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  1. Thanks tips! Really like the ride! : ) Doog
  2. Thanks for replies...I bought a 2015 local lease buyback with 56 k (Km). She's clean as a whistle. Been clamoring for a Cargo Van for many many years (Almsot bought a Chrysler Minvan back in 1989). My family stopped me from buying a Gen1 TC back in 2013. I have one dilemma with this new to me TC and may need some guidance. Will create a new post. Thanks for all help thus far. Doog
  3. Hi Stretch..thank you offer but I'm a CanuckAtolla so I can't buy. Good Luck Doog
  4. Hi Any issues with the 2.5l? How does the new 2.0 L compare? Have a chance at a 2018 Titanium with 70K but she was used as the Courtesy Car (small city driving). Much Obliged. Doog
  5. Well I just about choked. Did a fly-by and spied one in the Blue Oval parking lot A euro vehicle for the loyalist colony(sans diesel and stick)! And she's not a hairy mammoth. All of those years we have waited whilst putting up with #$@&*%. I'll be fitting one out for the glorious North, strong and free. :rolleyes: Thank you so much....there is hope.