. Not sure where it's located but could check continuity from the connector at the control module. My logic is that since it looks like a bulb out, then it is probably a connection. Could be a problem inside the module but think that is less probable. Keep us posted, I'm curious as to the problem. Check to make sure the bulb is connected on both sides. Is the return path thru a ground to the chassis?
  10. PhotoAl

    Cornucopia of problems. I need therapy.

    Love the From, they are a fun bike, I keep trying to come up with a reason to buy one but haven't yet. As for the TC, when you say the body is perfect and the interior is good, i'd be looking at a used motor. If it's running OK at the moment keep on going but talk to folks you know and be on the lookout for a motor and a reputable shop to install it. IMO the hardest part of getting a vehicle repaired is finding someone I trust to do the work. Was talking to someone about how common the Japanese 4 cylinder motorcycle engines (Honda CBR600RR etc) are and how easy it is to get parts and have work done on then. They countered with yes and "there are lots of folks who think they know how to work on them".
  11. My guess is the microswitch in the door lock mechanism is bad or out of adjustment. It has happened on some of the VW's I've had but they don't have the buzzing. Autolock and stuff like that quits working. For that some folks have figured out what microswitch to replace it with and have replaced just that instead of the whole mechanism ($$$$).
  12. PhotoAl

    Turn Signal front left and Flasher.

    Could be the bulb holder has some corrosion if the lens was cracked and moisture got in. Had that problem with a tail light on one of the kids cars. If that's the case I've had success with scraping the contact points on the connector to make sure they are clean. Once it's working use dielectric grease on the contacts to prevent future corrosion. At lease one cracked tail light was due to a boyfriend (now son-in-law) running a shopping cart into a taillight.
  13. PhotoAl

    New-ish Owner

    Agree with you Mike. When I bought my Volt decided to just go with the oil life monitor in the car. Has been very nice and worry free. I did change the oil on my TC at 5,200 Miles as when I bought it it was a model year old and had been sitting around a while. Only exception to the oils are the VW turbos I’ve had. 2 1.8t’s and 1 2.0 TSI, the 1.8t’s cooked almost any oil which said to me a poor design or undersized oil cooler. The 2.0 TSI has been better about cooking the oil (sludging) but at 75,000 has three separate internal engine part failures which are all design related. No engine codes thrown either. Maybe it wasn’t designed to fail but was poorly designed :-) When end I changed the oil in the TC it was so easy, the drain plug and filter were easy to reach. Removing and replacing the under panel was also much better than on the VWs. Love the way it fits into place and the screws and clips can be put back in place easily. Rhino Ramps were a big help as well.
  14. PhotoAl

    Newbie from Essex, UK

    Welcome, lots of knowledgeable folks here so ask questions. People will certainly respond.
  15. PhotoAl

    Repair Manual

    Here is a link to a manual. I think there is an official factory manual as well. I intend on purchasing this manual after my warranty is closer to being up. https://www.factory-manuals.com/expand-ford-transit-connect-2013-2014-2015-2016-2017-2018-factory-repair-manual-344.html