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  1. 2019 Transit by the Bay

    Roof Rail Help

    Hey tp_connetic, Yes! I did the same just recently as well. Man what a learning curve. I have lots to share too! We should do a new thread and upload pics together to make a step by step. Is your TC a SWB or LWB? and do you have a headliner too?
  2. 2019 Transit by the Bay

    Roof Rail Help

    Hi Shay, I have a set of the factory rails for sale! I also know everything there is to know about removing and or replacing these. It was quite a learning experience. LOL I messaged you directly as well. Cheers
  3. 2019 Transit by the Bay

    2019 OEM Factory Roof Rails

    2019 OEM Factory Roof Rails FOR SALE Asking $500/OBO These came off my TC because I ordered a Rhino Platform Rack. I haul 2x4's and didn't want the risk of not covering the entire roof. These retail from the Ford dealer for about $1,200. not including installation. They are awesome nonetheless. Solid aluminum. Bolt on (5 bolts per side) plus the "tree" clips that hold on the short trim on the front and back. They will install easily if you have a cargo TC. If your TC has a headliner it's a bit more involved. Local SF Bay Area pick up. I can ship, but you will have to pay for shipping.
  4. Transit Connect OEM Factory Roof Rails These came off my 2019 TC. I had to remove them because I wanted to install a heavy duty Rhino Platform Rack. Actually now in hind sight... I probably could have save myself a lot of trouble and adapted the mounts to work with the factory roof rails. Live and learn. These come standard on the Titanium package These were removed from a 2019 Ford Transit Connect Titanium They retail for about $1,200.00 plus tax purchased from any Ford dealership. Please call your local dealer to confirm! Pictured is a TC with factory roof rails and one with out. Note: If you have a TC that has a headliner, it will have to be removed in order to install the factory roof rail. They are installed with 5 bolts on each side. You can check with your local dealer to see how much they would charge you to remove the headliner, install the rails and reassemble the headliner. If you have a TC cargo version without a headliner, then the installation is simple. The bolt holes are already within the channels of the roof, covered by plugs. Asking $500.00 local pick up (SF Bay Area) or plus shipping
  5. Rhino Platform Rack installed!IMG_5731.thumb.JPG.f25d96cc0a64eccbef55704cf30f19a4.JPGIMG_5733.thumb.JPG.beb0a879a4bfc2322347689debe52e76.JPGIMG_5737.thumb.JPG.557b4915eccaa6f8fdbb8277f7de77c6.JPGIMG_5735.thumb.JPG.a6eb3388c38b2820592f2ffb22b30463.JPG

  6. Done! :happyfeet:


    Yes!, it's true they are attached by 5 bolts per rail and the entire headliner MUST be exposed. This involves removing the front seat belt mounts and the coat hooks in the 2nd row (*Tip... the button in the center of the seat belt mounts are very fragile, so be careful when you pull them back to expose the bolt)

    The 12" front curved or contoured plastic section is also held in place by plastic tree nuts (and yes, they will break when you pull them up unless you have the specific tool that will grab them in place).


    Full disclosure... I did not do the job myself, I had a Ford service tech do it!


    Why? because I knew that if I attempted this that I would probably end up breaking or at least deforming plastic clips that hold everything in place since I don't have all the specific tools to release the clips. Little alone, not knowing exactly where every clip is located.

    When I first called the dealership, I was able to speak directly to a tech that knew Transits very well. He was honest and told me that he had only removed a headliner once. So, I asked him if he had estimated labor hours as they do for every job performed. He told me 1-2 hours. This dealerships shop labor was charging $180 per hour, they might differ from city to city.

    So, I was comfortable at 1.5 hours. Which the service advisor said would be the case.


    OMG, the tech ended up spending closer to 3.5+ hours. But they honored the 1.5 hr quote. So, I was super happy! And, I would have ended up super frustrated if I spent 3-5 hrs doing it myself and potentially deforming the headliner, damaging clips or the fabric itself.


    In the end... TOTALLY worth it!


    NEXT... any buyers for OEM Roof Rails? They cost $1,200. (at least from Ford dealerships in Cali)



    1. 2019 Transit by the Bay
    2. Connect


      I am going to look but did you post about removing the seat belts, did you also have to remove the storage bay over the 2nd row?

  7. 2019 Transit by the Bay

    Removing Factory Roof Rails?

    @DonShockley Whoa!, Really? are you sure? That would mean that I need to remove the headliner too?
  8. 2019 Transit by the Bay

    Removing Factory Roof Rails?

    Hi, Does anyone know how to remove the factory roof rails? It looks like the back has a 3-4" section on the end that comes off, but I don't want to break it in the process. Likewise the front has a much longer section that looks like it comes off too. I pulled up on it and actually broke a clip. But, it still isn't coming off. Help please! Thanks
  9. 2019 Transit by the Bay

    Power sliding door and power lift gate?

    @Don Ridley Thanks... yes, that guy emailed me back too! I can't wait.
  10. 2019 Transit by the Bay

    Hi from the SF Bay Area!

    @davidparker Yes, 2019 Titanium! I don't have anything to compare to my transmission. But, my company use to have an old school Transit, like 8-10 years ago. They sucked big time. LOL It's pretty smooth and as I get use to the gears, I can work the engine better. However, trying to change lanes and speed up in front of someone... well MEH and possibly dangerous too. AND, I have to get use my TC in general. Believe it or not, I'm coming over from having a Mercedes G500. So far, I'm really digging it. Just ordered a Rhino Platform Rack and new 18" Konig Rennform wheels (on back order)
  11. 2019 Transit by the Bay

    Adaptive Cruise Control aftermarket?

    Hi, Does anyone know if you can add Adaptive Cruise Control to the Transit after? My Transit has the Lane Assist, Blind Spot Monitors and of course the standard cruise control. So, it can see the lane, but I do realize that Adaptive Cruise Control involves RADAR. But, is it possible to install it? Upon calling one dealer, they said no.
  12. Hi, Does anyone know if there is a power sliding door or power liftgate kit out there? There are a few companies, like these... For Doors; https://www.modifero.com/en/home/66-ford-transit-automatic-sliding-door-kit.html www.Adorusa.com But, they all seem to make these mod kits for the full size Transits and Sprinters For Liftgate; https://www.voxxelectronics.com/advanced-driver-assistance/power-lift-gate/
  13. 2019 Transit by the Bay

    Hi from the SF Bay Area!

    Hi from the SF Bay Area! New here!