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  1. BrettLyons

    Hello from Huntington Beach, CA

  2. BrettLyons

    Hello from Huntington Beach, CA

    Hey Marquizzo! Thanks man! I added the locations to the pictures. You were spot on with the locations! Are you in California? Funny, I was originally wanted a black TC when I started looking but I couldn't find the right black one so I went with this blue. But it definitely quickly grew on me because I don't think I'd trade it for another color.
  3. BrettLyons

    Hello from Huntington Beach, CA

    Hey guys and girls, Just introducing myself on here since I just joined yesterday. My name is Brett and I've owned a 2014 Transit Connect Wagon XLT for about 4 years. It's my daily driver and now that I've hit 92k miles I'm looking to learn more about the maintenance I'll be needing, good rack systems, and so on. I'm looking forward to exploring the forum and hopefully contributing to it as well! Hope everyone is healthy and staying sane through the crazy year of 2020. Here's some pictures of journeys with my transit. Thanks, Brett (Big Sur, CA)(Big Sur, CA)(Idyllwild, CA)(Big Sur, CA)(Death Valley, CA)(Death Valley, CA)(Sierra Nevada, CA off the 395)(Death Valley, CA) (Carrizo Plain National Monument, CA) (Carrizo Plain National Monument, CA)