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  1. PhotoAl

    interested in buying

    I have the wagon version but don't have any experience with unimproved roads. Around here those types of roads have deep ruts and would not work with the TC, however the Excort wagon doesn't seem like it has much more if any more ground clearance although the wheelbase of the TC is longer. Could you rent a TC and give it a test drive? As for trailers I pull a small one without any trouble.
  2. PhotoAl

    Ford Transit Custom PHEV

    Interesting, not sure how much zip it will have but electric + 1 liter engine might be enough. Have a 1st gen Volt and it is a great vehicle.
  3. PhotoAl

    2019 connect horn in the rear jack compartment?

    maybe a backup alert?
  4. PhotoAl

    2018 vs 2019

    getting back to the original question: I would probably lean towards the 2.0 with the new transmission. Font think there will be much difference between the 2.5 and 2.0 in terms of durability but the new transmission should be better. The 2.0 has more gears in the transmission and will shift more times but otherwise will be similar. Not sure about the long term effects of shifting a lot. If the area you live in is relatively flat it may not make a difference. Where I live there are lots of hills which kills the gas mileage on my 2016. As G B L suggests drive both then pick the one you like the best. I'd pick the better price. I bought a new one which was a model year old at the time but got a much better price and was able to get more stuff. I really enjoy the versatility. Recently folded all the seats flat and put the big WeatherTech mat over them and loaded it up with stuff for my daughter to take to a consignment sale. Went to lunch with some friends so took the mat out and folded the seats up and we had pleanty of room. Tomorrow will take the two rear seats out so I can haul my scooter to the racetrack for the motorcycle races this weekend. Will probably move the car seats over so can shuttle the 5 1/2 YO twin grandkids to school and back. In a couple of weeks will take 91 YO mother-in-law to visit relatives out of town. For the disco lovers and haters I'm old to have been married and working during that era. Last week got back from a 5,300 mile camping trip to Crater of the Moon and Glacier Nation Park along with a stopover in Minot ND on the way back. However didn't take the TC, took my BMW - the one with two wheels. 5,300 miles in 16 days just me and my motorcycle!
  5. PhotoAl

    Not starting!

    Might want to look at charging system, batteries can have premature failures but generally are very reliable (even if they fail very predictably). Its also possible that something is draining the battery. My son-in-laws VW had a fuel pump relay that wasn't shutting the fuel pump off when it was parked - ever noticed how some vehicles will run the fuel pump when you open the drivers door? Over several days it would drain the battery. Many years ago I made a voltmeter on a cigarette lighter plug that I could check the voltage with - this was sooooo long ago the voltmeter is an analog one! For $13 ++++ you can get a voltmeter USB adapter from Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Jebsens-Charger-Battery-Monitor-Voltage/dp/B01N00I4TM/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=usb+adapter+voltmeter&qid=1568725368&sr=8-4
  6. PhotoAl

    Intelligent Oil Life Monitor

    Mine had just over 10,000 miles - may have been 10,200. I don't follow it have been changing every 5,000 to 7,000 miles. A lot of miles are interstate miles. I have been using the oil change monitor on my Volt which have very intermittent engine operation. It's currently at 15% oil life left and will change it soon. My motorcycle has a 6,000 mile service interval. I bought an unlimited milage service plan when I bought the bike. Makes it simpler for keeping the warranty intact. In 14 months just had the 3rd service done and about to leave on a 5,000 mile trip and will probably have the 4th done by Thanksgiving. At that point I will be ahead on the costs with a year and a half left.
  7. PhotoAl

    Low Power/sputtering

    I would read codes and look to see if low voltage is among them, could be something totally different or could be a voltage dip during starting if your battery is getting weak. My MIL had a problem with her Lincoln MKC (a cousin), the traction control off message was showing up. Dealer said ABS was off in addition to TC. Turned out they needed to reset the module. In her car it was set off by low voltage due to a battery replacement (car was new but sat on lot and battery went dead). When they fixed it something was said about there was a software issue Ford was working to resolve, something about hers not having all the options and therefore the module didn't reset properly and threw a fault. Not sure how the dealer reset the module but it was a simple procedure with their diagnostic/software package. The list of codes thrown was pretty long but one of them was low voltage - I read the codes with Forescan and my interface. I was reluctant to do anything other than read codes as it was a new vehicle - a week after purchase.
  8. PhotoAl

    Eliminating 4.2" screen on a 2015

    Not sure how it would look, maybe you could add some usb ports in the cubby. My Volt has a cubby on top of the dash with a cigarette lighter which makes a very hand place to plug in a Garmin (don't have built in navigation) or charge my cell phone. Ive seen other kits that are just for a big radio - Crutchfields has one.
  9. PhotoAl

    2010 XLT Slammed

    LOL, had a Auris rental one time, always wondered what flavor of Toyota it was! I wasn't bothered enough to look it up though. Last year I had a C-Max Grand rental which as near I could tell was a C-Max with two jump seats in the back. Don't think it was the hybrid version so maybe they got the space from where the battery was. Interesting stuff. I remember back in the 70's and 80's the european cars were very different from US cars. For a while seemed like they were more similar but now they seem very different. Of course there is the BMW Supra that can be serviced at a Toyota dealership ......
  10. PhotoAl

    2014+ standard side mirrors

    I have them on my 2016 TC Titanium - mine even flow back when it is locked. I love to park next to a Mercedes and have my mirrors folded back :-)
  11. PhotoAl

    Broken red rear seat strap

    Looks like they did come thru for you which is very good, my MIL did get an enhanced warranty from Lincoln. I don't remember exactly what it covers but it is the extra cost option that covers more stuff longer. She is 91 and doesn't drive many miles so she will not run over the mileage limit.
  12. PhotoAl


    Nice van, bought mine with the intent of camping some but haven't done that yet.
  13. Never had a question, mine is the wagon version but don't think they would say anything if it were the van version.
  14. PhotoAl

    Broken red rear seat strap

    Not a fun experience! My TC has had no problems and has not been back to a Ford dealer once. On the other hand my mother-in-law recently bought a Lincoln MKC (which I think is based on the Focus platform like the TC. The sales person at the local Lincoln dealer was nice and helpful but didn't have the exterior and interior color combination we were looking for. Dealer was only interested in finding the color combination with several thousand more in options. I already knew there was one in Montgomery which is about 100 miles away. Finally talked to those folks and got an out the door price. Called back the next day and said we would purchase it and would be down in 3 hours to pick it up. When we arrived had to hunt up a sales person, they had not touched the vehicle, turned out it had a dead battery so they swapped batteries and brought it around for MIL to see. Wife immediately found a deep scratch on the door (this is a new vehicle), we drove it and looked at it, MIL bought it after they said they would fix scratch and deliver to her. It arrived and I looked at the door and all was well, brother-in-law was sitting in it and checking it so I didn't. 4 days later he was driving her somewhere and notice the traction control light was on and a warning. I checked and yes there was a fault in the traction control system so it was off. I pulled the codes with the ForScan. Took it to the local dealer the next day - Thursday before Memorial day so they couldn't look at it. A tech came out and glanced at it. ade an appointment for the next Thursday. The service advisor said in a very oh by the way manner, the traction control is off but its safe to drive and the ABS doesn't work either!!! Called Lincoln national and got a very nice lady, explained our predicament and asked about returning for another. She authorized a rental car and checked on swapping. Showed up at the appointment and leave it, rode the shuttle home. Shuttle driver gave us the name of the service manager in case we had problems. By the time we got to MIL house the Service advisor was already wanting to put it off until Monday! MIL call the number and he lit a fire under some!!! It was fixed later that but they kept it overnight to check. And oh they had to do so much work, reset the system and charge the battery, kept it overnight to verify problem didn't reoccur. I am very suspicious that the dealer we bought it from did not properly reset the systems after replacing or charging the battery. As for the dealer, found out from a friend that the closer Ford dealer is much better than the Lincoln dealer. Can take a Lincoln to any Ford dealer for warranty and service work. i never cease to be amazed at how inept service folks can be. I think part of the problem is the pay, good folks can make more money doing something else. I love cars and motorcycles and it would have been fun to work with or on them but I could make more money as an engineer working on other stuff.
  15. Have had mine about a year and a half. Started looking for used, hoping to get a 6 passenger wagon with 15 to 20 thousand miles. Reason for buying was to haul my scooter to the racetrack, haul stuff, haul grandkids, haul 90 year old inlaws pull a small trailer and occasionally camp in. So far have done everything but camp in it - have taken two motorcycle camping trips instead. I was looking for a 6 passenger configuration LWB and hoped to get roof racks and a towing package. In the fall of 2017 they were hard to find in my area - new or used. Wound up driving 300 miles and bought a new 2016 in the fall of 2017. The difference in price was not that much more than one a new one particularly if factoring in the value of warranty and wear and tear on the vehicle and tires. I'm no expert but seems like in this market, a lightly used vehicle is more expensive than a new one if the new models are discounted. I looked a small amount at the Nissan and Chevy but didn't really consider as they are more competitors to the work van. There is really not a direct competitor to the LWB wagon version.