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  1. Hey, @Rileuy. Were you able to get the Rhino Rack installed through Rack-n-road? I'm thinking of placing an order online, but I'm trying to find out if they were able to install it for you.
  2. Marquizzo

    Convert 2010 TC from Cargo to passenger?

    @Fifty150 All those seats are really good options! Are these side-facing seats? Hard to tell what I'm looking at (that looks like the cargo door in the back), but if they're side-facing seats I'd recommend against them. They provide zero neck support in case of a frontal or rear collision. The spinal damage caused by lateral whiplash would be devastating.
  3. Marquizzo

    Convert 2010 TC from Cargo to passenger?

    It doesn't look easy to convert from a cargo to a passenger, but I guess that all depends on your skill level. This guy's video shows the bare floor of a 2011 Connect (skip to 1:28 for a good wide-angle shot) and you can see that it has mounts for the 2nd row seats but nothing for a 3rd row. Here's a screenshot: There are several safety items you'd need to also consider: - How do you install reliable seatbelts? - Do you want side airbags for your passengers? - What kind of seats will you buy and do they have headrests? If these questions sound difficult, then it might be easier and safer to just buy a passenger version instead of retrofitting a cargo version into one. As I said, depends on your skill level. Best of luck!
  4. Marquizzo

    Sofa Bed

    Wow, that Transit Connect looks amazing! After looking at their photos, it does look like they cut out a hole on the thin part of the roof, without affecting the structural integrity of the chassis. You can see it best in this photo:
  5. Well @windguy, I come back with bad news. Rack n' Road says they're unable to help me with the installation because, as I feared, the supplied hardware would require to pull out the lining to install. They'd rather not do it because there's a chance they might damage the binding or the side-airbag system underneath when removing the lining. I found this installation video by the seller and indeed, you can see they have to access behind the lining at the 50-second mark. Looks like the seller didn't tell the whole truth when I e-mailed two days ago. Upon further inspection, I figured out why: The back mounting holes are elongated, so you can insert the hardware from the outside. For some odd reason, the front hole is circular, so there's no angle at which to fit the bolt in. I just corroborated this with my own van. Does anybody know why Ford would make this decision? You'd think standard would be better, but maybe there's a good reason. I like the rivet nut idea proposed by @Fifty150 and @Don Ridley. I'd be interested in pursuing that further, especially if it's only $63 extra, but it looks like the end result is a nut (female), whereas the rack system requires a bolt (male) as indicated by item #14 below. Any suggestions to make it work? I'm afraid that if I replace bolt #1 with a longer bolt to reach the rivet-nut, it could come loose if I skip nut #13. I welcome your suggestions! ------ Windguy, to answer your SUP questions, I used to have a 2006 Ford Escape with an OEM sliding roof rack system that I just passed down to the family. That's why I'm so set on getting rails again, it was very versatile and useful. We could fit anything from our 15' Coleman canoe down to a 5' Skybox. Our SUPs are inflatable, so we used to keep them inflated when driving close to home, but packed away when taking them long distances. Typically we go to bays and marinas close to home, but sometimes drive a bit further to go to lakes.
  6. @windguy Thanks so much for those two links! That's definitely more of what I'm looking for in terms of price. We have two SUPs: an 11' and a 10'6" that we'd stack on top of each other. You're right, I should take air lift into consideration. Is that why you're called "WindGuy"? 😃 I'd also like to take a Skybox on and off, depending on the trip, but I'm guessing the lift would be less of a concern with the Skybox than with the SUPs. I have a passenger wagon, so the interior lining covers the entire ceiling all the way to the rear liftgate, plus it has airbags to worry about. I e-mailed the seller and he said it'd be easy to install from the outside. This was our e-mail exchange: Q: I have a 2019 Transit Connect XLT passenger wagon. Would I need to pull out the interior fabric to install the this roof rail hardware? Or can it be installed from the exterior alone? A: hello, you will mount from the outside. you do not remove the flooring. extremely easy. I'm assuming "flooring" is a language thing, and he meant lining. Looking at their instructions, it looks like item #14 goes into the mounting hole and has that long bar to grab onto something so you can tighten from the outside? Am I reading that right? I'm not sure bolt #12 for the middle and back can grab onto something in the same way: I'm going to visit a local shop tomorrow named Rack N' Road that specializes in these type of installations, and ask for their advice between the CAN AUTO vs Yakima options. I have to say I like the way the elevated racks look more than the flush ones, but I'm willing to go with the most reliable option. Besides, I'd rather pay them to do the installation than botch it up myself. @emassa15 That looks really good! Why did you need to drill new mounting holes? I thought all TCs already come with 5 holes on each side. I'm definitely trying to avoid going under the headliner, I'm even willing to go with the fixed-position cross-bars just to avoid dealing with that mess.
  7. Thanks for this correction @windguy! I couldn't find them online, but I saw the Yakima part number in your post, which was very helpful. However, I only found them for $500-$600, which still feels a bit pricey. I followed @mrtn's link and found these for $200 + free shipping (impressive, given they're based in Germany)! They're rated for loads up to 75kg, which is more than enough for paddleboards or a skybox. I think I'm gonna go with this option. Wish me luck!
  8. I got a 2019 Ford Transit Connect and am looking at installing roof rails. Dealership is quoting me $600 for EACH rail plus labor, which is ridiculous. Does anybody know of an online parts store where I can buy reliable 3rd party roof rails for my car? Yakima and Thule don't make them (they only make the cross-bars), and most online stores only sell fixed-point cross-bars. PS: I'm looking for rails that look something like this: Appreciate your help!