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  1. Know what you mean about the 3rd row access. I cary my twin grandkids and with the two carseats installed its not too bad getting into the 3rd row - I have the 6 passenger version. It not at all uncommon in the US to have a 6 passenger version. Most of the LWB TC's with leather seats are the 6 passenger version although I did see a few cloth seat versions when I was looking for a van. As Fifty150 says I pretty sure the mounting points are different, not sure how difficult it would be to convert from 7 passenger to a 6 passenger assuming the seats were available. The second row with 2 seats has two seats that are similar while the 2nd row with 3 seats is a single seat and a double seat. Im sure it could be done but might get expensive.
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    Now this would make a perfect TC power plant :-) if you could afford that ... for the curious its the back of an Audi R8 race car
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    Hello from France

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    Thats what I need for my daily driver!
  5. PhotoAl

    New owner from TX

    Welcome, Titanium is a nice work van. I have a '16 Titanium and really enjoy it. It is multipurpose, take trips with just my wife and I, haul the twin 5yo grandkids around. Haul the 90YO mother-in-law around. She has very bad arthritis and the TC is perfect for her to get in and out of. I just spent the last week shopping for a new car for her. First step was the entry and exit test, then the controls operation test. The TC was the benchmark but she refused to consider one. After people hauling there is stuff hauling. I have the 6 passenger configuration, fold down all the seats and put the big WeatherTech mat over everything and have hauled dish washers, double ovens, TVs and my scooter. Take the back two seats out and there is even more space. When Im hauling a scooter will typically take them out as it's easier to load. Last summer we took a long vacation in Florida. Our single daughter came with us along with a mountain of stuff including my bicycle. Everything fit inside the van with good visibility out over the top of everything. When taking the rear seats out check to make sure to keep up with the two rubber pieces, Ive lost one of mine but it seems to work fine and doesn't rattle. The bolts are a bit finicky about threading back in - be careful about not cross threading. I use a small Ryobi 18V impact driver to take them out but usually put them in by hand. The impact driver is good for wheel lug nuts after they are loosened a bit and for putting them back on but I always tighten by hand with a torque wrench. A torque wrench and thread locker are two of my favorite tools - probably has something to do with motorcycles. I have the factory hitch and have done some towing but no more than 600 or 700 pounds. My trailer is very small and is difficult to see in the side mirrors. If you have the backup sensors a hitch will drive them crazy, there is a button in the center to disable the sensors. There is some discussion on here about the transmission fluid not really being lifetime fluid. If you are not hauling a lot of weight or a heavy trailer IMO the transmission fluid is good for 50,000 to 60,000 miles, I would change it then. I have a 2008 VW Rabbit with a similar transmission and have the fluid changed every 30,000 miles or so after first changing it at about 65,000 miles. I had a second 2008 Rabbit which was traded on my TC which had 99,000 miles on it and had never had the fluid changed and it seemed to drive OK - it started life as a rental car, my older daughter bought it, I bought it from her when they had twins and my younger son drove it for 2 or 3 years. Probably more than you wanted to read about transmission fluid. For oil changes the TC sits too low to really do it in the garage. I bought two Rhino ramps from Amazon https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0117EETEK/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 The TC goes up on them without hitting and they get it up enough I can get unger it for an oil change. Instead of a plastic panel the TC has a pressed mat under the engine. Not too difficult to get off and on, unlike VWs it will actually fit in place and not fall down which makes getting the first screws back in much easier. If you don't have the roof rack cross pieces, they are a bit of a hassle to get or are expensive to buy from Ford. I think all Titaniums in '16 came with the big center display and the fog/cornering lamps. I have the navigation package which is a hassle to program but works well and uses my phone data link to update traffic status. Handsfree works well also. The grandkids always laugh when I call their mom and it says their last name - it doesn't get it right.
  6. On my 2016 a single press of the key fob unlocks the drivers door, a double click unlocks all doors including the hatch. My key fob also has a separate button for the rear lift gate which unlocks just the rear lift gate. As Don said I believe it can be changed.
  7. Welcome, looks like you got all of the necessary options. I use mine to haul a scooter, not sure how two dirt bike would fit. The front wheel of my scooter goes between the two middle seats with the rear seats removed. It will fit with the rear seats in but is easier with the extra headroom. I use a WeatherTech floor mat (the big one) for the rear with a sheet of MDF on top on it. The MDF lets me use the center stand on the scooter. One of these days Im going to make a front wheel stand for it. I also have an old Holzclaw dirt bike trailer which I restored. It had two rails but I made a deck for it to haul my sport bike which I then traded fro a sport touring bike which is a little longer so m=need to modify the trailer! Ah the ever evolving projects! Nice thing about the Holzclaw trailer is it is coil springs with shocks. Weight capacity inst great but its nice for a couple of bikes. All Ive hauled is some lumber. One of my intentions was to take the van camping and use a 6" foam mattress in the back. Amazon has ones that are three sections which is easier for moving out of the way when hauling a scooter. So far the only camping I've done has been on my motorcycle. Another of the purposes was to haul our twin 5 YO grandkids and my wife's elderly parents. It has done very well for both of those. My wife's father passed away at the end of last year from cancer, the last three months was pretty tough but the TC was the vehicle of choice for getting him to the doctor visits. It was easier to get him in and out, only problem was he insisted on being in the front seat. My mother-in-law has severe arthritis and the seats in the TC are very easy for her to get in and out of. Her walker fits nicely in the back. Someone ran into her car a couple of weeks ago, Monday we found out it was totaled. Yesterday my wife and I spent the day taking her car shopping! She is 90 and shopping for a new car! Part of the time we also had the twin grandkids. They were easy, one had the Nintendo Switch and the other had the Nintendo DSi. Games and iPad time are carefully regulated by their parents so they were perfect for keeping them occupied. They did show my wife the way around the Honda dealership as they have a Honda minivan and had been there before for oil changes. Something I noted about my mother-in-laws wreck was her car was a dark grey color, almost the color of pavement. She was driving down a road doing the speed limit when someone came out from a side street (and stop sign) and ran into her right front wheel. It was 4:00 or 4:30 in the afternoon on a nice day. Visibility at the stop sign isn't great and with a quick glance someone might not pick up a darker color vehicle. I suggested a lighter color would be good. My granddaughter picked out a purple Dodge Challenger for her (rejected).
  8. PhotoAl

    Citroën Berlingo

    I had a Pugeot minivan in Italy on vacation a number of years ago. The shift lever for the manual transmission protruded from the dash. It was nice to drive, wife lost the key and we had to get a car - keys were in the Hertz office in Paris! I actually argued about letting her take the key as I would be going to the car in a a couple of minutes - didn't dare say "told you not to". LOL
  9. very interesting, I have a 2016 with the HD/SAT/NAV radio. In 2017 they went to the Sync3 which I thought was a Sony. Im not sure what manufacture mine is but its the MyTouch version.
  10. PhotoAl

    I’m a newbie with the groovie 14” connect wagon

    Welcome! Love the color, same as mine. I have a 16 with the Sync navigation system and don't have any complaints. Don't know abut updates, I'm sure others will respond to that. Agree with you on the ride, firm but not harsh. Doesn't ride like my daughters Honda minivan but when it comes to going around corners the TC is much better. My 3rd row seats are in and out, a bit of a hassle to take out but lots of space without them and make it easy to haul my scooter.
  11. PhotoAl

    Sofa Bed

    I haven't camped in my TC yet but have looked at beds a lot. Mine is the wagon version and for camping would probably take out all the seats. Ive looked at the 3 section foam mattress on Amazon. At night a bed but can be stacked as a sofa if desired - probably not a great one but with a little ingenuity could probably figure a way to make it better. I haul my scooter in the back of the van so would need a bed that could be folded up and out of the way. Scooter can be good local transportation without having to drive the van.
  12. PhotoAl

    ContiproContact Tire. Any Good?

    Good info, thanks for the update. Good to know the bumper hitch held up well. Read something today about unibody hitches causing buckling in the body if in a rear end collision with a hitch in the receiver. Sounds like that is not the case with the TC. I see you are HeRodeCBR, I had a 2012 CBR600RR that I sold cheap when I bought the van. At the time I had a 2014 ZX6R636 ABS but currently ride a BMW F800GT, really miss the I4 600s, BMW is better on a long trip though. BMW stands for Bring My Wallet :-)
  13. Some great battery info in here. Recently the battery in my wife's Smart car died due to a light b being left on overnight. I couldn't get it to charge so went and pulled the replacement battery off the shelf and blew the dust off of it. I bought it 3 or 4 years ago the last time she ran her battery down but was able to charge the battery then. It regerstered 11.98 V after just sitting on the shelf without any charging. Battery in the Smart car was almost 9 years old. Ive found cars with batteries in locations other than the engine compartment last much longer due to not getting cooked by engine heat. Worst cars Ive had for batteries are surprise - turbocharged cars! I've looked into lithium ion batteries for my motorcycle but have not gone that route yet. They don't have great performance when really cold but I don't ride my bike after its been sitting outside in 20 degreeF weather. Nice thing about lithium is the weight reduction which would be very nice in my current bike as the battery is mounted high.
  14. PhotoAl

    Upgrade instrument cluster 2016

    For 2016 and earlier it would be the MyTouch system instead of the Sync3 system. I have it on my 2016.