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  1. Sensor uses a prism, When a rain drop lands in front of it it changes the light path just enough to let the system know it is raining. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rain_sensor
  2. The rain sensor is NOT in the wind screen. It is mounted in the housing for the rear view mirror. May have to have the dealer turn it ON in the BCM programming.
  3. Don, You are the man.... I had written #184 in my notes on my 2015, but could not remember why. Change setting #184 from "not set or disabled" to "global open/close B-Max" I am pretty sure I can convince the dealer to turn this on. (don't think they would want me to return the vehicle just for this) If not, I will have to go the route you listed and get the stuff to program it myself.
  4. Just picked up a TC Wagon long wheel base Titanium. The global windows open/close only works in the OPEN mode, they will not close. I did the reset of them (twice) as specified in the manual, but they still will not close when you press and hold the lock button on the key FOB. I had this same issue on my 2015 TC that the dealer could never resolve. Took the van back to the dealer the next day, and they could not get them to work, I have an appointment this Tuesday to have the service department have a look at it. Anyone else have an issue with the global windows? See Also my post from 2015: http://fordtransitconnectforum.com/topic/4561-global-windows-openclose/ Bob
  5. Next time, I will check all the functions before signing on the dotted line. I have given up on FORD supporting it's customers. Depending on who you talk to, the feature is there but not turned on, the feature is not installed (BS), Living just north of Detroit, I feel like driving it down to the main office and telling them to fix/install an advertised option that does not work. I knew I should have stayed with Chevy.
  6. Nuke, I have the same problem. I have been unable to find a dealer that with program the ability to CLOSE the windows. Most think I am nuts, but according to what I have read on other FORD forums. The ability is there, it just needs to be turned on. Will let you know if I find one who can help. Bob
  7. Quick up-date, I have contacted 3 different dealers so far. Asked them how much to just have something in the BCM turned on. 2 Dealers said would be a 2 hour shop charge (for 5 minutes work, I have watch ford program a new BCM in10) 1 dealer just did not even want to touch the issue. I am still checking around with some of the body shops to see what they do if they have to replace one.
  8. GBL, Either you do not own the same transit I have or do not understand the bounce back feature of the auto windows. The Global windows open close is a factory installed option available to the 2015 transit connect wagon SWB. It has 3 options available. Open Only, Close only, or ALL. Ford is not the best at explaining these programming options to their dealers. It is terrible communication that causes us owners to find out for ourselves how to solve problems and explain to the dealers on how to fix them for us. I can't wait to show them how to solve the Remote start that shuts off when you open any door. That took all of 1 minute to solve.
  9. After reading post on other FORD forums, it sounds like I need to convince the dealer to turn it on in option # 184 of the BCM programming. Now to see if I can convince the dealer that the option is there, and to turn it on. I do not understand why they would only enable part of the option, (my window will globally open). I would rather have the CLOSE option for when I am inside and it starts to rain or something.
  10. Bobw55

    Gen 2 - Recirculation Control

    In defrost mode, you are trying to remove moisture from the air. Having the re-circulation mode on is only going to prolong the time it takes. Fastest way to remove fog from the inside of the vehicle is to turn on the AC, as backwards as that sounds. The AC blows DRY air.
  11. I have a 2015 Transit connect wagon SWB. It has the ability to Open or close all the power windows at the same time while pressing the buttons on the key fob. The Open windows WORKS. The Close all windows does NOT work. The dealer and FORD insist that the global windows option is not installed in my vehicle. (but the open part works). No one has any information as to what I would need to install the option. I personally feel that the option is there just not turned on. I am aware of the programming mode that is available by pressing the service button underneath the dash on the drivers side. I used it to fix the Auto Start that would kill the engine when a door was open, stays running now. Does anyone know what other settings or options are available in the service mode, and if the windows open/close is one of them? I have already (several times) set the bounce back. Bob