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    Carpeting the rear

    Looks nice. Impressed with how you got it over all the surfaces.
  2. Im in the not a TC camp. Buuuuut maybe, the TC is low to the ground for a reason - easier to old and unload and gives more interior space without being too tall. As for the VW hookup - nooooooooo, I'm done with VWs and if that;'s what the next TC is I won't be having one. Maybe VW has learned how to build turbo motors but the 1.8T had reliability issues, my daughters New Beetle had a pie shaped piece break off of a valve head - motor gone - sold it for $300 and purchased a Volt. My son had a nice Jetta wagon I bought hoping it would see him thru medical school and residency. Nope - 2.0T timing chain tensioner, motor toast. He drove my Volt for 9 months then bought a new Focus ST - Ford turbo motors are not perfect but better than what I've experienced. Oh and the Jetta with the interior that smelled like crayons, rubberized interior surfaces that went bad, headliners that fell down .....
  3. Welcome, I bought my 2016 Titanium in Knoxville TN a little over two years ago. Yes it is somewhat traction inhibited which is further complicated (at least in mine) with a somewhat sudden surge of power when starting off. Not sure how the powertrain in the newer ones are. On wet pavement I sometimes have trouble starting off and spinning the front wheels. I got stuck in wet and muddy grass once and another time I was parked on a slight slope with damp grass but ground was firm. Was able to carefully start without any problem that time. After getting stuck previously was extra careful With a little practice it's possible to ease it away then feed throttle to it. My other car is a Chevy Volt which is vey soft starting off and I've gotten in the habit of just flooring it. As for snow and ice I just leave it in the garage! Around here folks can't drive in the snow. TC is a great van for hauling people and stuff. We have twin 6YO grandkids, they love riding in it, biggest problem is in the carpool pickup the helpers don't know how to deal with a van without power doors! Want extra space, Ill fold down the rack two seats, fold down all the seats and it is a lot of space. Several times a year I'll haul my scooter (Kymco not a mobility scooter). It will fit on top of the seats but usually I take the back two seats out. Hauled a 65"TV in the back standing vertically. My daughter has a Honda Odyssey which is longer, wider and heavier but not as tall and roomy inside. The TC drives like a car and will out corner my Volt.
  4. Ive had good success with CarGurus web site. I can set search criteria up to I believe nationwide. It doesn't have all of the available TCs but can be a good tool. If I find one I like on there then Id'll look at it with the Ford dealer inventory website. To get different areas I chang the zip code I'm looking in. There are other auto locator website out there as well. I have a 2016 Titanium and have enjoyed the options. Why do the dealers hide the TCs? They don't care about selling them, big volume is selling F150s and SUVs and that is where they focus. I've often thought if Ford pushed the TC wagon more there would be a lot more sales.
  5. Have you tried contacting places in the UK to see if they will ship to the US? Found this on: https://www.thecampercoshop.com/awnings-canopies/tailgate-tents/reimo-trapez-cabin-tailgate-tent-for-mini-campers
  6. PhotoAl

    Rough Ride

    Sorry for the delay in responding - using stock shocks. Van has 20,000 miles on it. It is the wagon not sure if your is wagon or van. I think the wagon has more weight inside from seats and other interior stuff. If you have the van you might want to try putting 200 th 300 pounds of weight inside to see if that helps the ride. You will probably add that much if not more when converting to camper. Originally intended to go camping with my van but haven't so far. Instead I take my motorcycle. A couple of pics of it as I was leaving Minot ND in September. 52F and raining! Rode all day in that stuff - wishing for a bit more winter gear, 3 days before it was 97F in Montana.
  7. PhotoAl

    Disable Perimeter Lighting

    Boss, "have you done anything before?' New coop, "No i just finished my first year of engineering school." Boss, "what do you know about cars and trucks?' New coop "I've played MarioKart" Boss "Great, I have the perfect project for you. Design the perimeter lighting"
  8. PhotoAl

    Happy Camper!

    Welcome, I have a 2016 Titanium LWB and love it. Had it for a bit over 2 years and 20,000 miles. Goal was to go camping but take my motorcycle instead LOL. Love the color which my younger daughter describes as "creeper white"! Here in the south where folks say it 95 the question is temperature or humidity and the answer is yes white is a lot cooler. I love the versatility and ease of entry. It's great for hauling mother-in-law who is 91 with very bad arthritis. It's not a step up or down but just slip right in. Or I can put the car seats in and haul the 6 Y) twin grandchildren. Fold all the seats down and haul a dishwasher, washing machine, wood or take the rear seats out and haul my scooter. Towing capability isn't great but I have a small light trailer that is fantastic for hauling loads up to 700 pounds. There are lots of knowledgable and helpful folks here. If you have questions lots of helpful advice is available.
  9. PhotoAl

    Rough Ride

    I have a 16 Titanium and the ride is firm but not bad. I have the 17" alloy wheels. Shock absorbers can also make a difference. In the past when I have changed struts and shocks the most noticeable difference was in how smooth the new shocks were. Less resistance over small bumps but more and better resistance over the bigger stuff. The normal inflation pressure on the tires is pretty high but that is due to the load rating. I would expect if you are empty or lightly loaded the pressure could be dropped a little bit. I like men the way it is as it handles very nicely and will out corner my Volt. My daughter has a Honda van and it rides and drives better until it comes to the curves. Then the TC is much better. IMO it has a very European feel, very firm but not harsh. Couple of days ago I saw a pickup driving fast and aggressively on the interstate. Amazing the amount of suspension movement it had - not in a good way. At one point they swerved from the right land across two lanes, they had a bit of difficulty controlling the truck. Wondered if it was really bad shocks or an off road setup. 80+ in a 60 when everyone else was doing 65-70 (MPH).
  10. PhotoAl

    TPMS question

    Agreed, many years ago we were on vacation with the inlays driving 2 rental cars. I noticed the other car had a very low tire. In the very few miles to get to a gas station to put air in it the sidewall became too hot to comfortable touch with my hand. This was driving at speeds less than 30MPH. I know of BMW motorcycle owners who have received TMPS messages that indicated a deflating tire. On a motorcycle that's very nice to know. When I first got my TC (2016 Titanium) it showed the pressures on all 4 tires but since then I have never been able to get it to do that. My Volt shows all 4 tire pressures.
  11. CVT in my Honda Metropolitan works great. :-) On a good day it will get to 35MPH on level pavement.
  12. PhotoAl

    Power adders for 2.5L

    TC is quite a change from a race prepped Miata. As you say there is not an easy way to get more power. Initial takeoff is as much or more than the front tires can take already but could certainly use another 75 to 100 HP on the interstate. I think there has to be a way to put a Focus ST motor and transmission in it but would be a challenging job with so much of the vehicle run by its computer. If it were a Mustang I'm sure someone would have figured it out by now. Power aside I find it to be a capable little van that handles very nicely. Next to my Volt with the OEM tires it is a sports car! I have gone to just energy saver on the Volt and gave up some range but it will actually stop when I stomp on the brake pedal! I'm pleasantly surprised at how well it corners but generally just poke around as most of the time I have grandkids, mother-in-law, wife or am hauling something plus in my neighborhood with lots of hills and stop signs it doesn't get great gas mileage. However if I could figure out how to put that engine in my TC .....
  13. PhotoAl

    TPMS question

    That is very nice to know.
  14. PhotoAl

    talk me into a TC

    CMax in a nice car. 4 or 5 years ago had a rental we drove to Yellowstone. Not bad, extra kick from electric was nice in higher elevation, I was able to pass without too much difficulty. We had a fun game between my wife, son and I to see who could get the highest speed before the gas engine kicked in. My TC is certainly not fast but is good enough, I have wanted more power many times but it does OK. My other car is a Chevy Volt which is pretty good up to about 50. I have ridden sport bikes for years, now that's acceleration! I find the interior room in the TC to be fantastic. Biggest issue I have is the rear opening (I have the lift gate) is lower than the inside height. I sometimes carry one of my scooters (not that's not fast) inside. Both will fit with the seats folded flat but it is easier if I take the rear seats out. I have the big WeatherTech mat that is supposed to go on top of the folded seats. With the rear seats out it is not flat but is good enough. For scooter hauling I put a 3x3 piece of MDF board on top of the mat for the center stand to rest on. the front wheel goes between the two middle seats. Note I have the Titanium with 6 passenger configuration. I have hauled all kinds of stuff in the van including, a scooter, wood, grandkids, 65" TV, furniture when my son moved out, dishwasher, double ovens, and my mother-in-law. The TC is a great vehicle for older folks as it's not a sit down and have to climb out or a climb up to get in and then need a ladder to get down, its just slide right into the seat. I did not set out to buy a Titanium, was looking for a good deal on a new one with leather, 6 passenger, upgraded sound system, and a towing package. I bought a 2016 in late November of 2017. The dealer came off a little over $7,000 so I was happy. I have the Ford MyTouch instead of the newer Sync 3 but it works well for me. The Navigation system is nice. I really like the larger backup camera screen and the backup sensors. I have the towing package and the driving lights. Most of the time the driving lights are off but the corning light function is nice. It had the towing package which is good for me and I like that it is integrated in the wiring without having to do a lot of extra work. Like the lift gate, nice to stand under when loading grandkids and groceries at Costco. The Titanium has folding mirrors which are good for me as my garage is tight and I fold them to make it easier to get out. Also for the cool factor when parked next to an expensive German car. :-) I am super happy with my TC Wagon and have done everything I wanted it for except camping in it - took my motorcycle camping instead.
  15. PhotoAl

    ABS Disable: 2010 Connect

    Um, I have used ABS in both my cars and motorcycles. I have only had one instance of an ABS "light on". In the last 18 months I have ridden 20,000 miles on my motorcycle. Only time Ive had ABS kick in was slow speed. However I still want it for that one panic stop. Maybe I missed something want as quick to react whatever. Don't plan to use it but want the safety net. Same reason I wear all the gear when riding. In case I go down. Having spent months getting over a shattered kneecap and and a concussion from a 15MPH crash on a scooter. I'll take the gear and the ABS every time. My previous motorcycle and current one both would give a pulse feeling thru the bars and brake lever. Today I got a bump out of it in a parking lot at low speed when I thought a minivan was pulling in from of me - they stopped. A while back ABS totally saved me in my Volt, someone moved over in front of me going much slower - maybe 20 in a 55, I was doing the speed limit! Had s situation on my motorcycle which was very quick and only had a few pulses from the ABS but made the difference between a lockup or not. My experience with stability control is more like @sKiZo describe above. Lints up like a Christmas tree but don't feel so much. LOL I've done that in the Volt when I forgot that it doesn't corner like my sports bike did. The traction control on my ZX6R 636 would give bars that counted up to where it would start intervening. On that bike I did have one very hard stop from 70MPH on an exit ramp. I got one bump out of the ABS which indicated to me that I was right at the limit. I think on some vehicles it is possible to disable ABS by pulling a fuse but I would never disable as I can maybe match it on a good day but certainly not in the less optimal days. The older I get the more I like the nannys looking after me as long as I'm in control and they are assisting.
  16. PhotoAl

    Passengers seats or Cargo????

    LOL you beat me to the PlastiDip, love the photo! I was reading the thread and was thinking the same thing. In the LWB model the rear seats are relatively easy to remove - 4 bolts each and then lift them out. They are not super heavy but certainly not light. With the middle seats folded "flat" there is 58" from the rear door to the back of the seat. It sticks up 7 or 8 " above the floor. I haul one of my scooters in the rear a lot. Remove the back seats fold middle seats "flat" put a WeatherTech mat down with a 3x3 MDF board on top. Roll scooter in and let the front wheel drop down between the two middle seats. I have hauled scooters from 165 pounds to 250 pounds. I have not taken the middle seats out just fold them flat so not sure what is involved with removing them. When looking check the rear door - I have the lift gate which makes a nice cover in the rain. Look at the vertical clearance at the door, particularly with the rear seats folded. Better than most vans but less than the total interior headroom. Note I have the 6 passenger Titanium van in creeper white. When I bought was looking for a good deal and that is what was available - not my first choice but better than black in the summer. Red would be one of my favorites.
  17. PhotoAl

    Rear Transmission Mount

    That is nice, must be the same mechanic that filled my motorcycle with water instead of coolant! Did you swap all the mounts or just the rear?
  18. PhotoAl

    2014 Transit Connect With Continual Rear End Clunk

    Interesting and perplexing. I think the glass shattering is a clue. I would look at the latch and the rubber bumpers (the tailgate rests against when closed) to make sure it is closing and latching properly. I would look for something that is not holding the tailgate in place and allowing it to move. If the glass is shattering it possible is under tension or pressure either at rest or while moving. Years ago my wife had the glass in the sliding door in her Safari van shatter while driving down the road. It was replaced under warranty. it would tilt out at the bottom and was secured by one or two latches. Once is random, twice is not.
  19. PhotoAl

    Hello from Granview, TN

    Congrats on the new van. Now I'm curious about the dealer. I have a cousin in Chattanooga that has a TC, think it is a 2018 SWB. LOL, seeing the comments about the TC being the small vehicle. It's the opposite for me. Mine lives with a Chevy Volt and a Smart car. Smart car is my wife's, she doesn't drive any of my vehicles! She doesn't like the Volt, it is different and hard to see out of at times, particularly when backing up. The van she describes as huge. Not sure what happened to her, for years she drove our kids around in a Safari van. I hear you on the clutch. I used to ride a motorcycle to work most days, it was bad when I got stuck in stop and go traffic having to constantly work the clutch. Volt is fantastic in stop and go traffic. Yesterday I picked up 6 5/4x6 by 8' boards. With the seats folded they fit behind the passenger seat with it all the way forward and the back leaned forward. I folded an IKEA bath mat and put under the front and that gave me a 1/4" to 1/2" clearance. Very versatile van.
  20. PhotoAl

    Hello from Granview, TN

    Welcome, I think you will find it to be a great vehicle. I have a 2016 (which came from Knoxville TN) and really enjoy. I grew up in Chattanooga and had to look to see where Granview is. The TC is an under appreciated vehicle and there are some great deals on them. I bought mine in late 2017 when the 2018s were out. It hauls scooters, twin grandkids, 91 YO mother-in-law, Christmas trees, TV's and other stuff from Costco and pulls a small trailer. I recommend getting the big WeatherTech floor mat for the rear area - it goes over the seats when they are folded and makes cleanup much easier when hauling stuff like Christmas trees and scooters. When hauling one of my scooters I usually take the rear seats out and put the floor mat down and a piece of MDF board on top. Mine has been very reliable and generally they are reliable vehicles. I think the transmission is the weakest link in the drivetrain and I would recommend a complete flush if it has 50,000 miles on it. The fluid is not lifetime as Ford seems to think but they really didn't do a good job with provisions for draining and filling. As a mechanic you should have no difficulty with that. There are several threads on here about changing the transmission fluid. That said there are many folks with 100,000 miles on the TC and no transmission issues at all. I primarily use mine for long trips unless I have something to haul locally (like MIL or Grandkids). Something that is fantastic about the wagon is that the seat height is very good for people getting in and out. My MIL has very bad arthritis and the seat is easy for her to get in and out of. Biggest aggravation I've had was when the grandkids started using the car seats as booster seats the reach to plug the seat belt in was almost too far for them to reach. I go a couple of short extenders to get the buckle closer to them and so far that has worked well. Sometime i pick them up from kindergarten and we go to Dairy Queen for ice cream. Their mother enjoys a couple more hours of "free" time.
  21. PhotoAl

    What is this thing attached to my windshield?

    The GPS receiver on my 2016 is a black lump on the roof above the driver. The satellite radio sensor and the sensor for the rain sensing windshield wipers are in a bulky rear view mirror mount. That doesn't look like anything I have. I have the Titanium with factory navigation and Ford MyTouch.
  22. PhotoAl

    2010 XLT Slammed

    WOW that is a cool project! What you have done really brings out the Gen 1 shape - yea its a box but a box with character. Love builds like this. Looks like pic set 3 didn't come thru properly.
  23. PhotoAl

    Interior rattle sounds

    I have a 2016 Titanium with 18,000 miles. It mostly sits in the garage but don't have any of those issues you mentioned. The middle row bucket seats are sometimes a bit cranky about unfolding. Usually it is because something is wedged under it and puts pressure on the latch mechanism which takes more effort to release. I haven't greased mine but probably would help a bit as well - doesn't need much. Drivers sun visor sags a bit but no rattles. Passenger visor is good.
  24. PhotoAl

    2019 TC Wagon Backup assist Fault

    Not good, have it on my 2016 and have not had a single issue. My son even ran my Volt into the back of it and bumped one of the sensors. No issues at all. Seeing all the 2019 issues which I think are more issues than I have seen for all the other years put together makes me think it is a device or software issue rather than a sensor issue. Maybe wiring error during assembly - lots of vehicles have this system and seems to be a reliable system.
  25. PhotoAl

    From Mazda Miata to Transit

    LOL, no she doesn't but sounds like her!