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  1. Why can factory bumper sensors be added during repairs but not as dealer add ons?
  2. Anyone having trouble fueling their van with the pump auto stop going off prematurely, if so, any solutions?
  3. Temporarily converted our Transit Connect into a camper for Memorial Day on the super cheap, bought 4 47"x24" microfleece blankets and hung them up using magnets+adhesive tape, did the same to put a TV panel on the giant sun visors, and scissor cut a queen cheap memory foam folding bed to fit perfectly (exact width needed is 46.5"), which we folded up to act a couch in the daytime. Best car camping we've ever had, made us love the Transit Connect. Anyone have other cheap camping mods to share?
  4. Northern California dealership putting a near $4000 markup above MSRP (with no added equip, just a premium), wonder what is their rationale, shortages relative to demand on specific trims (this is on a Titanium)?
  5. Thanks, now wonder which should one get? $120 Ford floor liners or $190 Weathertech?
  6. Did anyone find floor mats (aftermarket) that fits the third row well? I see different Ford options for the front and second row (https://parts.ford.com/shop/en/us/mat-front-floor-8446517-1?fbclid=IwAR0-My-d6yjNQPFmuWGA7CwlNz6J28dgOxN0bvICf4z3IW6IpyFAE8LNCM4) but not for the third row floor.
  7. When people refer to black tape to stop the sensor? Where are they taping?
  8. On the 2019, anyone drive it with the adaptive cruise control option added, if so, is it stop and go? Stop and go would be a killer feature for the TC.
  9. Anyone read of more info on this development: "According to Reuters, Ford will soon end production of passenger “multivans” like the Transit Tourneo and Transit Tourneo Connect (that's the Euro name for the Transit Connect)." Do you think this means 2019 is the last model, or further out? Thoughts? http://fordauthority.com/2019/01/ford-europe-to-cut-thousands-of-jobs-as-volkswagen-tie-up-looms/
  10. Anyone finding the mid-row power outlet very unreliable? Wonder if there is an easy fix (like an upgraded inverter feeding the stock outlet) to lengthen how long the outlet actually works before the safety faught (flashing green lights) triggers, even with low wattage items, I only get a few minutes before it stops working.
  11. Anyone seeing strange rust marks around window plastic trim (and trunk trim)?Worry this is an early sign of rust. This is on a new Ford TransitConnect.
  12. Anyone seeing strange rust marks around window plastic trim (and trunk trim)? Worry this is an early sign of rust. This is on a new Ford Transit Connect.