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  1. Have had mine about a year and a half. Started looking for used, hoping to get a 6 passenger wagon with 15 to 20 thousand miles. Reason for buying was to haul my scooter to the racetrack, haul stuff, haul grandkids, haul 90 year old inlaws pull a small trailer and occasionally camp in. So far have done everything but camp in it - have taken two motorcycle camping trips instead. I was looking for a 6 passenger configuration LWB and hoped to get roof racks and a towing package. In the fall of 2017 they were hard to find in my area - new or used. Wound up driving 300 miles and bought a new 2016 in the fall of 2017. The difference in price was not that much more than one a new one particularly if factoring in the value of warranty and wear and tear on the vehicle and tires. I'm no expert but seems like in this market, a lightly used vehicle is more expensive than a new one if the new models are discounted. I looked a small amount at the Nissan and Chevy but didn't really consider as they are more competitors to the work van. There is really not a direct competitor to the LWB wagon version.
  2. PhotoAl

    Hello from Oakland!

    Welcome For sleeping I'd recommend a three section foam mattress that can be folded up into sort of a sofa when not a bed. Ive looked into several on Amazon. I was going to recommend a roof rack for 4x8 plywood. I have a very small trailer that was originally intended to haul my motorcycle but has actually been used for hauling lumber. Its an old Holtzclaw dirt bike trailer that I made a 42"x6' wood deck for.
  3. PhotoAl


    Fun!! I just replaced the battery in my daughters 2008 VW Rabbit. Battery box cover, disconnect air inlet tube from MAF sensor, unplug MAF sensor, remove engine cover, unbolt battery, undo terminals and lift out. Did the wife's Smart car a couple of months ago, it lives under the passengers feet. Not super difficult to get to but very difficult mauuvering a battery into position while laying one my side in across the seats with arms extended. Battery in my Volt - well it will go back to the dealer. MY TC lives in a garage which hopefully will extend the life of the battery.
  4. PhotoAl

    No AC after Carwash

    I would be suspicious of a connection getting wet, maybe belt for compressor getting wet and slipping but Id be surprised at that.
  5. PhotoAl

    No love in Brooklyn

    Like the red! I have the white which my daughter refers to as the creeper van! Im interested in how the smaller engine does.
  6. LOL, no just use them for transportation around the track. I photograph races and have a fair amount of camera gear. Scooter is also a great place to set the cooler filled with ice and drinks - essential in the south during summertime.
  7. PhotoAl

    On the way!

    Welcome, it will be a real upgrade from a KIA Rondo. I occasionally camp but transport my tent on my motorcycle. I can sit up but not stand up in the tent, not that you will be able to stand up in the TC but its a lot better than a tent. Last night I was reading up on activating my Garmin Inreach Mini, lots of backpackers have them. Interesting to read their reviews although Im using for motorcycle trips.
  8. PhotoAl

    Tire size settings in Forscan

    OLDSCHOOLFOOL, congrats on retirement. Now welcome to the busy life! I have a GPS app on my phone that is a speedometer. I use it to check the accuracy of speedometers on all my vehicles when I get them. Volt, TC and Honda CBR600RR were almost perfect Kawasaki ZX6R 636 was very optimistic. 90 indicated was about 81 real, all the folks bragging about doing 140 weren't going that fast :-) My BMW motorcycle is 4 or 5 off at an indicated 80. Stock TC is nice as I don't have to continually do a calculation in my head to figure out how fast Im really going.
  9. Asa grandparent to 5 YO twins I think the Transit Connect is a great solution. I have a 2016 TC LWB Titanium that I purchased in late November 2017. Got a great deal as it had been sitting around for almost a year. I like Car Gurus for locating vehicles. I go the van to: Haul the twin grandkids Haul my wife's 90 YO parents Take long trips haul my scooter - I have tw Hondas and a Kymco Take to the race track hauling a scooter inside and after taking scooter out be able to sleep inside Haul stuff Tow a trailer It has done everything but camp (so far) and has done it very well. It is easy to get in and out of - seats are not too high or too low. My father-in-law had cancer and at the last 3 months of his life I took him to the doctor and hospital. The TC was easy to get him in and out of due to seat heights. My mother-in-law has very bad arthritis and the seats are very easy for her to get in and out of. Easy to put the twins in and out of and the taller roof makes it easy to get in and fasten them in their car seats. I have the 6 passenger version and like the gap between the middle seats for access to the rear. The van feels much bigger than it really is and fits into my garage nicely. I take my rear seats out when I haul a scooter although it's not necessary. With the higher roofline its easy to put large objects inside with the door openings being the limiting factor. The rear lift gate is nice and in the rain provides a cover. A while back I got caught in a rainstorm with the twins while at Costco. Put both of the in the buggy with my giant umbrella over them. I got wet but they didn't. When I got to the van was able to open the rear lift gate and they could walk thru and get into their car seats. The TC has a little mirror that folds down so that I can observe them in their seats - works better than the one in the Odyssey surprisingly. I got the WeatherTech floor mats and the giant rear mat that goes over the rear seats (both rows) when they are folded. It helps make a bit better platform for loading stuff. I also use it when the rear two seats are out. For loading the scooter I use a piece of MDF board primarily for the center stand. Considering it is a van it drives very nicely. It corners very well (for what it is) and is not too soft. I would imagine it would be closer to a Fit than other vans like the Odyssey. I don't do VW any more after having 2 engines prematurely self destruct. My daughter (mother of the twins) has a 3 year old Honda Odyssey which she loves. The TC handles way better than the Odyssey but doesn't have as much power and is not as smooth.
  10. PhotoAl

    Liftgate release switch upgrade

    That is nice to know - a great addition. Thanks!!!!
  11. Great temporary conversion. I really like using the magnets to hold the curtains in place. I've looked a lot on Amazon at three section foam mattresses. My TC camping will probably be at a racetrack. I carry my scooter to get around the track so bedding would have to fold up out of the way. However my only camping trip has been on my motorcycle. Last summer I had reservations at several KOAs for tent camping sites but wound up upgrading to a cabin instead. At the end of a 530 mile 93 degree F day on a motorcycle the thought of sleeping in front of an AC unit is very powerful. I did camp three nights in my tent which was very nice. Since I was in Dubois Wyoming I didn't worry about violence from people.
  12. PhotoAl

    Hello from Florida!

    Welcome, I see you chose the most popular color :-) same as mine. Nice van, a fair number of miles but shouldn't be too bad as it probably spent a lot of time on the interstate and not stop and go. I've had good success with diatamiatious earth (Im an engineer so can't spell) for roaches and bugs.
  13. Know what you mean about the 3rd row access. I cary my twin grandkids and with the two carseats installed its not too bad getting into the 3rd row - I have the 6 passenger version. It not at all uncommon in the US to have a 6 passenger version. Most of the LWB TC's with leather seats are the 6 passenger version although I did see a few cloth seat versions when I was looking for a van. As Fifty150 says I pretty sure the mounting points are different, not sure how difficult it would be to convert from 7 passenger to a 6 passenger assuming the seats were available. The second row with 2 seats has two seats that are similar while the 2nd row with 3 seats is a single seat and a double seat. Im sure it could be done but might get expensive.
  14. PhotoAl


    Now this would make a perfect TC power plant :-) if you could afford that ... for the curious its the back of an Audi R8 race car
  15. PhotoAl

    Hello from France