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  1. PhotoAl

    What a Great TC Surprise! New TC Owner

    Welcome and quite an interesting journey. LOL my TC wagon is about the only vehicle I have that wasn't bought in a hurry. I actually took my time and searched for the right stuff and good price. Tire are a frequent topic here, I haven't looked into any alternatives as don't drive it a lot and don't need extra ground clearance.
  2. PhotoAl

    Seat change out

    I have a 2016 six passenger. Many times I have the 3rd row seat out - I'm not sure I would describe them as light :-) My garage is full of junk scooters and a motorcycle and don't have a good storage spot so keep them in the van mostly. From what I've seen of the 2nd row bucketsI don't think the 3rd row seat would fit in their place. I do really enjoy to two seats with the passthru instead of the 3 seat bench. I think it would be an easy swap to replace the 3 seat split bench with two 2nd row buckets. Might find someone who wants to go from 2 middle to 3 middle seats.
  3. PhotoAl

    Mobile Bicycle Mechanic writing from Annapolis Maryland

    Welcome! Love my 2016 TC wagon. It hauls pretty much everything from my scooter to my mother-in-law to my twin grandkids. I have the Titanium version with 6 passenger leather seats - got a good deal on it. While I cannot stand up in it, the headroom is fantastic particularly considering the exterior size. Doesn't feel as small as it is and actually handles pretty well for a van. I routinely take out the third row seats which gives a bit more vertical space. When hauling my scooter (265 pounds 110CC) it makes loading easier. Recently went to the beach for a couple of weeks (in mid summer the beaches near Sarasota are pretty empty during the week so no trouble even on weekends with social distancing). Pretty well loaded with my wife and I and mother-in-law. Area behind middle row was loaded within a foot of the top. My gravel road bike was on top of the piled to take both wheels off but it rode very easily there - I did put a strap around the wheels and fame as a restraint just in case of an accident the bicycle would not come forward. Mother-in-law has very bad arthritis and is just able to walk with a walker. The seat height in the TC is perfect for her, she doesn't have to climb up or sit down - just ease into the seat. It goes down the interstate nicely although in hilly terrain it likes to downshift. LOL Used to take the grandkids to preschool and pick them up and sometimes picked them up from kindergarten. The TC confounds most folks helping with loading and unloading the twins as the doors are not power operated! I even had to explain to one 6th grader how to open the door. :-) As a bicycle mechanic I would think a cargo version would be nice as you could put a bicycle rack in the back to hold several bikes as well as a hitch mounted rack. As you can find out from threads on this site, there is not a lot of difference between the cargo version and the wagon (people hauler). Most folks with the cargo version seem to like the windows in the sliding doors for visibility. Personally I prefer the rear lift gate to the doors as it give a place out of the rain when up. I would also recommend the Sync 3 system for the convince of having handsfree phone capability and Apple CarPlay or the Android version are nice for navigation. I take long solo motorcycle trips and cell service is not perfect in some remote areas and I like having a GPS based navigation system. A Garmin works well also. Note that the rear hitch is only rated for 200 ponds of tongue weight. There has been a lot of debate on here about that and my best guess is the hitch may hold more but the gross vehicle weight is the bigger issue and there limits the towing capability and tong weight. I have the factory hitch and will not exceed the 200 pound weight limit. Aftermarket hitches are readily available and easy to install. I like the factory hitch as it comes with the trailer lights controller already installed and if you have the rear sensors there is a button to silence them when towing. I'm super happy with my TC and would buy it again.
  4. PhotoAl

    Hello! I'm after remap advice

    I would expect a remapping would not be good for the warranty. In the event anything went wrong Ford would first point to the remapping. In addition remapping may run afoul of law and regulations particularly emissions. In the motorcycle world remapping is very common and can yield very good results if done correctly. IMO modern engines run very lean and have rough spots and uneven response to throttle input. Remapping can fix a lot of these things and I would not be surprised to see it increase both power and fuel economy, if you use the new power frequently in may negate any efficiency improvements because as Gideon points out the physics is physics.
  5. PhotoAl

    Help Please

    Congratulations and a great van you have. Somehow I'm not at all surprised at your experience. Experience has taught me doing it myself usually get it done right but takes time. I am usually disappointed by dealerships and their service. Last week I was on vacation near Sarasota. TC had a rear tire with a small screw in it. Got online and chatted with a local dealer about could they fix it? Person chatting got my name and number but they never called back. It was a short notice but still would have taken just a moment to call and say "sorry but can't fit you in". Instead now I have a dislike for that dealership and harm has been done to Ford's reputation. Wound up driving 600 miles home with the slow leak and took it to my local tire shop who fixed it without any issues. I have used them for many years started way back in the last century when I would mail order tires for my BMW that could not be found locally. Same people were there this week but now we have masks on. Over the years have learned that plugged drains are the source of many problems. Sold my son's old Jetta wagon to a fella who worked for APR (turbo folks in Auburn AL and a great group). He posed the headliner and replaced the drain couplings and cleaned the drains. Amazing how simple some stuff is when you know how to do it, and again there are those things that are hard no matter how many times you have done it!
  6. My first thought is something is not right when radiator not heating up but car too hot, seems like lack of flow to me. IMO dealership doesn't know as much as I do :-0 I have always used the heater as an emergency heat dump when my car overheated - LOL my daughter still talks about driving her Volvo (or SAAB) to college with the heater going! I did have a SAAB (different one) - flushed it and replaced coolant but ran hot, replaced radiator and that fixed it. Seemed like something had built up inside the radiator which caused it to not work as well. New radiator put everything right. Im still stuck on the part where the mechanic could read 253F and yet you could touch the radiator. How about the upper radiator hose? When they refilled the engine and radiator after replacing hoses and water pump did they bleed the system? I'm not familiar with the 2.5 engine but some are difficult to get air bubbles out of. My motorcycle is notorious for that and it has to be vacuum filled. It overheated at the end of a 5,500 mile trip. Took to dealer who said it had an air pocket at the top of the radiator and the engine was filled with water. It was fixed but I'm still trying to figure that one out - only one place has ever worked on that bike. In case you haven't figured it out I don't trust dealerships. EDIT: Rereading your post, when you say after a bit heat came out of heater. I think they have a valve which blocks flow thru it until heat is requested so it was probably full of cold antifreeze (or air if they didn't cycle valve during filling.
  7. PhotoAl

    Cylinder #2 Misfire

    Good news and good move on the hoses and gaskets. If not replaced guaranteed to have small leak in the most difficult to replace hose. Easy to access hoses never break!
  8. Nice! Before CV I did a lot of race photography but not any RallyCross. That looks like lots of fun. See you are running Nicky Haydens (last American to win a MotoGP championship) number.
  9. It's not perfect but generally a reliable engine if maintained with proper oil and oil change intervals. At 70,000 miles I would get the transmission fluid changed. I would want a very good price for the 2018. I started off looking at used TCs in mid 2017. Wound up buying a new 2016 with over $7,000 off as it was only $3,000 more than the nice used ones of the same vintage or a year older. I haven't looked recently but at that time there was not much difference in price between a 14, 15 or 16. 16's had higher prices usually because mileage was lower. Too bad you can't get the one from TC-stretch4044, looks like a nice one.
  10. PhotoAl

    Removing Factory Roof Rails?

    I have a 2016 very similar. Sorry don't have the complete answer but dropping the headliner is tedious with lots of hidden clips and then there are the airbags. I did it on a 2008 VW Rabbit to redo the headliner. If I did it about 10 times would get good at it but just one time was a pain. I think some of the parts diagrams show the locations of the clips. When I first got the van really wanted to put stuff on top but then fixed my tiny trailer up and now haul stuff on that. I have a pair of crossbars that have never been installed but have the factory roof rails.
  11. PhotoAl

    Greetings from the Wiregrass!

    Welcome and good to see a loyal Ford customer. My son has an '18 ST which has been a great car for him. Previous girlfriend complained about it - she fell by the wayside. I have been super happy with my 2016 TC Titanium which does everything from hauling elderly inlays to grandkids to all kinds of stuff. LOL way back in the day before CV I would pick the twin grandkids up from school sometimes. Nobody knows how to deal with a van without power doors. My first new car was a Ford Fiesta S in 1978, after that a Merkur XR4Ti and then disaster struck, an '88 Taurus wagon (actually the wife's car) - after that took a break for a while. I've always liked the European Fords and have desired an RS but at the time had a Honda CBR600RR which was lots of fun. A couple of time I rode by the junior high school as the kids were arriving - hateful looks from moms, girls mostly didn't notice but most of the boys stared. Of course I was on my vey best behavior, no wheelies.
  12. PhotoAl

    Bicycle Stand

    That is really nice, holds it really well and I like the strap holding it down. Easy to remove when not hauling the bike. My only suggestion fro improvement would be to fasten the rear of the bike down in case of an accident - you may have done that just not in pic.
  13. PhotoAl

    5W-30 Synthetic Oil Use

    LOL, OK Beta Don, I have my engineering degree and therefore get a free pass on spelling :-) My favorite oil is the one on sale, Castrol preferred if I can get a deal on it but will run other brands. IMO modern engines are so good that most any good synthetic oil changed at the recommended intervals will not have any failures due to poor lubrication. All the problems I've seen in recent years have been due to design screw ups. Best illustration I personally have is VW's timing chain tensioner design. My son's VW Jetta 2.0T had one fail which destroyed the engine. Took a $6,000 loss on the car and just got rid of it. Last I looked at that engine they were on over 10 on the revisions/modifications to the tensioner. I can understand one or 2 over a multiyear period but soo many???? Have been much more particular about the oil in my motorcycles until my current BMW F800GT. Bought it used with a maintenance plan and just take it in and have them do the scheduled maintenance. Fantastic middle weight sport touring bike except the engine has no soul. Came off of a 600cc class sport bike and love the character the inline 4 engines have. Full throttle shifts at 15,000 or 16,000RPMs sounds so good. Couldn't make more than 2 on the street before in go to jail territory. I don't push the envelope on performance in my vehicles - yup the accelerator pedal get pushed to the floor from time to time but don't haul heavy loads or do a lot of short trips. It does get hot here but not like in Arizona. Im concerned about the transmission fluid but again regular changes and expect it to be OK but will probably go with a better fluid if I can figure out what that is.
  14. WOW, when I haul my scooter I always put it in the center just in case something like that happens and the straps were to fail it would go between the seats. I use multiple straps, one is a 3" belt and the other two 1.5" for a scooter that weight about 250 pounds. Good point about loose stuff in the back. Hauling stuff always like to put heavy stuff down low.
  15. PhotoAl

    5W-30 Synthetic Oil Use

    Mobile 1 is not my favorite oil. Used to be a real synthetic but they changed how it was made about that time. I had a VW Jetta with the 1.8 turbo. Those engines were really bad about slugging due to the hight temperatures the oil saw. I saw some slugging with Mobile 1 and checked and it did not state VW's certification. Changed to an oil was did have the VW certification and slugging wasn't so bad. I'm down to my last VW which my daughter drives and when it's gone will not get another. Too many mechanical problems. I will run Mobile 1 in the van but it's not my preferred oil.