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  1. PhotoAl

    Hi from west Michigan

    Welcome. Its a great van I have the same year and trim level but I have the ever popular creeper white :-) It's great for hauling stuff. Got mine 2 1/2 years ago to haul inlaws, grandkids and my scooter (a real scooter not a mobility scooter). It has done all of that and more. Have 6 yo twin grandkids and they love it. Biggest drawback is folks in the carpool line don't know what to do about a van without a power sliding door! My daughter has a Honda Odyssey with all the power stuff but the TC handles much better. The headroom in the TC is fantastic and really nice when putting a little one in and out of the car seat. Another thing I had in mind was hauling my in-laws around. My father-in law had terminal prostate cancer and the last three months of his life the TC was the perfect vehicle to haul him and everyone to the hospital and doctors appointments. He has been gone a year and now mother-in-law who is 91 with very bad arthritis. She either rides with my wife in her Smart car or I take her in the van. Van is perfect as the seat height is perfect, not up or down and cost to the door. Very easy in and out and her walker is easy to stow either in the back or next to her. It will haul either one of my scooters even without taking out the back seats although I usually do to get the extra headroom and lower the load height. I have enjoyed the navigation system although it is probably time to update the maps. I have the WeatherTech matts for the front and middle seats as well as the big matt that goes over all the seats when they are folded flat. For hauling the scooter I take out the rear seats, put the mat down with a 3x3 piece of MDF on top. MDF is good for when I put the scooter on the center stand. My father-in-law had several Grand Marquise over the years. However yours looks like the one with some extra grunt. Several years ago I was taking photographs at a BMW track day. One of the instructors had a rental Crown Vic. Somehow they conned the track folks into letting him take it out with four guys all wearing white shirts, black coats and ties and black helmets. He was a very good driver and it was quite a sight. A few places I was sure the inside rear wheel would lift but it never did. After that the track said never again! Im sure the rental company had no idea what had been one with their car but ay have wondered why the tires were so worn. :-)
  2. PhotoAl

    Shelter In Place

    I like that messenger bag. Typically i just use the undersea space on the scooter and if that's not enough will hang grocery bags from hook above the floorboards. I loved the area out there, was a lot of fun and the drivers are better than here. Still not used to having motorcycles lane split. Still hoping this clears up enough so I can do a solo motorcycle trip out there late in the summer.
  3. PhotoAl

    Shelter In Place

    We visited our oldest son in Jan Jose at the end of Feb. Flew home on March 4th! Got out just in time. His wife is from Southern China and they went to China for Christmas. Her mother became sick with something that sounded like appendicitis and almost died. He flew back on January 2nd. Showed my a photo of his plane ticket where he changed planes in Wuhan!!!! Too close! His wife can back a couple of weeks later, just a few days before everything was shut off. They are fine but sheltering in place. We are sheltering in place although my wife has to take her 91yo mother to doctors appointments. My TC has been out of the garage one time since mid February! A couple of days ago I went over to our daughter's and watched her 6 yo twins while she made a run to Costco and Home Depot. I used to take them to lunch all the time so we made it a lunch outing. We sat on the deck and ate our fast fool lunch while keeping like 10 feet apart. Daughter sent a text message TP in the wild! Costco had some in stock so she bought a package for us to share. We don't have a stockpile so it was a welcome find. LOL I had ridden my scooter over there so rode it back with a package of TP on the floorboards. If I need to go check on mother-in-law or take something to the grandkids my primary transportation is my scooter. See lots of families out walking, most folks are working hard to self isolate. In January I bought a 3D printer and have had lots of fun finding and printing stuff. Grandkids have enjoyed all of the toys I've made for them. Latest one was a corona monster. Our youngest son is a second year resident so we are a little concerned about him. He is currently working in OB but if things get bad will be pressed into service taking care of corona patients.
  4. Welcome and congrats on your TC. Don't know much about the partition but the cargo and passenger versions are pretty much the same except for the floor area. The cargo versions have a cover over the footwell. I would think it might not be too difficult to adapt but not sure. With the passenger version you get the rear temp controls which can be adjusted from the front if your arms are long enough and flexible enough. I have a 2016 TC Titanium LWB wagon. I do notice more noise when all the seats are folded and have the WeatherTech matt on top. It's been driven one time since late February, I mostly just ride my scooter when going to check on immediate family members.
  5. PhotoAl

    Newbie from Virginia needs help

    EGR is exhaust gas recirculation. Is the leak in a hose or an engine seal or gasket? sometimes it can be hard to tell where the leak is coming from. Did it overheat due to low coolant or is the leak due to the overheating?
  6. I went and measured my 2016. With all seats folded and the passenger seat back pretty far and the seat back reclined a bit I got 84 inches, with the seat slid forward all the way I got 89inches. With the passenger seat back leaned forward it would be more but someone could not ride there. Between the armrests (I have the 6 passenger version with 2 seats in the middle row) there is about 9 1/2 inches. It is possible to fold the rear seats and run something between the middle seats and even rest it on the top of the center console. Of course if you had something like a pipe or 2x4 there and slammed on the brakes it might be time for a new dash and radio. I know someone with a SUV who broke their front windshield that way. There is no space between the two rear seats to slide something between them. However it would be very possible to put something in the back that went between the two middle seats like say a 65" LCD TV. I know because I did just that. I had my mother-in-law in the front and no one in the middle seats. I haul my scooter regularly in the van with the rear seats removed. It will fit with them in there but is easier with them out. The TC Wagon is a very versatile vehicle and I love mine. Ive attached a photo of mine with one of my scooter in the back with the 3rd row seats removed.
  7. PhotoAl

    Carpeting the rear

    Looks nice. Impressed with how you got it over all the surfaces.
  8. Im in the not a TC camp. Buuuuut maybe, the TC is low to the ground for a reason - easier to old and unload and gives more interior space without being too tall. As for the VW hookup - nooooooooo, I'm done with VWs and if that;'s what the next TC is I won't be having one. Maybe VW has learned how to build turbo motors but the 1.8T had reliability issues, my daughters New Beetle had a pie shaped piece break off of a valve head - motor gone - sold it for $300 and purchased a Volt. My son had a nice Jetta wagon I bought hoping it would see him thru medical school and residency. Nope - 2.0T timing chain tensioner, motor toast. He drove my Volt for 9 months then bought a new Focus ST - Ford turbo motors are not perfect but better than what I've experienced. Oh and the Jetta with the interior that smelled like crayons, rubberized interior surfaces that went bad, headliners that fell down .....
  9. Welcome, I bought my 2016 Titanium in Knoxville TN a little over two years ago. Yes it is somewhat traction inhibited which is further complicated (at least in mine) with a somewhat sudden surge of power when starting off. Not sure how the powertrain in the newer ones are. On wet pavement I sometimes have trouble starting off and spinning the front wheels. I got stuck in wet and muddy grass once and another time I was parked on a slight slope with damp grass but ground was firm. Was able to carefully start without any problem that time. After getting stuck previously was extra careful With a little practice it's possible to ease it away then feed throttle to it. My other car is a Chevy Volt which is vey soft starting off and I've gotten in the habit of just flooring it. As for snow and ice I just leave it in the garage! Around here folks can't drive in the snow. TC is a great van for hauling people and stuff. We have twin 6YO grandkids, they love riding in it, biggest problem is in the carpool pickup the helpers don't know how to deal with a van without power doors! Want extra space, Ill fold down the rack two seats, fold down all the seats and it is a lot of space. Several times a year I'll haul my scooter (Kymco not a mobility scooter). It will fit on top of the seats but usually I take the back two seats out. Hauled a 65"TV in the back standing vertically. My daughter has a Honda Odyssey which is longer, wider and heavier but not as tall and roomy inside. The TC drives like a car and will out corner my Volt.
  10. Ive had good success with CarGurus web site. I can set search criteria up to I believe nationwide. It doesn't have all of the available TCs but can be a good tool. If I find one I like on there then Id'll look at it with the Ford dealer inventory website. To get different areas I chang the zip code I'm looking in. There are other auto locator website out there as well. I have a 2016 Titanium and have enjoyed the options. Why do the dealers hide the TCs? They don't care about selling them, big volume is selling F150s and SUVs and that is where they focus. I've often thought if Ford pushed the TC wagon more there would be a lot more sales.
  11. Have you tried contacting places in the UK to see if they will ship to the US? Found this on: https://www.thecampercoshop.com/awnings-canopies/tailgate-tents/reimo-trapez-cabin-tailgate-tent-for-mini-campers
  12. PhotoAl

    Rough Ride

    Sorry for the delay in responding - using stock shocks. Van has 20,000 miles on it. It is the wagon not sure if your is wagon or van. I think the wagon has more weight inside from seats and other interior stuff. If you have the van you might want to try putting 200 th 300 pounds of weight inside to see if that helps the ride. You will probably add that much if not more when converting to camper. Originally intended to go camping with my van but haven't so far. Instead I take my motorcycle. A couple of pics of it as I was leaving Minot ND in September. 52F and raining! Rode all day in that stuff - wishing for a bit more winter gear, 3 days before it was 97F in Montana.
  13. PhotoAl

    Disable Perimeter Lighting

    Boss, "have you done anything before?' New coop, "No i just finished my first year of engineering school." Boss, "what do you know about cars and trucks?' New coop "I've played MarioKart" Boss "Great, I have the perfect project for you. Design the perimeter lighting"
  14. PhotoAl

    Happy Camper!

    Welcome, I have a 2016 Titanium LWB and love it. Had it for a bit over 2 years and 20,000 miles. Goal was to go camping but take my motorcycle instead LOL. Love the color which my younger daughter describes as "creeper white"! Here in the south where folks say it 95 the question is temperature or humidity and the answer is yes white is a lot cooler. I love the versatility and ease of entry. It's great for hauling mother-in-law who is 91 with very bad arthritis. It's not a step up or down but just slip right in. Or I can put the car seats in and haul the 6 Y) twin grandchildren. Fold all the seats down and haul a dishwasher, washing machine, wood or take the rear seats out and haul my scooter. Towing capability isn't great but I have a small light trailer that is fantastic for hauling loads up to 700 pounds. There are lots of knowledgable and helpful folks here. If you have questions lots of helpful advice is available.
  15. PhotoAl

    Rough Ride

    I have a 16 Titanium and the ride is firm but not bad. I have the 17" alloy wheels. Shock absorbers can also make a difference. In the past when I have changed struts and shocks the most noticeable difference was in how smooth the new shocks were. Less resistance over small bumps but more and better resistance over the bigger stuff. The normal inflation pressure on the tires is pretty high but that is due to the load rating. I would expect if you are empty or lightly loaded the pressure could be dropped a little bit. I like men the way it is as it handles very nicely and will out corner my Volt. My daughter has a Honda van and it rides and drives better until it comes to the curves. Then the TC is much better. IMO it has a very European feel, very firm but not harsh. Couple of days ago I saw a pickup driving fast and aggressively on the interstate. Amazing the amount of suspension movement it had - not in a good way. At one point they swerved from the right land across two lanes, they had a bit of difficulty controlling the truck. Wondered if it was really bad shocks or an off road setup. 80+ in a 60 when everyone else was doing 65-70 (MPH).